Blue Payment Agency Review – Fees, Rates & Pricing

February 14, 2022

Blue Payment Agency helps businesses with their payment processing needs. It works with small and big businesses, as well as regular and high-risk merchants. Aside from credit card processing, it also offers ACH, payouts, payment gateways, and complete setups. 

The company prides itself on being the trusted company of many merchants around the world. In fact, it even had a press release on Business Insider about a new program that will allow gun dealers to accept credit card payments for a federal background check. This is another feature of Blue Payment Agency’s services—it works with high-risk merchants such as firearms dealers. 

Aside from firearms, other industries that the company works with are: 

  • CBD oils
  • Tinctures
  • Weight loss
  • Tobacco
  • Skin care
  • Supplements

Blue Payment Agency provides secure payment gateways for these companies, enabling them to process and accept credit card payments online. It also assists high-risk merchants in setting up their e-commerce accounts. The company boasts of its fraud detection and data security capabilities, among others. 


Blue Payment Agency Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Blue Payment Agency offers credit card processing services to all kinds of merchants. Businesses cannot survive without the ability to receive credit card payments either in-store or online. Not being able to do so will cost businesses a fortune. The company promises to help merchants find the best credit card payment solutions according to their needs. 

High-risk Merchants

The company works with high-risk merchants such as those in the CBD and tobacco industries. Its focus, however, is the firearms dealership industry. In March 2021, Blue Payment Agency launched a federal firearms license (FFL) program that will allow gun dealers to accept credit card payments for federal background checks. Most credit card payment processors will outrightly reject online gun sales but Blue Payment Agency found a way to do it.



Automated clearing house or ACH supports both debit and credit payments. This does not only make it easier for merchants to accept debit and check payments from consumers. More, it also allows merchants to pay employees and suppliers. They can directly deposit payments into their employees’ and suppliers’ bank accounts. It makes for a more seamless process. 

Payment Gateways

Blue Payment Agency offers secure payment gateways for all payment processing needs. It makes sure the transfer of personal and financial information between the customer, bank, and the merchant is safe. Its high-risk payment gateways ensure account stability. 

Virtual Terminals

The virtual terminal can turn any computer into a credit card terminal. That will enable merchants to process payments over the phone or via email. This is perfect for remote billing and recurring billing. The merchants just have to log in to the system to access the program that will process the payments. 

Blue Payment Agency Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees – Blue Payment Agency does not publish its processing fees and rates on the website. However, it said that it has competitive pricing. It also believes that merchant accounts, even high-risk ones, should not cost a fortune. The company promised to treat merchants fairly when it comes to their service charges. 

  • Additional Fees – There is no information about Blue Payment Agency’s additional fees. 
  • Hidden Charges – No information can be found about Blue Payment Agency’s hidden charges. 
  • Blue Payment Agency Complaints – There is no information of complaints against Blue Payment Agency.
  • Rip Off Reports – There are no reports about Blue Payment Agency being a rip-off. 
  • Other Complaints – There are no other complaints about Blue Payment Agency.

Blue Payment Agency BBB Rating

When customers want to know about a company, they visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to know if a particular business can be trusted. Blue Payment Agency is not on the BBB website. It is not accredited and rated by the BBB.

BBB Reviews

There are no customer complaints and reviews for Blue Payment Agency on the BBB website, too. 

Is Blue Payment Agency Legitimate?

Blue Payment Agency has many good reviews on the website Trust Pilot. The business site Business Insider also published its press release last March 2021 about its new FFL program. Although it doesn’t have social media accounts, its website has enough information about the services it offers. Based on reviews, the company is a legitimate payment processing service provider.  

Scams – There is no information about Blue Payment Agency being involved in scams. 

Lawsuits – There is also no information about lawsuits filed against Blue Payment Agency. 

Blue Payment Agency Reviews

Merchants have rave reviews about Blue Payment Agency. They talked about how the company helped them with their technical needs. They also have positive reviews about the customer service because they were satisfied with the answers they got. One customer even had a problem with fraudulent transactions but Blue Payment Agency was able to get the fees back. 

The merchants said Blue Payment Agency has exceptional knowledge about the industry since it already worked with different types of businesses. On Trust Pilot, the company got a rating of 4.5 out of five stars. That rating is based on 14 reviews. 


Blue Payment Agency is a trusted payment processor service provider by many merchants. It has years of experience under its belt. Based on the reviews about the company, it provides quality solutions to merchant problems with payments and payouts. 

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