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The 3 Best Large Digital Goods Merchant Account Providers

July 7, 2022


Being considered high risk, it can be a challenge for merchants selling digital goods in large volumes to find financial and merchant services. That’s because most banks and financial service providers take a conservative stance in order to protect their business from potential losses and liabilities.

If you’ve been having trouble finding a merchant account provider for your large digital goods business, you’ve come to the right place. We’re counting down the three best large digital goods merchant account providers to narrow down your options and lead you in the right direction.

Payment Cloud

It’s hard not to mention Payment Cloud when discussing best-of lists because of their impeccably polished and streamlined services. Payment Cloud was started just in 2015 and had a total of three staff. Its initial offices were in the founder’s garage, but it soon managed to grow its client base to become one of the most trusted providers for high-risk merchants.



One of the reasons why they make such a suitable choice for large digital goods merchants is because of a process they perform called ‘scrubbing.’ During this process, they scrub all of your documents, your online presence, and essentially all of the aspects of your business to identify red flags that could get your application rejected or that could warrant steep fees and charges. Then they coach you on how you can resolve potential issues to increase your chances of approval.

With zero account setup fees, reasonable fees and charges, and an almost perfect reputation as evidenced by loads of positive client reviews, there are not a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t give Payment Cloud a try. Plus, they offer excellent customer support that’s ever-ready to provide assistance in case you run into any hiccups throughout your contract duration.

Paynet Secure

While it might be relatively new as a merchant account provider for high-risk merchants, Paynet Secure has seen easy sailing throughout the duration of its operations. To date, they’re one of the few providers with little to no negative feedback and complaints from their client base, which speaks volumes about the kind of services they provide.

Specializing in offshore merchant accounts, Paynet Secure makes a suitable choice for large digital goods merchants that want to cater to an international audience. their services are also tailored specifically for high-volume merchant accounts, providing their clients the necessary tools to properly and efficiently process large volumes of digital transactions received online.

Unfortunately, if you were looking to get an estimate of Paynet Secure’s fees and charges, you might have to reach out to them personally. On the upside, their customer support and application assistance services are impressively prompt and efficient, so you shouldn’t expect to wait too long to get an estimate for your application.

eMerchant Broker

Another frontrunner in the high-risk merchant service industry, eMerchant Broker is a well-established provider that delivers solutions that are specially intended for high-risk businesses. Their services are built around simplifying the experience for their clients by toning down their fees and providing robust protection against chargebacks and fraud.



eMerchant Broker’s fees and charges are comparatively lower than a lot of other providers in their bracket. But there is a catch. The provider imposes extended contracts and steep early termination fees to make up for their low rates. Nonetheless, they provide a full line of services and financial products together with polished customer support services that might limit your desire to cut your contract short in the first place.

Easy to integrate with existing software and solutions that you might already use for your business, eMerchant Broker sweetens the deal with multiple layers of payment security for card-not-present transactions. This can come in particularly handy for high-volume digital sales that are conducted mainly online.

Why are Large Digital Goods Merchants High Risk?

There are a number of reasons why traditional financial service providers might not want to work with a digital goods merchant with high volumes of transactions. But it all boils down to the nature of the products being sold.

Non-physical products like video games, software, and various forms of digital media are delivered through virtual means, like through emails or product keys. The problem with this is that there are a number of things that could go wrong between the buyer paying for their purchase and actually receiving and using it.

Some of the reasons that buyers in this industry request chargebacks include:

  • The product key not working
  • Didn’t receive an email/confirmation
  • Downloaded software or media not working

And then of course, there’s the mere fact that card-not-present transactions are high risk in general. It’s easy for unauthorized transactions to occur when merchants require payments through virtual methods. If and when this happens, the cardholders have the right to file for a chargeback.


Of course, with such a high volume of digital transactions all paid for online, you should expect a number of fraudulent transactions to push through. That’s why it’s important to make sure you partner up with a reputable merchant service provider that’s equipped with fraud and chargeback protection tools.

Choosing the Best Large Digital Goods Merchant Account Provider

What exactly makes a merchant account provides a viable choice for a large digital goods merchant? Well, there are a few factors you should be interested in:

  • Robust fraud and chargeback detection and prevention features. Some providers can even provide alerts when a potential fraud might take place, automatically blocking transactions that could be harmful to your business. Others can inform you of a possible chargeback, providing you the opportunity to resolve the issue before the buyer pushes through with their request.
  • Low fees. If you’re processing large volumes of transactions, you’re going to want to deal with a provider that imposes lower fees and charges. This can help significantly reduce the amount you pay for each processed payment.
  • International markets. Merchant providers that let you extend your reach internationally with offshore merchant accounts or multiple currencies can expand the limits of your growth, especially since digital goods transcend the typical barriers that many other types of products and services contend with.

Don’t take risks with providers you can’t trust. If you’re looking for the best large digital goods merchant account providers, check out our vetted choices. Grow your business while keeping it protected from liabilities and losses when you partner with these trusted names.

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