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July 30, 2022

CDGcommerce has decades of experience in merchant services and caters to various business types and industries, taking a customized approach to payment processing. Its wide range of solutions covers online, retail, and mobile transactions. These include payment gateways, free terminals, and more.

Learn more about CDGcommerce’s rates and services in this comprehensive review.


Overview of High-risk Merchant Accounts and High-risk Credit Card Processing

High-risk merchants are among the many industries CDGcommerce serves. Its solutions include e-commerce, retail, and mobile payment processing. Depending on what you need, the company will customize its services and integrations to complement your business. Merchants will also benefit from security features, various pricing models, low rates, and no cancellation fees.


To start your application process, you can fill out a form on the website and receive a free quote and consultation. The company also offers instant activation over a 15-minute phone call. You can also reach the company by email or message.


Services Offered by CDGCommerce

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Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by CDGcommerce.

Merchant Accounts

CDGCommerce’s merchant accounts are available for all types of businesses, whether retail, e-commerce, or mobile. The company also works with high-risk industries.

CDGcommerce guarantees fast approvals and the lowest possible rates. Merchants can choose between three pricing models (flat-rate, interchange-plus, and subscription) depending on what is best for their business.

Retail Payment Processing

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For retail businesses, CDGcommerce provides POS systems to integrate with your business. You can choose between three options: PastePay, Vital, and Echo. They come with free terminal equipment for merchants.

Each POS system has unique features that benefit different business types. Apart from payment processing, merchants can manage various other aspects of their business. These include CRM, marketing, vendor payments, employee management, and more. These come with free equipment.

Mobile Payment Processing

CDGcommerce offers a Bluetooth/EMV mobile solution for merchants with on-the-go customers. Merchants can download the mobile app on their phones and accept contactless payments anywhere. This service is good for service providers, market stalls, food carts, product deliveries, door-to-door services, and other similar business models.

E-commerce Payment Processing

For e-commerce merchants, CDGcommerce provides payment gateway solutions for a seamless online experience. The company can set up a new gateway or integrate with your existing one. Options include popular providers like, ePN, NMI, Cayan, PayPal Payflow Pro, Shopify, Slim CD, and Braintree.

Merchants can also opt for CDGcommerce’s in-house gateway called Quantum Gateway. It is free of charge and comes with Level 2 and 3 processing capabilities. Other features include a virtual terminal, recurring billing, a customer vault, email receipts, and more. Merchants will also benefit from no extra fees, low processing rates, and personalized support.

E-commerce Integrations

CDGcommerce supports a wide range of integrations with shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. The company’s services are compatible with over 350 technology partners. These include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, BigCommerce, ZenCart, 3dcart, ecwid, and more.

Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Protection

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Merchants will have access to a suite of chargeback protection services from CDGcommerce, including the Chargeback Defender, Chargeback Collector, and Fraud Loss Reimbursement programs. Among the many features are chargeback notifications, dispute management, customizable security tools, and more.

Merchants can also submit claims as part of the company’s reimbursement plan. As an added measure, payments also go through verification tools like Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.


Rates of CDGcommerce

CDGcommerce takes pride in being transparent and straightforward with its rates and fees. As mentioned, it offers three pricing schemes to cater to all types of businesses and their unique needs. Below is an overview of each pricing model.

Flat-rate Pricing

The company’s flat-rate pricing scheme is ideal for startups and new businesses with a monthly volume below $10,000. It offers a simple approach with a fixed transaction rate and no monthly fees.

  • Online flat rate: 2.90% + $0.30 per transaction; includes a free payment gateway
  • Swipe flat rate: 2.75% + $0.30 per transaction; includes an EMV card reader
  • Mobile flat rate: 2.75% + $0.30 per transaction; includes a Bluetooth card reader and free mobile app; keyed-in transactions have a surcharge of 15%
  • American Express transactions are subject to a 0.25% surcharge

image of cdg commerce flat rate pricing

Interchange-plus Pricing

Most merchant service providers use an interchange-plus pricing model, which is ideal for medium-sized businesses and high-risk industries. While transaction rates are lower compared to in a flat-rate model, merchants are subject to a minimal monthly fee.

  • Online interchange-plus rate: 0.30% + $0.15 per transaction; includes a free payment gateway
  • Retail interchange-plus rate: 0.25% + $0.10 per transaction; includes a credit card terminal or mobile card reader
  • Non-profit interchange-plus rate: 0.20% + $0.10 per transaction; applicable to online, in-person, and phone transactions
  • Monthly fees apply, although the company does not disclose the exact amount

Wholesale Membership

The wholesale membership plan is best for large enterprises or businesses with a high monthly transaction volume. CDGcommerce offers four plans with different processing limits. They also include a fixed monthly fee.

  • Basic Membership ($25,000 monthly processing limit): Interchange + $0.10 per transaction; $49 monthly subscription fee
  • Standard Membership ($75,000 monthly processing limit): Interchange + $0.10 per transaction; $79 monthly subscription fee
  • Plus Membership ($200,000 monthly processing limit): Interchange + $0.07 per transaction; $99 monthly subscription fee
  • Premium Membership (unlimited processing): Interchange + $0.05 per transaction; $199 monthly subscription fee

While CDGcommerce provides a clear picture of its transaction rates and monthly fees, it is still best to contact the company for pricing details. Interested merchants can request a free quote through the website.

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High-risk Industries Served by CDGcommerce

  • B2B
  • E-commerce businesses
  • High-risk merchants
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Service-based businesses
  • Specialty businesses

For industries not included in the list above, you may directly contact the company hotline or apply online to discuss your business needs and eligibility.


Other Notable Features of CDGcommerce’s High-risk Merchant Accounts

Recurring Billing

The company’s payment gateway includes flexible billing options for merchants. For one, you can set up recurring payment schedules for customers. You can also automate the billing process to create a seamless payment experience.

Invoicing Solutions

With CDGcommerce, merchants can create and send invoices via email or text. You can also set up automatic reminders and allow merchants to pay directly from the invoice.

Loyalty Programs and Marketing Promotions

Merchants can also take advantage of the company’s loyalty programs and marketing promotions to attract more customers.

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Reputation and Reviews of CDGcommerce

CDGcommerce has a strong reputation in the industry, mostly due to its long history. It was established in 1998 by married founders, Chris and Laura West. Several sources claim the company has several offices around the US. We have found public addresses for its California and Florida offices.

CDGcommerce is a BBB-accredited company and holds an A+ rating with the organization. It is also featured on several independent review sites, all of which give the company favorable ratings. They highlight the company’s affordable pricing, extensive experience, and professionalism.

The company currently works with over 20,000 merchants. It caters to different industries, business sizes, and types. According to one website, it has a 97% client retention rate, which shows satisfaction among merchants.

While the company has a huge client base, we found only a few online reviews about the company. Negative testimonials are mostly about its customer service and slow application process. We found two reviews that call the company a scam. They complain about withheld funds, which they were unable to retrieve due to the company’s unresponsiveness.

Other than these reviews, most seem to have positive experiences with CDGcommerce. They praise the company for its reliable and helpful team, low rates, and efficient services.



image of cdg commerce reviewCDGcommerce has over two decades of experience in merchant services. It offers online, mobile, and retail payment processing. Its in-house payment gateway, mobile card readers, and retail terminals come with robust features to help create an enhanced payment experience for customers.

Furthermore, CDGcommerce offers various pricing schemes to appeal to small businesses, large corporations, and high-risk merchants. Its transparent pricing guarantees potential savings and no hidden charges.

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