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A Guide to the Best Lawyers to Overcome the Match/TMF List

February 17, 2024

Imagine having a typical good day and suddenly receiving a notification that your business was included on the MATCH list. It’s definitely like a 360-degree turn, from having a usual work day to being stressed because you don’t know what to do next.

Being included on the MATCH (Merchant Alert To Control High-Risk) or the Terminated Merchant File list is a big deal, no matter what industry you are in. And if you still don’t know what this is, it’s a database that flags businesses deemed high-risk by specific credit card processors, creating hassles and headaches by preventing your ability to open merchant accounts. The consequence? Having no merchant accounts means processing transactions is extremely difficult.

But if it really does happen to your business, getting specialized legal help can be one of the best ways to navigate through the removal and restore smooth processing capabilities. With the help of skilled lawyers, they may challenge inaccurate listings, gather evidence, negotiate on your behalf, and guide overall strategy.

Don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. This guide looks into the top legal firms and lawyers to help deal with your MATCH/TMF cases, as well as valuable tips to help you choose the right lawyer.


Top 3 Match / TMF Legal Firms

As of 2024, several law firms have established themselves as leaders in MATCH/TMF removal, offering expert legal services to businesses facing challenges with these lists. We did our research and came up with three of the leading legal firms that can help you.

image of global legal law firm

1. Global Legal Law Firm

Getting your business off the MATCH list is a frustrating mess of endless negotiations and wrangling. Fortunately, Global Legal Law Firm specializes in this aspect and can help walk companies through the step-by-step removal process. With a skilled legal professional, you can work together to assess your situation and educate your business about their expertise in electronic payments law for better negotiations with processors and banks. Plus, the team at Global Legal can definitely provide alternative solutions when needed.

Legal professionals at Global Legal Law Firm know everything about electronic payments and various legal issues. These may include reserve account advice and credit recovery services. Moreover, with their extensive knowledge of complex litigation and even cryptocurrency law, Global Legal has undoubtedly proven a consistently positive track record backed by happy clients over the years.

Whether a client wants to accept credit card payments again safely or needs advice on a broader range of payment processing and financial legalities, Global Legal Law Firm’s team has their clients’ backs. They are passionate about deconstructing these intricate laws and untangling complicated situations for merchants and payment processors alike.

image of revision legal


2. Revision Legal

The next one on the list is perfect for small and big businesses that have built a sizeable online presence. If you’ve landed on the notorious TMF or MATCH lists, Revision Legal may come in and save the day.

Revision Legal consists of experts and legal professionals who completely understand how confusing, stressful, and financially demanding being a “high-risk merchant” is. Simply reach out and contact them, and Revision Legal will immediately undertake actions to help determine the root cause of why your business ended up on the MATCH list.

What’s excellent about Revision Legal is that they offer practical solutions based on real-world experience of what it’s like to be left in the cold by your merchant processor. Their expert attorneys can advise you on options for appealing the termination decision, securing alternate processing solutions, or taking legal action if needed – whatever best fits your unique situation.

With an approach focused on personalized service, empathy, and tailored solutions, Revision Legal has helped many businesses get their payments flowing freely after the nightmare of being TMF’d. If you’ve received the dreaded termination notice, give them a call – they can help negotiate your business back into the good graces of merchant services.

3. Reeve Augustine Alarakhia, PLLC

Reeve Augustine Alarakhia, PLLC treats all MATCH cases individually, tailored exactly to what the business needs. With its reputable presence, the attorneys at this legal firm have helped countless merchants get off the MATCH list.

Instead of treating you like a routine case file, Reeve Augustine Alarakhia’s team takes the time to dig into what exactly landed you on the terminated list in the first place. They know every business situation differs, so they craft targeted game plans that may speed up clearing your business’s name.

With sharp legal expertise and insider knowledge of how complex payment processing systems work (not just lofty legalese), Reeve Augustine Alarakhia PLLC attorneys can go to bat for you. They’ll exhaust every avenue possible—whether negotiating directly with Visa or Mastercard or arguing your case in court (well, if it comes to that).


Yes, dealing with faceless card network giants can feel intimidating and unfair. But with the right legal firepower, those seemingly immovable forces can be persuaded to cut you some slack. Call the compassionate and knowledgeable team at Reeve Augustine Alarakhia PLLC to start getting your business back to accepting payments pronto.

image of understanding match tmf lists

But Why Do Businesses Get On The MATCH List?

Various reasons exist, from committing fraud to admitting bankruptcy, for why businesses get caught and listed on the MATCH list. And the moment this happens, it can get really messy and detrimental, especially when your company heavily relies on credit card payments.

Why? Because this indeed prevents new processor relationships, which limits viability, especially in industries where electronic transactions dominate. This is precisely why immediately undertaking measures to get your business off the list is crucial to restoring your status in your industry.

The Best Ways How Lawyers Can Help

Getting specialized legal help when your business lands on the MATCH list is one of the best ways to make your lives easier. Because they know about the TMF landscape, they definitely know how to deal with such circumstances, ultimately allowing your business to get back on track in no time.

Expertise in Industry Rules

Lawyers fluent in payment processing regulations can aptly navigate the criteria triggering listings.

Building Strong Cases

They know how to put together compelling cases through evidence like financial records.

Leveraging Influence

They can also lobby banks and card networks through industry connections and arguments.

Strategic Thinking

Lawyers create customized strategies to refute inaccuracies or demonstrate resolved issues.

image of legal strategies for tmf match list removal

Legal Strategies for TMF/MATCH List Removal

Dealing with that TMF or MATCH list drama is a real pain. Let’s be honest – court fights and endless calls with banks are pretty low on your wishlist. Luckily, lawyers have some tricks up their sleeves to tackle these messes more smoothly. And we’re here to share everything.

Step one is obviously getting the full explanation of why you got listed. They’ll dive into all the paperwork from your processor or whatever to determine where it went off track.

If they find mistakes in your case details or it seems you got screwed over somehow, that gives them something to fight with. They can be like, “My client’s business doesn’t belong on this list, here’s why…” and try to get the bank to make it right.

Even with accurate listings, lawyers can negotiate to get you removed. They’ll present evidence to the talks and try to persuade those in charge why it’s time to let you off the hook.

Basically, in layman’s terms, legal professionals exploit technicalities, negotiate, and advise so you avoid ongoing payment processor headaches. It’s not fun, but manageable with them on board.

Choosing the Right Representation

Key aspects to evaluate when researching lawyers include:

  • Specialization in MATCH/TMF cases
  • Track record of successes
  • Tailored approach
  • Communication skills
  • Cost structure
  • Client reviews
  • Individual vs. firm

Tips and Best Practices for Effective Legal Representation

Dealing with lawyers can be intimidating, especially when tackling something super technical and stressful like the MATCH list nightmare. But a reasonable attorney can be worth their retainer many times over in many cases. Here are some tips for a smooth partnership:

Find someone fluent in merchant service agreements and working with merchant processors. Experience with other businesses on the MATCH list is also a must. You want an expert guide through the messy fine print, not just any lawyer unfamiliar with merchant and card brand rules.

When you finally find the best legal assistance that can match your business needs, proper communication is also essential to establish a smooth partnership. Always discuss everything, and be specific about your expectations.  Comprehension is also important. Make sure both you and your lawyer understand what’s happening to ensure everything runs seamlessly.

At the end of the day, always keep in mind that your business and the legal firm or lawyer you choose are a team. It’s a two-way street, and both parties must be communicating in real-time for updates, case delays, and anything under the sun that may affect the representation outcome.



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