The 3 Best High Risk ACH Merchant Account Providers

April 5, 2022

According to statistics, ACH moved over $61 trillion worth of transactions in the past year. Being that it’s cheaper and perhaps even more accessible than credit or debit card payments, some buyers tend to prefer it as a payment option when transacting online. Thus businesses wanting to cater to this growing demographic of consumers would do well to get an ACH merchant account.

Of course, for risk-prone merchants, that might not be as easy as it sounds. With so much red tape in the way, applying and getting approved for a high risk ACH merchant account comes with a unique set of struggles.

Thus the smartest way to get approved fast would be to work with the best high risk ACH merchant account provider — and here we’re naming three of them.

Payment Cloud

It’s hard not to recommend Payment Cloud. Being what is perhaps the best high risk merchant account provider presently available, Payment Cloud works with over a hundred different payment processors and bank partners to pair its merchants with the perfect financial service providers and deliver tailored solutions that are intended specifically for each client.


This high risk merchant account provider has been known to accept even the riskiest businesses in even the most chargeback-prone industries without charging so much as a cent for set up.

Payment Cloud high risk ach merchant account provider

According to previous clients of the high risk specialist, Payment Cloud has also been known to provide relatively lower fees and rates, but you’ll have to reach out personally to get a quote for your business.

ACH payments at Payment Cloud are optimized for mobile, MOTO, and online transactions. They also offer your customers the option to sign up for recurrent billing through ACH with just a single click, making it easier for them to commit and possible for you to secure future earnings with a cheaper, more accessible payment method.

Easy Pay Direct

Easy Pay Direct is a high risk merchant service specialist that offers a complete range of financial products, topped off with their proprietary payment gateway. This allows them to process payments more seamlessly, and gives the leverage to resolve potential issues much faster since most of the technology is on their side.

Offering ACH transaction processing for high risk merchants, Easy Pay Direct allows its merchant partners to easily and even routinely debit customers at a much lower cost than debit and credit cards. Each ACH transaction is processed at the cost of just $0.65, making it the cheapest way to collect payments from your buyers.


Easypaydirect ach merchant account provider

There are a number of other reasons why Easy Pay Direct might be a good choice for your business. With load balancing features that help accommodate significantly risk-prone merchants, EPD accepts a wide variety of industries and provides excellent support and mentoring to help you get the best out of your merchant account.

Perhaps the only real downside is that they charge a $99 fee to set up your account. But that’s a small price to pay considering what they offer.

Soar Payments

Big on integration and compatibility, Soar Payments has made it a point to accommodate various software, CRMs, and shopping carts. What this means for you is that if you have the existing digital infrastructure, there’s no need to perform a major overhaul just to integrate Soar Payment’s tools and features. This allows merchants to seamlessly transition and adapt the new solutions without having to put their systems down and thus prevent losses.

Soar Payments has earned quite the reputation for a number of reasons aside from simply being easy to integrate. The provider offers their services with no application fees and a remarkably fast underwriting process.

If you’re interested in learning more about the cost of their services, they provide automated custom pricing through their website. Most of the application process is also automated, so you can get your approval in a much shorter period of time.

Soar Payment Best ach merchant account provider


In terms of features, Soar Pay doesn’t hold back. Their ACH payment processing solutions are some of the cheapest you’ll find. And while hiccups are rare with this form of payment, Soar Payments provides a US-based support team on standby in case you need assistance with your ACH transactions.

What are the Benefits of High Risk ACH Payments?

For a while, ACH was perceived as the low-tech cousin of credit and debit card payments. But over time, the payment option has become a formidable choice for buyers without cards, or for those who prefer paying with secure, easy payment systems that finalize transactions just as quickly.

  • Cheaper

Because ACH payments don’t go through card networks like Visa or Mastercard. Instead, the transactions occur between banks. Thus, fees are much, much lower than what you would have to pay with credit or debit card processing.

This bids well not only for you but also for your banking partners. With such low expenses associated with ACH payments, chargebacks will cost you a penalty, but not quite as big as those you might expect from card payments.

  • Lower chargeback rate

Unlike credit and debit card payments that allow buyers to file for chargebacks through an automated system within 180 days from their transaction, ACH chargebacks are much more tedious. For starters, buyers can only make a dispute within 60 days from the transaction date which limits their opportunity to reverse the payment.

What’s more, ACH requires that buyers communicate with a living bank representative to explain their case and why they need the money reversed. This discourages most buyers, and prevents refunds unless it’s completely necessary.

  • Open to all

Not everyone has a Visa or Mastercard, but almost everyone has a bank account. This makes ACH payments accessible to a demographic of buyers you probably couldn’t reach if you focused solely on providing credit and debit card payment options.

Any business in the here and now should make it  a point to provide ACH — regardless of risk rating. If you’re a high risk merchant looking to open up a high risk ACH merchant account, visit these trusted providers and give your customers access to brand-new payment options that just might better suit their preferences.



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