B2B Pay Review

February 8, 2022

B2B Pay offers virtual banking services for all kinds of businesses. It can process card and non-card payments. It empowers over 3,000 businesses to accept payments from around the world, pay suppliers, and convert currency. Businesses that fail to get approval from traditional banks can find solutions with B2B Pay. 

The company said it works well with startups because they can set up merchant accounts for them easily. They can also start branching out to other territories with these accounts. Other industries served by B2B Pay are: 

  • Financial technology
  • Information technology
  • E-commerce
  • Blockchain

Aside from international bank accounts, the company also provides local bank accounts in the United States, Great Britain, Europe, and Germany. It prides itself on partnering with prestigious financial institutions, including the Nordea Bank Accelerator Program in Helsinki and the Barclays Accelerator Program.

B2B Pay Merchant Services



Credit Card Processing

B2B Pay can provide credit card payment processing solutions. It is partnered with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, among others in at least 170 countries. The company also claims to have lower processing fees compared to other credit card processors. Merchants will have full dashboard access to all the payment tools. This will enable them to manage transactions and API integration. 

High-risk Merchants

The company can provide merchant accounts for businesses involved in cryptocurrency. Traditional banks are not fully open to cryptocurrency yet, but B2B Pay can provide that option for businesses. 

Virtual Bank Account 

B2B Pay can also open a virtual bank account for non-resident companies that cannot get an IBAN within the European Union. This new account can be linked to your existing business bank account in your home country. 

Crypto-to-fiat Payment Processing 

The company can enable merchants to accept over 20 types of cryptocurrencies. These can be converted into euros at allegedly the best market price. B2B Pay comes with a dashboard where merchants can choose to hold funds and control the conversion. This will also help businesses manage the risks of the new currency. 

B2B Pay Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing


Processing Fees

B2B Pay does not publish its exact fees online. It only has a table of fees to guide merchants into assessing how much they will need to process card and even non-card payments. Here is the table of fees:

  • Onboarding fee – €0 to €250
  • Monthly fee – €0 to €29
  • Inbound payments – 0.2% to 0.8%
  • Card processing fee – 1.8% to 4%
  • Crypto to Euro acceptance – 2.5% (crypto-to-fiat gateway)
  • SEPA outbound fee per transfer – 0.5%, min. €1
  • SWIFT wire transfer – 1% min. €25
  • Currency conversion (inbound) – 0.5% to 1%
  • Currency conversion (outbound) – 0.5% to 1%

Actual prices and fees will vary depending on the countries and industries. 

Additional Fees

There will be other fees associated with merchant accounts. According to the website, there are fees such as Euro SEPA IBAN, multi-currency bank account, full bank account for wire transfers, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex acceptance, and cryptocurrency fees.  


Hidden Charges

There are no reports about B2B Pay’s hidden charges. 

B2B Pay Complaints

There is currently no information on complaints against B2B Pay.

Rip Off Reports

No rip-off reports can be found about B2B Pay.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about B2B Pay.


B2B Pay BBB Rating

Customers usually check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to know about a certain company. The BBB rates businesses based on customer reviews. The BBB website does not have B2B Pay listed in its records. As such, the company is not accredited by the bureau. 

BBB Reviews

B2B Pay also has no BBB rating. There are no complaints and reviews about the company on the site.

Is B2B Pay Legitimate?


There is limited information online about B2B Pay. At first glance, the company seems to be a legitimate payment processor. It even got an award from Software Suggest as the High Performer in Winter 2022 and as Committed to Deliver in 2021. It also received recognitions from TechStars, Accenture Innovation Awards, and Exec Fintech. However, merchants still have to be careful especially with a company that has no social media presence and very few customer reviews. 


There is no information that B2B Pay is a scam.


There is also no information about B2B Pay being a lawsuit.

B2B Pay Customer Reviews

The company publishes customer testimonials on its website. There are at least four on the site. One customer said that the application process was very easy and that the whole application can be done online. Another said that B2B Pay finally allowed their business to expand to other territories.

Aside from the published testimonials on B2B Pay’s website, there aren’t that many customer reviews about the company on review sites and online forums.


There isn’t much information about B2B Pay on the internet. Even on social media, not much can be found about the company. The customer reviews are all positive but they are only published on the company’s website. Based on search engines, there are no scams or lawsuits involving the company. However, merchants should still be cautious when dealing with B2B Pay.

Address: Mannerheimintie 15a 00260 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +4915738770969


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