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7 Best Delta-8 Credit Card Processing for Your Business

June 24, 2023

Delta-8 is one of the newest products in the cannabis industry. And with the rapid growth of consumers comes the need for the best delta-8 credit card processing services.

Unlike typical businesses, delta-8 sellers need specific merchant accounts to accept their buyer’s payments. It is a high-risk industry, so it puts most payment processors on the fence about approving merchant accounts. In turn, there are limited payment processing options for CBD merchants.

If you want to know how to get a delta-8 merchant account, this article is for you. Read more to find the best high-risk merchant accounts you can open for your online THC business.

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What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a legal compound from cannabis plants sold in THC online stores and markets. To be specific, delta-8 came from the hemp variety of cannabis plants. In stores, you’ll see delta-8 cannabis products sold as candy, vape oil, and more.

There’s not a lot of information available on delta-8 yet. So unlike other cannabis-related products, it’s hard to tell how it affects cannabis users. Some delta-8 studies suggest potential health benefits, but this claim needs further research.

Selling delta-8 is legal, according to federal hemp product regulations. This is due to a loophole in the 2018 Farm Bill governing hemp products sold in the market. Therefore, the Farm Bill resulted in such high demand for delta-8 from cannabis companies.

What Are Delta-8 Credit Card Processors?

Delta-8 payment processors have to follow certain rules and regulations. This is where high-risk payment processing comes in. High-risk payment processors act as the middleman between the buyer and CBD merchants. They provide a secure payment gateway to keep both parties’ information safe.

How to Get the Best Delta-8 Credit Card Processing Account

To apply for a delta-8 high-risk merchant account, you must first check if the law allows you to. Some states ban the sale of delta-8, so it’s always best to check your federal and state laws first.

Next, ensure that you sell cannabis products within legal limits. The amount of THC your delta-8 contains should be less than 0.3% by dry weight following the Farm Bill. Your products must also be up-to-date with the packaging and all the necessary information it should contain.


What Are the Best Delta-8 Credit Card Processing Providers?

As a delta-8 merchant, you might be having a hard time deciding where to open a merchant account. Below are the five best choices for you to open a merchant account today:

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AllayPay is an affordable payment processor for businesses in the CBD industry. The company works with many banks and can cater to higher-risk merchants. They also guarantee a competitive service fee against other leading merchant account providers.

AllayPay also offers same-day approvals and many payment processing options. CBD merchant account holders also can rely on their minimal payment processing interruptions.

Other features on their merchant account include QuickBooks integrations and multi-currency processing, making it easier for cannabis companies to accept payments from offshore.


CBDGateways was launched in 2020 to provide stable payment gateways for the cannabis industry. CBDGateways offers to partner with businesses as a delta-8 merchant account provider that suits their needs.

Online shopping platforms recently allowed CBDGateways to integrate with them. You can connect your merchant account to your online business under:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Wix
  • OpenCart

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Shark Processing

Shark Processing has been offering premium merchant services since it started in 2016. It works with various banks to process credit card payments made to high-risk merchants. It also offers some of the best rates in the high-risk industry of selling delta-8 THC.

Shark Processing has personalized service for all merchant account holders. They also do fraud prevention and account monitoring for the safety of approved merchants.

Shark Processing has an easy signing-up process and quick merchant account approvals. It promises to get high-risk merchants approved by banks to process credit and debit card payments legally. This is a relief for THC merchant account holders who always find it challenging to get approved due to the nature of their business.


PayDiverse offers high-risk merchant account credit card processing in the United States and other leading countries. The service offers various payment processing to its clients, including e-commerce and retail. It can do high-risk payment processing with reliable U.S.-based banks for cannabis industry businesses.

The service offers a 98% approval rate and has a 100% digital application process. This makes it easier for online business owners in the cannabis industry to set up accounts. Once you are registered for a merchant account, they immediately activate your payment gateway. You can then integrate it into your online shopping platforms to accept payments.

PayDiverse offers offshore payment processing to its clients. They also provide payment gateway chargeback alerts and chargeback dispute assistance for their merchant account holders.

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Payment Cloud

If you’re looking for a service with no merchant account set-up fees, Payment Cloud is for you. Once you get a delta-8 THC merchant account, they assign a dedicated account manager to help you out.

Payment Cloud accepts credit card and debit card sales, including card-not-present transactions. It also processes in-store payments and offers a free EMV-compliant payment gateway with your delta-8 merchant account.

One thing to note about Payment Cloud is that it is only available to THC merchants selling topicals at the moment. If you are selling edible delta-8 THC products, you might need to consider another provider.


Square provides merchant accounts aimed at various industries across the world. Over the years, it has become a helpful service to multiple businesses, including delta-8 THC companies. With its accessibility, it is a popular choice among small-time delta-8 THC businesses.

Square has a flat rate for its delta-8 merchant account holders, so it’s easier to gauge how much you’ll pay for the service. If you’re a small delta-8 business, Square is an affordable choice with its free online store and free card reader. It accepts QR codes for delta-8 THC payments as well.

As convenient as Square can be, it also has some limitations. Square processes your delta-8 THC sales together with other merchants, which doubles the chances of people losing account privileges in high-risk industries.

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PayKings is a known high-risk credit card merchant account provider in the delta-8 THC industry. With a direct network of more than 20 banks, it is one of the leading merchant accounts chosen by delta-8 high-risk business owners. It also offers payment processing only for delta-8 THC and other cannabis-related businesses.

As a well-known high-risk merchant, PayKings can process transactions in the millions. This is a perfect feature for larger-scale delta-8 businesses. It also has many payment solutions, including e-checks and even chargeback prevention.

Here are other PayKings features for their delta-8 THC merchant accounts:

  • Customer vault
  • Recurring payments
  • QuickBooks integration and export
  • iSpyFraud tools

Final Thoughts

Finding the best high-risk payment processors in the cannabis industry doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is find options that offer premium merchant services at a reasonable cost. Your merchant account should also integrate into your storage system with ease, no matter if it’s online or physical.

There still might be a long way to go before the cannabis industry gets widely accepted. But as long as you have the right tools and partners to help you, your business can continuously grow.

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