Card Service Professionals Review

June 18, 2022

Card Service Professionals has been in the business of innovating payment methods for over a decade. It offers different payment methods for financial transactions in the United States and Canada. The company is most famous for its “Simple Solutions” model. This is a payment solution meant to drive profits for all industries.

More than offering innovative payment solutions, the company has also upgraded its system. The aim is to provide a suite of new features. Among these features is the ability to manage data, pay employees, and process merchant transactions. Another feature will help manage the spending on key business expenses. Millions of clients have already benefited from these products and services.

The company’s high-risk payment processing services separate it from other payment processors. So far, it has worked with these industries:

  • Online dating
  • Subscription
  • Web hosting
  • Membership
  • High-ticket items
  • Auction
  • Forex
  • Bail bond issuers

  • Online gaming/internet gaming
  • Medical marijuana
  • Online herbal/vitamins
  • Online casinos
  • Chat rooms
  • Ticket brokers
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Debt collection

Card Service Professionals offers end-to-end solutions for all merchants, regardless of industry and volume of transactions.


Card Service Professionals Merchant Services

Credit Card Payment Processing

Card Service Professionals can process card payments in the United States and Canada. It is an accredited partner of several acquiring banks. It can also provide merchant accounts for various companies. It has an easy-to-setup system with merchant service and support to keep any business up and running even during the transition.


High-risk Payment Processing

Card Service Professionals is also a high-risk payment processor. It works with several high-risk businesses, including the types listed above. Most companies in high-risk industries have difficulties getting approved for a merchant account. However, Card Service Professionals offers a one-of-a-kind solution for these issues.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile payment processing has become more popular over the years. Startups need to be up to date with the latest technology. They should bring their business to non-traditional events and places, such as outdoor exhibits. Card Service Professionals provide the card readers, terminals, and systems for that.



Card Service Professionals Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

Card Service Professionals did not disclose its fees and rates. There is no information about it even on other review sites and online forums.

Additional Fees

There is also no information about any additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There is no information on whether Card Service Professionals have hidden charges.


Card Service Professionals Complaints

There are no complaints filed against Card Service Professionals.

Rip Off Reports

No one has called Card Service Professionals a rip-off.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints against Card Service Professionals.



Card Service Professionals BBB Rating

Card Service Professionals is not listed or accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The bureau usually gives a rating between A+ and F, even for non-accredited companies. Accreditation with the BBB is also a matter of membership, so it is not the sole measure of a company’s legitimacy.

BBB Reviews

Since it is not listed on the BBB website, there are no customer reviews or complaints about Card Service Professionals there.


Is Card Service Professionals Legitimate?

Card Service Professionals seems to be a legitimate payment processing company. It has a website and profiles on business networking sites. However, it does not have a social media page, so there’s no way to know about its engagement with customers.

ScamAdviser gave the company’s website an average to good trust rating of 100/100. This means that the website is safe for consumers to access. Transactions done through the website can be considered secure. ScamAdviser noted positive elements of the website: a valid SSL certificate and trust from Trend Micro.

There are no negative elements noted about the website.


Card Service Professionals don’t seem to be involved in any scams. Even after thorough research on the internet, there has been no mention of a scam involving the company. ScamAdviser also gave the website a clean report, as mentioned.


There are no lawsuits filed against Card Service Professionals.


Card Service Professionals Customer Reviews

Card Service Professionals has some client testimonials on its website. There are no other reviews about the company on online forums and review sites. On the website, the merchants say that the company has been faithful to its promise of lowering processing costs and being responsive to their needs.


The merchants describe Card Service Professionals as a “first-rate” company. They also call it a trustworthy and dependable payment service provider. It saved them almost 40% of processing costs. One merchant also commends the company because its system was well integrated into an existing inventory management platform. The transition was seamless, and it only took 10 days for Card Service Professionals to do it.

Another thing that merchants rave about the company is the “amazing team.” The staff is responsive and knows how to save money.



Yes, there is not much information about Card Service Professionals, and the BBB does not accredit them. However, it is still worth checking out because of the glowing testimonials. Any merchant looking for professional services should check out what this company can offer. With its wide range of professional payment services, merchants will never miss out on anything.

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