CardChamp – A Complete Company Review

January 7, 2022

CardChamp is a payment processing company catering to all types of industries. It aims to create a seamless payment experience for businesses through three goals: transparent pricing, tailor-fit services, and easy-to-use systems. One of its most notable features is its adaptable technology. This allows the company to customize unique payment solutions for different business needs. To learn more, below is an in-depth review of CardChamp’s rates and services.


CardChamp does not mention high-risk merchant accounts in its list of services. However, it does cater to industries that are susceptible to payment processing difficulties and fraudulent transactions. Additionally, these industries operate with distinct business models and need special payment solutions. In that regard, high-risk merchants may benefit from CardChamp’s flexible services and pricing schemes. You can easily find out if your high-risk business is eligible for an account with CardChamp. Just contact them via an online application form, phone call, or email.

Services Offered By CardChamp

Below is a list of CardChamp’s payment solutions as seen on its website.

  • Payment Management System : CardChamp provides businesses with a full-featured and easy-to-use merchant platform called CardPointe. CardPointe is a comprehensive payments management system. It’s a web-based portal that allows merchants to perform various business activities, from accepting payments to viewing past transactions. Below is a summary of its features:
  • eCommerce payments : Merchants can create and integrate a checkout payment page on their existing website. Once set up, the backend system will take care of processing payments on your behalf.
  • Virtual payments : Merchants can also accept phone and mail orders through the CardPointe portal. They simply encode the customer’s credit card, debit card, or eCheck details, and the system will process the payment.
  • Mobile payments : CardPointe also has a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices. This is another payment option for merchants, especially those with an on-the-go business model. They can accept payments from customers wherever they may be. The mobile app will allow them to input transaction details and get approval from customers on the spot.
  • Management tools : Apart from accepting payments at different points of sale, the CardPointe portal also contains management features. For one, merchants can view real-time transactions. They can also process refunds and generate reports. This integration provides a seamless payment process for merchants from end to end.

Cardchamp review


Payment Gateway

CardChamp also has a proprietary payment gateway called Transax. It is made for merchants with a card-not-present setting, like online stores and virtual businesses. Its primary role is to facilitate the entire payment process from customers to acquiring banks to merchants. Transax is integrated into the CardPointe payment system, allowing merchants to accept multiple payment options. Depending on their business model, they can process payments through the virtual terminal, eCommerce checkout page, or mobile app. The Transax gateway also includes the following features:

  • QuickBooks integration : For quick and easy processing, merchants will have access to a QuickBooks plugin. Once integrated into their existing website, they can automatically process transactions. QuickBooks also helps with inventory management, accounting, payroll, and other financial management features.
  • Multiple transaction processing : Apart from automated processing, merchants also have an option to upload a file and process payments in batches.
  • Invoice manager and innovative billing options : CardChamp continues to adapt to innovative payment methods. Apart from accepting online payments through typical shopping carts or checkout pages, they allow merchants to collect payment through different means. These methods include invoice links, customer account portals, and automated billing. This can be done through an electronic invoice sent to the customer. For automated billing, in particular, merchants can set up a recurring schedule to collect payments per customer. They will need to input the customer’s credit card details, preferred schedule, and other necessary information.
  • Security measures : CardChamp’s payment gateway makes use of tokenization technology, which keeps customer information secure through data encryption.
  • Mobile and Countertop Credit Card Terminals : CardChamp also has dedicated solutions for businesses with in-store and mobile payment needs. It provides them with Clover point-of-sale terminals with robust payment capabilities, such as:
  • Credit card processing : Clover devices are known for their superior and safe technology. Merchants will benefit from its efficient credit card processing and fast funding. A bonus is its sleek aesthetic, which can elevate a business’ branding as well.
  • Cloud-based system : Clover terminals are virtually connected to a merchant database. This means that businesses can access their merchant accounts and transactions whenever and wherever.
  • Customizable features : Similar to CardChamp’s other payment portals, the Clover system is fully customizable. Merchants can tailor-fit settings and services to complement their specific business needs. Additionally, CardChamp’s support team will train each merchant to make the most of their devices. This includes incorporating payroll and marketing features.
  • ERP Solutions : CardChamp also offers ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions to enterprise merchants, such as:
  1. Oracle
  2. JD Edwards
  3. SAP

Simply put, these intelligent ERP platforms help merchants process payments with a high level of security. Merchants are assured of customer data protection with every transaction.

  • System Integration : Merchants can easily integrate CardChamp’s payment systems through developer-friendly APIs, eCommerce plugins, and payment pages. This will allow merchants to customize the customer’s shopping experience to their liking.

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Rates of CardChamp

CardChamp offers straightforward pricing schemes through their True Cost Subscription Plans. Each plan varies depending on the merchant’s monthly transaction volume. It includes a fixed monthly fee and direct interchange-plus fees per transaction.

  • Businesses with a monthly transaction limit of $10,000:
    • Monthly subscription fee: $59
    • Direct interchange fee plus $0.06 per transaction
  • Businesses with a monthly transaction limit of $20,000:
    • Monthly subscription fee: $79
    • Direct interchange fee plus $0.06 per transaction
  • Businesses with a monthly transaction limit of $50,000:
    • Monthly subscription fee: $99
    • Direct interchange fee plus $0.06 per transaction

Other than these fees, all plans are free from the following charges:

  • No batch fees
  • No statement fees
  • No annual fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • Free payment gateway
  • Free CardChamp mobile app

All plans also come with PCI compliance support and 24/7 technical support. For businesses with higher transaction volumes, CardChamp will customize a payment plan for you. A customized payment plan ensures cost-effectivity. Overall, the company claims that merchants can enjoy up to 25% savings versus their previous providers.


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High-Risk Industries Served By CardChamp

According to its website, CardChamp offers its services for the following industries. For businesses that have been deemed high-risk by traditional banks and processors, it is best to directly consult CardChamp for their capabilities.

  • B2B
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive Repair
  • Nonprofit
  • Home and Repair
  • Professional Services

Reputation and Reviews of CardChamp

CardChamp boasts an impressive 5-star rating from 68 Google reviews. Merchants seem to have only good things to say about their experiences. They especially praise the company for their helpful staff and timely responses to issues. They even go on to mention specific team members who guided them throughout the process.

They also highlight easy-to-use systems and affordable rates as good benefits. Merchants have claimed big savings through the company’s cost-effective payment plans.


As seen through its payment solutions, CardChamp offers innovative payment solutions for all types of businesses. Whether you operate online or in a physical store, the company aims to give you a seamless and cost-effective payment process.

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