Beyond Bancard Review

July 2, 2022

Beyond Bancard aims to provide all merchants with the best point-of-sale (POS) system. It has flexible payment solutions and comprehensive services. The company also claims to have top-notch customer service support delivered with honesty, integrity, and efficiency. Calling itself a full-service payment processing company, Beyond Bancard aims to help businesses transact payments quickly and efficiently.

It can tailor-fit its products and services according to the merchants’ needs. Whether a merchant is a standard or high risk, Beyond Bancard has the payment solutions to increase monthly revenues and protect the bottom line.

Most of the industries it serves are restaurant and hospitality, retail, e-commerce, pet shops, gas stations, business-to-business, live events, and many more.



Beyond Bancard Merchant Services

In-person Processing

Thanks to Beyond Bancard’s POS terminals, merchants can process payments in-store using credit and debit cards. The POS system will allow merchants to manage payments easily and even act as an inventory management system.

Online Processing

Beyond Bancard provides payment gateways, such as Authorize.Net, USAePay, Paytrace, and NMI, to allow companies to process online payments. The company has a PCI Level 1 compliance that assures secure processing of card-not-present transactions. These virtual terminals are necessary for online, phone, and mail orders. The company also offers online invoicing and payment pages.

On-the-go Payment Processing

Companies should be allowed to take their businesses everywhere. This means being able to make a sale anywhere and anytime. Beyond Bancard can turn any mobile device into a payment system so that companies can attend outdoor exhibits and sale events. This is especially important for manual laborers and professionals who usually work outside a traditional office.


Check Processing

Most consumers still want to pay using their checking and savings accounts. Beyond Bancard can provide an automated clearing house (ACH) that will quickly clear checks and credit the funds to the merchants’ accounts. These are the features of Beyond Bancard’s ACH:

  • Same-day transfer
  • Late-night processing
  • Weekend and holiday processing
  • Recurring payments scheduler


Beyond Bancard Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

Beyond Bancard did not disclose its fees, rates, and pricing publicly. There is no information about its fees on the website and other review sites and online forums.

Additional Fees

It doesn’t seem like Beyond Bancard has additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There is also no information about Beyond Bancard’s hidden fees.


Beyond Bancard Complaints

There are no formal complaints filed against Beyond Bancard. There are no complaints even on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Rip Off Reports

No merchant has called Beyond Bancard a ripoff.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints against Beyond Bancard.




Beyond Bancard BBB Rating

Beyond Bancard has a listing on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site. The company has been accredited since 2019. It has a rating of A+. BBB gives businesses a rating between A+ and F. The bureau also said Beyond Bancard has five years of experience in the industry.

BBB Reviews

Beyond Bancard does not have reviews or complaints on the BBB site.


Is Beyond Bancard Legitimate?

Beyond Bancard seems to be a legitimate business with social media and business networking profiles. However, it doesn’t have followers on Facebook. On Instagram, it has 210 followers. Its last post on Facebook was in November 2021. There is no evidence of a high engagement rate across all social media channels.

ScamAdviser gave Beyond Bancard’s website an average to a good rating of 100/100. This means that the website is not a scam. It is safe for consumers to access the website. The website has a lot of positive highlights, which include:

  • The website has a “registered till” date far in the future.
  • The site was set up years ago.
  • There is a valid SSL certificate.
  • The site has a trust mark.

The website only has two negative elements: the first is the site’s identity is being hidden, and the second is the “rather low” Alexa rank.


Based on ScamAdviser’s review, it looks like Beyond Bancard is not a scam. Or, at least, the website is safe enough to access. There are no other scam reports against the company.


There are no formal lawsuits filed against Beyond Bancard.


Beyond Bancard Customer Reviews

Like other payment processing and merchant services companies, Beyond Bancard published client testimonials on the website. The merchants said that the company has well-trained employees that can deliver results quickly. One merchant claimed that she has been with Beyond Bancard for years, and she has no plans of switching to another payment processor.


Another merchant said that Beyond Bancard managed to lower his interest rates and helped him save hundreds of dollars every month. Past and current merchants highly recommend the company.

Aside from the client testimonials on the site, there are no reviews on popular review sites and online forums. There is hardly any mention of the company on social media platforms.



It is hard to recommend a company like Beyond Bancard when there is not enough information about it on the internet. Its profile on Instagram said that it is a company that specializes in traditional and hard-to-place merchant accounts. If this is the kind of service your business needs, you may want to check out what Beyond Bancard has in store. However, be vigilant against any attempt of fraud or scam.

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