BankCard USA Review

December 17, 2021

BankCard USA has offered high-risk merchant accounts since 1993. With their services, you can accept payments via debit or credit cards, gift cards, or prepaid cards. They let merchants save money by eliminating the middleman and letting them establish a bank-direct processing relationship.


BankCard USA acts as the bank, so when you work with them, you work directly with the bank. They process your transaction for you, allowing them to deliver great rates and efficiency. With an account, you can accept payments in your store using a terminal, online with a payment gateway, on the go with a mobile processing app, or via the phone with the virtual terminal.

BankCard USA Services

Some of the features offered by BankCard USA are worth taking a closer look at.

Accept a Range of Payment Types : In addition to high-risk credit card processing, the services from BankCard USA also give you the ability to accept debit cards or gift cards. The credit card processing supports all of the major brands, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. In terms of debit card support, merchants can use either online or offline transactions. Online transactions require PINs, while offline transactions require signatures and rely on credit card networks. The ability to process e-checks also includes processing paper checks as electronic checks. You can also accept electronic fund transfers and electronic checks.


Accept Mobile Wallets : Merchants can also accept mobile wallets, thanks to NFC credit card terminals. This lets you accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and similar payment methods.

Payment Gateway : Using the payment gateway lets high-risk merchant accounts easily accept payments online.

Credit Card Terminals and POS Systems : Retailers with a physical store can take advantage of various credit card terminals to accept payments. The various systems can process EMV chip cards, NFC payments, swiped cards, and cash.  You can opt for a full countertop solution that includes a receipt printer and cash drawer. They also work with the cloud. The various solutions feature PIN pads as well, letting you easily process debit cards. There are also mobile solutions that work with your smartphone, perfect for companies on the go or at special events.  Cloud-based POS software boosts flexibility and convenience. It lets you control inventory across multiple locations and connect your various processing methods back to a single platform.

Bankcard USA review

Virtual Terminal : The virtual terminal gives you access to high-risk credit card processing when the card is not present, such as via phone orders or online orders.

Reports : The terminals and other solutions from BankCard USA also create detailed reports. This helps with reconciliation as well as provides important insights. You can access the reports 24/7. Accessing the reporting portal shows you real-time information, including processing snapshots of voided transactions, approved transactions, settled transactions, and pending transactions for the day. You will also see monthly statements, average ticket sizes, chargeback summaries, returns, settlement summaries, and various analytic sales reports. You can choose to generate the reports on-demand or set a schedule to have them generate automatically.


Chargeback Protection : Chargeback protection is incorporated into the BankCard USA services via features such as automated proofs of payment.

CyberSource : This enterprise-level payment gateway features 24/7 support, simple CRM integration, and customized fraud protection. It lets you accept global payments as well. Specifically, you can accept payments from more than 190 countries and territories, 97% of those around the world. It includes more than 300 fraud detectors. In 2018, they processed $479 billion worth of payment volume, or 13 billion transactions around the world. CyberSource also includes a robust API for developers, as well as SDKs.

Online Age Verification : High-risk merchant accounts can take advantage of AgeChecker.Net through BankCard USA. It compares the name, date of birth, and address that the web visitor provides with public records. The information typically comes right from the checkout form. A 24/7 live team evaluates IDs as necessary.

BankCard USA Rates

With BankCard USA, there are no agent markups or inflated rates for being high-risk. There are also no hidden fees to worry about. As mentioned, high-risk credit card processing from BankCard USA features bank-direct rates. This allows for significant savings. As is standard for the industry, you have to contact BankCard USA to get a quote. Importantly, the quote is completely free, and you have no obligation.

High-risk Industries BankCard USA Serves

BankCard USA works with high-risk companies, including those with poor credit, those on the MATCH list, and those with high average ticket sizes or excessive chargeback histories.

Some of the high-risk industries they serve include:

    • Extended warranties
    • CBD
    • Coins
    • Debt collection
    • Bail bonds
    • Marketing
    • Multi-level marketing
    • Dropshipping
    • Tobacco

Bankcard USA services


Other Notable Features of BankCard USA

You will also get some other notable features with a high-risk merchant account from BankCard USA.

Fast Approval : After you apply for a high-risk merchant account, you can start accepting credit cards within just one or two business days.

Fast Settlement : Most funds settle within 24 to 48 hours of a completed transaction.

Customer Service : High-risk credit card processing from BankCard USA also comes with an excellent level of service, including great communication. You can contact support over the phone or via email.

Long History : As already mentioned, BankCard USA has been in business since 1993. With such a long history, the company has established itself as a leader in high-risk processing. The fact that they have almost three decades of history should increase your confidence in them, as they must have great services and products to have lasted so long.  Additionally, BankCard USA has already served more than 100,000 merchants, giving them vast experience.

Security : Security is never a concern with BankCard USA. Their solutions for e-commerce feature 24/7 protection from the secure server certificate and hardware firewalls. All solutions are also PCI compliant.

Educational Resources : Whether or not you become a client of BankCard USA, you will have access to the various educational resources on their website. This includes various PDFs that you can view online or download. They include topics such as a general introduction to credit card processing, protecting money with SMART processing, and more detailed explanations. There is also an FAQ section about high-risk credit card processing.

BankCard USA Reputation and Reviews

BankCard USA has a somewhat mixed online reputation. They have an A+ rating from the BBB and are BBB-accredited. There have been two BBB-registered complaints in the last 12 months and three in the last three years. Online reviews of the company tend to be either very good or very bad, with most reviews being either 1 or 5 stars and few in the middle.


BankCard USA specializes in high-risk credit card processing as well as processing for e-checks, debit cards, NFC payments, and more. The company has a mixed reputation, but its BBB accreditation and long history can bring you peace of mind.

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