CanPay Debit Review

June 17, 2022

CanPay Debit is the only debit card payment app that lets you purchase from cannabis stores. The idea is for consumers to buy cannabis products with their checking accounts. The app generates a unique PIN that acts as an authorizing agent to withdraw the funds from the consumer’s bank account to the app. CanPay Debit will then transfer the funds to the dispensary.

The company works with various cannabis-based businesses and wellness centers. It has also partnered with some health care facilities. Currently, it works in 33 states and with compliant banks. CanPay Debit said it would work to partner with more banks and dispensaries to provide payment solutions for merchants and clients.


CanPay Debit Merchant Services

Payment Processing

The main goal of CanPay Debit is to provide a way for consumers to pay for their cannabis purchases using their checking accounts. The company offers a free-to-download app to link to your bank account. The app will act as a middleman between the merchant and consumer.


High-risk Payment Processor

The main focus of CanPay Debit is to help the cannabis industry grow. The company can link to major bank accounts. It allows high-risk businesses such as dispensaries to process and receives payments.


CanPay Debit Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

CanPay Debit does not publish its rates and pricing. It said on the website that the service is free. However, some customers said they were asked to pay $50 for re-running the transaction.

Additional Fees

There is no information about CanPay Debit’s additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There is also no information if CanPay Debit has hidden fees.


CanPay Debit Complaints

Customers filed formal complaints against CanPay Debit on the BBB website.


Rip Off Reports

Except for reports that the company has charged twice or more, no customer has actually called CanPay Debit a rip-off.

Other Complaints

Some customers complained about CanPay Debit’s customer service. They said the staff wasn’t helpful.


CanPay Debit BBB Rating

CanPay Debit has a listing on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, but it is not accredited. It has a rating of F, which is the lowest for the bureau. Customer reviews also gave it a 1.35 rating based on five stars. There have been 13 closed complaints in the last three years and five complaints in the last 12 months.

BBB Reviews

CanPay Debit has mostly bad reviews on the BBB website. A recurring bad review is a fact that the company asked for the personal and financial details of the user. For example, one customer complained about being asked to send a copy of her driver’s license, bank statements, and the last four digits of her social security number.

Other users said that CanPay Debit changed when it started using a web portal instead of an app. Many of the users began having a hard time using the balance of their accounts. Some have been blocked out of their own accounts, so they cannot use their funds. Another said that she had been limited to just $175 per transaction. This meant that she still had to bring cash with her.

The customers also questioned the efficiency of the service. They complained about the dissatisfactory customer service because no one helped them with their concerns.


Is CanPay Debit Legitimate?

CanPay Debit is a legitimate company that provides an app for debit card transactions. It has Twitter and Facebook accounts, which allow it to reach out to the market. On Facebook, it has over 600 followers, but on Twitter, CanPay Debit has more than 3,700 followers. Both profiles are regularly updated.


ScamAdviser gave it a good trust score of 100/100. This means that the website itself is not a scam. The positive highlights include the website’s age, high traffic, and valid SSL certificate. However, ScamAdviser also said that the site’s owner hid his identity through WHOIS.


Although they didn’t directly call it a scam, customers are complaining about CanPay Debit’s double charges on their bank accounts. Many of the app’s users complained about the service on the company’s Facebook profile. They said that their accounts had been charged multiple times.


Although there are no formal lawsuits filed against CanPay Debit, many of its users said on BBB that they plan to file a class-action lawsuit against the company.


CanPay Debit Customer Reviews

There are many customer reviews about CanPay Debit on the BBB website. However, the company itself does not publish client testimonials on its website. No reviews or recommendations can also be found on Facebook and other social media sites.


On Facebook, customers complained through comments. Most of them said their bank accounts had been charged multiple times by the company. CanPay Debit does not respond to the comments.



Since it has a bad reputation among its users, it is hard to recommend CanPay Debit to anyone who needs to pay for their cannabis purchases. At best, the bad reviews are isolated cases, but it should also be noted that the company reached out via BBB to the complainants. Some of them said the resolution of their cases was satisfactory. However, the company told some of them that the BBB website is not the proper forum for their grievances.

Since there aren’t many payment apps and platforms that work with cannabis-based businesses, it is still worth looking into CanPay Debit. Just make sure to read the contract’s fine print so you know what you are getting into.

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