CBDgateways Review

July 20, 2022

From its name, CBDgateways provides merchant account and payment gateway services to the CBD and hemp industry. However, it should be clear that the company itself does not set up merchant accounts. Rather, they help CBD and hemp businesses find the best payment processing service providers for their needs. The company also helps merchants in these industries comply with the requirements of these payment processors.

Even the most experienced CBD and hemp business find it hard to look for card payment processors. CBDgateways help high-risk businesses find the best solutions for their merchant needs. While CBD businesses can process card payments in-store, they usually have difficulty finding a card processor for online transactions because it has a higher risk. They are also subject to big security deposits and rolling reserves.

More than helping CBD and hemp businesses find merchant account providers, CBDgateways can also integrate seamlessly with popular shopping carts. These are:

  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Open Cart
  • BigCommerce

CBDgateways can also guide businesses in choosing the right website builder. A well-built site will draw in customers and provide better opportunities for the company to grow.

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CBDgateways Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Even CBD and hemp businesses need to start accepting credit card and debit card payments in-store and online. This will allow merchants to cater to a wider audience. Without a merchant account and credit card processor, that is impossible. CBDgateways helps businesses find a payment processor that will provide a merchant account for them. They partner with different processors and banks for client placement.

High-risk Payment Processing

CBDgateways specializes in high-risk merchants. In particular, it is focused on CBD and hemp companies. Traditional banks and payment processors don’t approve CBD businesses because of the risks involved. If they do approve this type of business, that usually means a huge deposit and reserve. CBDgateways has the experience to negotiate with payment processing service providers to get the best possible deals for CBD and hemp merchants.

Shopping Cart Integration

CBDgateways understands how important it is that merchant accounts are integrated into the shopping carts. The company makes sure to look for payment processors that can complement common shopping carts such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and many others.

image of cbd gateways shopping cart inegrations


CBDgateways Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

There is no information about CBDgateways’ processing fees, rates, and pricing. What it says is that it will find the most competitive prices in the market.

Additional Fees

There are no reports about CBDgateways having additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There is also no information if CBDgateways has hidden charges.


CBDgateways Complaints

There don’t appear to be complaints or rip-off reports against CBDgateways online.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about CBDgateways.

Other Complaints

There are also no complaints about CBDgateways.

picture of no complain


CBDgateways BBB Rating

Merchants usually check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for accreditation status or rating of payment processors. They also look at the business’ rating. The BBB can give a rating as high as A+ and as low as F. CBDgateways is not listed with the BBB. It is not accredited by the bureau nor does it has a rating.

BBB Reviews

Aside from not being listed with the bureau, there are also no customer reviews and complaints posted about CBDgateways on the BBB website.


Is CBDgateways Legitimate?

It should be noted that CBDgateways is not a payment processing service provider. Rather, the company helps CBD and hemp merchants comply with the requirements of a high-risk merchant. It also pairs business owners with the best company that can set up a high-risk merchant account for them. CBDgateways looks to be a legitimate merchant account placement company.

According to ScamAdviser, CBDgateways’ website has a trust score of 91 out of 100. This positive trust score means the website is not a scam and that it is safe to navigate for users. The positive highlights of the website are the domain’s ownership of the name for a long time and the money-back guarantee of the website. However, ScamAdviser also noted that CBDgateways doesn’t have reviews on common review sites.


There is no information that CBDgateways is a scam. However, there are a lot of payment processors with names similar to CBDgateways so you have to be careful with the information you get from the internet.


There is no information that CBDgateways is facing a class-action lawsuit.


CBDgateways Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews about CBDgateways. The company doesn’t publish client testimonials on its website. There are also no reviews in online forums and common review sites.

image of no customer reivew


It is difficult to recommend a company like CBDgateways. The company almost doesn’t exist on the internet. In a nutshell, it is a placement company. It connects CBD and hemp merchants to payment processors and banks that take on high-risk merchants. Many merchants won’t feel the need to go through a placement company anymore because they can deal directly with the payment processor.

However, if you feel like you need more guidance in searching for the right merchant account, then you can check out CBDgateways’ offers.

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