Bankcard Services Review

July 31, 2022

Bankcard Services specializes in high-risk merchant accounts, services, and payment processing. Its solutions are available to all types of businesses, including e-commerce, retail, MOTO, and mobile merchants. The company takes pride in its next-level technology and award-winning customer support.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Bankcard Services:

  • High-risk merchant accounts
  • High-risk payment gateway
  • EMV and mobile terminals
  • Payment processing of credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency
  • EBT payment processing
  • Multi-currency payment processing
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Fraud and chargeback prevention tools


Bankcard Services Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Bankcard Services offers a range of high-risk merchant accounts. These include e-commerce, retail, and offshore accounts. Once approved, you will have access to the company’s payment gateway, POS equipment, payment processing solutions, and other merchant services. The company guarantees an easy application process and low processing rates.

Interested merchants can apply for an account or consult a specialist through the website.

Payment Gateway and POS Terminals

image of bankcard services payment gateway

Bankcard Services’ high-risk payment gateway allows merchants to accept online, in-store, MOTO, and mobile payments. It includes robust features like a virtual terminal, recurring billing, batch processing, electronic invoicing, and more. Its transaction routing feature allows merchants to manage multiple merchant accounts in one system. It also has a gateway emulator for merchants with an existing payment gateway.

For retail merchants, Bankcard Services provides a free mobile reader or EMV terminal. The company can also integrate with existing POS systems and allow customization.

Payment Processing

With Bankcard Services, merchants can accept various payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, checks, e-checks, loyalty cards, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and e-wallet payments. With an offshore merchant account, you can also accept multi-currency payments.


Bankard Services is also one of the rare companies that offer EBT/SNAP payment processing. Merchants will get a free EBT machine. The primary benefit of EBT processing is the absence of interchange fees. You simply pay a flat processing fee and a monthly fee. (Tadalafil) For merchants with existing terminals, the company can integrate this service into your device.

E-commerce Integrations

The company’s payment gateway is easily integrated into major shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. It is compatible with over 200 processors and over 125 shopping carts. These include Shopify, Wix, Magneto, WooCommerce, 3dcart, Volusion, and more. It can also integrate with Quickbooks, accounting software, CRM tools, and more.

Chargeback and Fraud Prevention

image of bankcard services chargeback prevention

Bankcard Services assures merchants of secure payment processing. Its payment gateway includes security features like end-to-end encryption. It also has a customer vault to store and protect sensitive cardholder data.

For retail transactions, terminals include remote key injection and a secure management system.


Bankcard Services Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

Bankcard Services is one of the few merchant service providers that disclose its pricing schemes online.

For Card Not Present (CNP) payments online, over the phone, or by invoice, standard pricing is 3.3 percent plus $0.15 per transaction.


For in-person and retail payments, pricing is $2.3 plus $0.10 per transaction. The company also offers zero-cost processing, wherein merchants can pass on fees to their customers. For credit card payments, customers pay 3.5 percent per transaction. For debit card payments, merchants pay a lower rate of 1 percent plus $0.25 per transaction.

Additional Fees

For CNP and retail merchants who process at least $5,000 per month, there is no monthly fee. If your processing volume is less than $5,000, there is a monthly fee of $35.

Bankcard Services also provides a free virtual terminal, EMV terminal, and mobile card reader.

Hidden Charges

image of bankcard services has no hidden fees

Bankcard Services assures merchants of transparent pricing and no hidden fees. It also does not charge for setup, early termination, authorization, statements, refunds, PCI compliance, and business cards.

To keep pricing transparent at all times, you can view your Bankcard Services rate by setting up an account, logging in, and looking at your dashboard.


Bankcard Services Complaints

There are some complaints about Bankcard Services.

Rip Off Reports

While Bankcard Services has mostly positive reviews online, there are two complaints accusing the company of being a rip-off. One merchant claimed that the company charged him more than what was promised. The other claimed to have had a bad experience with the company as they did not stick to their agreement.

Other Complaints

There is also a complaint about an unresolved issue with the company. However, the merchant did not specify the details.


Bankcard Services BBB Rating

image of bankcard merchant services bbb rating

Bankcard Services has been an accredited company by the BBB since 2011. It currently has an A+ rating.

BBB Reviews

The company does not have any customer reviews or complaints on its BBB page.


Is Bankcard Services Legitimate?

Bankcard Services is a legitimate company with over 10 years of experience. It was established by Mickael Gibrael, who is currently listed as the vice president.

The company has worked with reputable companies like Pizza Hut, KFC, MetroPCS, Hilton, BP, and Subway. According to its website, it has also been featured in trusted publications like The New York Times, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, TIME, and more.


Bankcard Services does not seem to be involved in any official complaints related to scams or fraud.


Similarly, there don’t seem to be any lawsuits against the company.


Bankcard Services Customer Reviews

image of bankcard services customer reviews

Bankcard Services has a generally positive reputation among customers. It has a 4.8-star rating based on 61 Trustpilot reviews and a 3-star rating from two Facebook reviews. Merchants praise the company for its easy application process and excellent customer service. Several testimonials mention specific members of the company who have helped them with their account approval and setup. While some experienced issues with terminals or services, they appreciate the company’s fast and proactive approach to fixing the problems.



Bankcard Services offers a range of merchant accounts and payment processing solutions for high-risk businesses. Apart from credit card and e-check processing, the company also accepts alternative methods like loyalty cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is one of the few that offers EBT processing.

Another point worth noting is its low-cost and transparent pricing. Merchants can benefit from free services and terminals, as well as zero-based processing. The company also has stellar customer reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB. These credentials further prove its credibility and competence. All that said, Bankcard Services seems to be a worthy option for high-risk merchants.

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