ccNetPay Overview – Merchant Service, Pricing and Customer Reviews

May 14, 2022

ccNetPay is a company that understands the standard, medium, and high risks that companies take in their businesses. It aims to provide a suitable payment processing method for all types of businesses, regardless of the level of risks they take. The company also provides high-risk merchant accounts and payment processing solutions for EU-based companies, though it has also worked with businesses in other countries.

Here’s a short rundown of the types of businesses ccNetPay has worked with in the past years:

  • Adult
  • Gaming
  • Herbal
  • E-wallets
  • Jewelry
  • Credit repair

  • Collection
  • Membership clubs
  • Travel
  • Charities
  • Electronics

The company accepts all major debit and credit cards for online and MOTO businesses. It can also process over 150 currencies and set up offshore merchant accounts. ccNetPay offers other features such as batch processing, Server2Server API integration, real-time reporting and management, multi-currency processing, recurring billing, and a dynamic billing descriptor.


ccNetPay Merchant Services

UK and EU Merchant Account

ccNetPay can set up merchant accounts for UK- and EU-based companies. It allows businesses to accept all major debit and credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue, Dankort, CartaSi, American Express, Maestro International, V Pay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, and Laser.


High-risk Payment Processing

High-risk merchants have difficulty getting approved for accounts by traditional banks and financial institutions. Despite this, these companies need to process bank payments instead of cash. ccNetPay provides services to mitigate the risk and eliminate chargeback fees usually associated with high-risk businesses such as adult, gaming, and herbal.

Virtual Terminal

ccNetPay can also allow businesses to process payments manually. All you need is an internet connection since the terminal will send information to the banks to transact the payments. Virtual terminals empower businesses to accept card payments online and over the phone.

Multi-currency Processing

The core solution that ccNetPay offer is for businesses to accept credit cards from over 140 countries. These are almost all existing currencies. This will allow companies to bring their products and services to the international market.



ccNetPay Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

ccNetPay has two kinds of fees—the discount rate (depending on processing volume, geographical factors, and merchant category) and transaction fee. For the discount rate, here are some details:


  • EU/UK Direct Merchant Account – 1.50 percent – 3.50 percent
  • US Direct Merchant Account – 2.30 percent – 3.50 percent
  • 3rd Party International Merchant Account – 4.00 percent – 5.50 percent

Some transaction fees charged by the company include:

  • EU/UK Direct Merchant Account – 0.15 euros – 0.25 euros
  • US Direct Merchant Account – 0.20 euros – 0.25 euros
  • HK Direct Merchant Account – 0.20 euros – 0.25 euros

Additional Fees

ccNetPay has different merchant account fees for the United States, EU, and Hong Kong. For EU, here are some additional fees:

  • Bank Annual Fee: 98.00 euros
  • Optional Annual Fee 3D Secure: 49.00 euros
  • Chargeback Fee: 15.00 euros – 24.00 euros

For US, the following fees will be imposed:

  • Monthly Fee: $10.00
  • High Risk Annual Fee MasterCard: $1,000.00
  • Chargeback Fee: $15.00

For Hong Kong, here’s a rundown of some fees:

  • Refund Fee: $1.00
  • Retrieval Fee: $5.00
  • Rolling Reserve: 5 percent – 10 percent for 180 days

ccNetPay also has a setup fee, monthly fee, and optional monthly fee 3D secure. The virtual terminal is free, and there is no transaction limit.


Hidden Charges

It doesn’t look like ccNetPay has hidden charges.


ccNetPay Complaints

There are no formal complaints filed against ccNetPay.

Rip-Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about ccNetPay.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about ccNetPay.


ccNetPay BBB Rating

ccNetPay is not listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Therefore, it is not accredited, and it has no rating from the bureau.


BBB Reviews

There are no reviews about ccNetPay on the BBB website.


Is ccNetPay Legitimate?

ccNetPay looks like a legitimate payment processor. It has profiles on social media and other business networking platforms. On Twitter, the company has 87 followers. However, the last update was in 2011.


ScamAdviser gave ccNetPay’s website a positive trust rating of 100/100. The positive highlights of the site are the following:

  • A valid SSL certificate.
  • The site was set up years ago.
  • TrendMicro trusts the site.


There are no scam reports about ccNetPay.


As of this writing, there are no lawsuits against ccNetPay.


ccNetPay Customer Reviews

There aren’t many customer reviews about ccNetPay. There are only two reviews, and both gave positive feedback. According to the merchants, the company provided excellent service to them, and the staff was also polite and friendly. They described the staff as skilled professionals who know how to deliver outputs.

They also raved about the fast and reliable service of the company, saying it is a good choice for offshore merchant accounts.

ccnetpay logo


Overall, ccNetPay is a good choice for high-risk businesses and those that need offshore accounts. It can set up the accounts quickly, so businesses can start accepting traditional and alternative payments. The company is also very transparent with its fees, which allows businesses to understand what they have to prepare for.

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