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Does BigCommerce Take Big Risks? — Setting Up A High-Risk Payment Gateway On BigCommerce

December 18, 2022

Does BigCommerce Take Big Risks? Setting Up A High-Risk Payment Gateway On BigCommerce

Although Shopify is a hot name in e-commerce, BigCommerce remains one of the “biggest” hosted sites for e-commerce vendors. Millions of businesses enjoy using BigCommerce’s features to optimize their customers’ Internet experience. In addition to offering seamless payment options for online buyers, BigCommerce gives users dozens of features to help drive more traffic to their e-commerce portal.

Since BigCommerce has been around for so long, countless companies are interested in using this site’s many e-commerce services. However, people involved in high-risk industries often wonder whether a “big” platform like BigCommerce is safe. Can high-risk merchants safely set up an account on BigCommerce, or is BigCommerce strictly for more “traditional” product categories?

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Can High-Risk Businesses Sell Products On BigCommerce?

Merchants involved in many high-risk industries can sell their products with BigCommerce. However, not every payment gateway that integrates with BigCommerce will support high-risk items or industries.

For instance, it’s difficult to use mainstream companies like Stripe or PayPal when setting up a high-risk account on BigCommerce. Both PSPs have strict guidelines against major “high-risk” industries like CBD, kratom, and firearms. There are also countless stories of high-risk merchants losing their accounts on PayPal or Stripe because they didn’t fit these companies’ Terms & Conditions.

Thankfully, Since BigCommerce is a massive platform, many other payment gateways accept high-risk merchants. For instance, many people in high-risk fields integrate with NMI or for seamless & safe online payments.

There’s no guarantee every payment gateway will work with your product category, but chances are you could find a successful way to use BigCommerce. Many people involved in “riskier” markets are now operating their e-commerce portal with a BigCommerce account. It will probably take extra time to review the potential payment gateways and find one that works for your company’s needs.

How Does BigCommerce Evaluate A High-Risk Business?

BigCommerce brands itself as being a friendly hosted e-commerce site for high-risk businesses. According to the company, most “flagged” high-risk transactions are related to shipping items to foreign destinations or abnormally high chargebacks.

However, BigCommerce doesn’t restrict the sale of “risky” items like hemp products, tobacco, firearms, or alcohol. BigCommerce has openly said it wants to help high-risk businesses set up a compliant e-commerce platform.


Just know that all of the payment gateways on BigCommerce aren’t as tolerant of high-risk product categories. As mentioned above, PSPs like Stripe and PayPal are notorious for shutting down accounts related to “questionable” items like hemp flowers or kratom. People who want to use BigCommerce as their e-commerce portal must focus on payment gateways that are more friendly toward high-risk companies.

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What High-Risk Businesses Aren’t Allowed On BigCommerce?

New BigCommerce customers should review the site’s “Acceptable Use Policy” for full details on what people can’t sell on their e-commerce platform. BigCommerce offers many alternative product categories in high-risk fields, including recreational hemp, firearms, and alcohol. However, that doesn’t give merchants the right to sell illicit substances or promote products with profanities via BigCommerce.

While BigCommerce has a relatively relaxed policy towards high-risk industries, you must also consider the payment gateway you use. There are now about 65 payment portals that integrate with BigCommerce. Not every third-party payment processor accepts every high-risk industry. So, clients must explore the Terms & Conditions of every payment gateway to find one that will work in their industry.

Is BigCommerce The Best For High-Risk Merchants?

BigCommerce is unquestionably a well-established e-commerce hosting site for high-risk merchants. Whether BigCommerce is the “best” option for you depends on what industry you’re involved in and your online payment goals. Although BigCommerce offers many ways to integrate with high-risk payment gateways, you may get more benefits from competing services like Shopify or WooCommerce.

The best way to know whether BigCommerce offers your business the most benefits is to speak with a team with experience in the high-risk payment processing space. For instance, Shark Processing has helped various high-risk industries establish a safe and convenient e-commerce presence.

You could spend days researching the pros & cons of different e-commerce hosting sites, but it’s always best to talk with high-risk payment experts. If unsure how to evaluate a high-risk payment portal, you could make a costly mistake while setting up an e-commerce platform. A toll-free consultation call to Shark Processing can help you narrow down the best options for your needs.


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Do Merchants Need A High-Risk Payment Partner To Use BigCommerce?

It may not be “necessary” to call a high-risk payment processing partner when using BigCommerce, but it’s incredibly beneficial. Companies like Shark Processing have years of experience helping high-risk clients set up compliant and seamless payment gateways via BigCommerce. Whatever the specifics of your product line or service, there’s a sound chance Shark Processing has run across it before.

Working with a high-risk merchant provider will ensure you make all the right moves while setting up a BigCommerce portal. Shark Processing knows what each payment provider accepts, so we can quickly determine the right fit for your business strategy.

Working with a team like Shark Processing will save time and aggravation when setting up your BigCommerce high-risk account.

Not Sure If BigCommerce Is Right For Your Business? Call Shark Processing Today!

BigCommerce has a strong reputation with many prominent high-risk businesses. However, if you’ve never used BigCommerce before, you may feel confused about whether it’s the right choice. Even after signing up for BigCommerce, choosing the ideal payment strategy for your high-risk products can be challenging.

The easiest way to integrate with sites like BigCommerce is to work with a high-risk merchant partner like Shark Processing. Only people with prior experience setting up high-risk accounts on BigCommerce can walk you through the optimal strategy for your company. Our staff will listen to your company’s strategy & goals to create a game plan for successful online payments.

For a free consultation, please message Shark Processing on this Contact Us page or call a team member at (800) 567-3019.

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