BTCPay Server Review

June 13, 2022

Businesses must now accept digital currencies as payments. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Litecoin, customers are looking for innovative ways to pay for their purchases. That’s what BTCPay Server brings to the table.

It has many features, but it is most proud of being an open-source, self-hosted platform resistant to censorship. Not to mention, it is also free. That gives merchants flexibility on how to use it. Among its many features are the following:

  • Direct Bitcoin payments
  • No transaction fees
  • No middleman fees
  • Enhanced security and safety

  • Lightning Network Support
  • Invoice management and payment requests
  • SegWit support
  • Non-custodial


BTCPay Server has received a lot of grants over the years. It is supported and maintained by volunteer contributions all over the world. Its main thrust is to provide a platform for most businesses to process cryptocurrency payments. This allows them to grow their business, expand market reach, and increase profits.

BTCPay Server Merchant Services

Cryptocurrency Payments

BTCPay Server only supports Bitcoin. However, users can opt to use several altcoins, namely:

  • BGold
  • BPlus
  • Bitcore
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Feathercoin
  • Groestlcoin
  • Htmlcoin

  • Liquid Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Monacoin
  • Monero
  • Polis
  • Viacoin
  • Ethereum

However, the altcoins’ maintenance will still fall on the community that creates and supports them. BTCPay Server will not be responsible for its functionalities and issues.


Built-in Apps

BTCPay Server integrates several built-in features and tools. It allows users to create a point-of-sale app with a tipping button. The server also provides a way for users to send a payment link to a client or start a crowdfunding campaign for any cause.

Invoicing and Accounting

The server can create invoices or export invoices from another software. This is great for managing your invoices with ease.

Native Wallet Management

BTCPay Server has a built-in wallet with hardware wallet support. Users can see funds coming and going.

Self-Host or Shared Server

If the users are not tech-savvy, they can use a shared server. You can also self-host and share the server with the community.


BTCPay Server Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

BTCPay Server is free to use. It is self-hosted, so there are no third-party service fees. You can use an intermediary, but you should choose a company whose fees you can afford. There are also no merchant fees from credit card companies.

Additional Fees

BTCPay Server does not have additional fees.


Hidden Charges

BTCPay Server has no hidden charges.


BTCPay Server Complaints

There are no formal complaints against BTCPay Server.

Rip Off Reports

Since it does not have processing fees, there are no reports that BTCPay Server is a rip-off.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about BTCPay Server.


BTCPay Server BBB Rating

BTCPay Server is not listed in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is also not accredited and rated. The BBB is responsible for the accreditation and ratings of payment processing companies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Merchants prefer companies listed with the BBB because they can file a complaint with the bureau.

BBB Reviews

There are no reviews about BTCPay Server on the BBB website.


Is BTCPay Server Legitimate?

BTCPay Server is a legitimate company with an established online presence. It has a regularly updated Twitter account with more than 40,000 followers. It also has profiles with business networking sites.

ScamAdviser gave it a trust rating of 100/100. This means users can safely browse the website without fear of getting scammed or having their information phished. The positive highlights of the website are the following:

  • The website is registered far into the future.
  • The site was set up years ago.
  • It has a high Alexa ranking.
  • A lot of backlinks
  • A valid SSL certificate
  • Mainly positive reviews
  • Advanced technologies detected
  • Online shopping features

There are also negative reviews, but these are limited to the risks of cryptocurrency services and anonymous transactions.


There are no scam reports about BTCPay Server. Based on ScamAdviser, users can browse this website without fear of getting hacked.


BTCPay Server is not facing any lawsuits. In fact, it is considered a good alternative for many merchants looking for a self-hosted cryptocurrency payment processing solution.


BTCPay Server Customer Reviews

There aren’t many reviews about BTCPay Server, but the ones published have mainly positive comments. On Trustpilot, the company has a score of 100% out of two ratings. The comment said it is very easy to use and solved many difficulties it found with other platforms.


BTCPay Server also has one positive review on G2. The customer likes the fact that BTCPay Server is a decentralized platform. It allows users to request funds from other users’ wallets directly.

It also has a five-star review on Product Hunt. Users rave about BTCPay Server for being an open-source platform for cryptocurrency payments.



If you need a cryptocurrency payment processor, you should look at BTCPay Server. Since it is an open-source platform, you have the freedom to use it for any kind of business or industry. It is also a free platform, so you spend zero dollars trying it out.

Based on the reviews, it’s safe to say that BTCPay Server is a good payment solution provider. Many of its users have switched from another platform to this server because of BTCPay Server’s flexibility and censorship-resistant features.

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