Choice Funding Review – Is It Right for Your Business?

February 14, 2022

Choice Funding provides merchant account services for businesses from all types of industries. Its services include payment processing for credit cards, checks, and other alternative payment methods. These are extended to businesses operating online, with a retail storefront, or via phone and mail. Apart from merchant account services, it also offers business funding programs. Below is a summary of its benefits for merchants:

  • Payment processing services.
  • Free setup of payment systems.
  • Free equipment for payment processing.
  • Next-day funding.
  • Invoicing payments.
  • Cost-effective pricing schemes.
  • Business funding for loans, capital, cash advance, and equipment.

Choice Funding makes it easy for businesses to apply for a merchant account. It starts with the business choosing its desired products and services. Afterward, they will need to submit an application form. The company will send the merchant a proposal of the best possible rates suitable for their needs. Once signed, merchants can start processing payments within a few days.
Learn more about Choice Funding through this comprehensive review of its services and rates.


Choice Funding works with all types of businesses regardless of their type, needs, or risk profile. For companies deemed high-risk by traditional banks and processors, Choice Funding can provide them with a high-risk merchant account. It will find a bank suitable for their unique business needs. In doing so, merchants can start processing payments without worry. Choice Funding also extends its other payment solutions to such businesses.


Services Offered by Choice Funding

Choice Funding offers the following services to businesses.

  • Credit Card and Debit Card Payment Processing

The company helps merchants process credit and debit card payments in different business settings, whether online, in-person, or through virtual means. It can accept major credit card networks like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. It guarantees low processing rates per transaction.

  • eCheck Payment ProcessingChoice Funding merchant services

Merchants can also accept eCheck payments via an online store, phone, or email. This is processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, which means payments are transferred directly from the customer’s bank account. That way, merchants can expect same-day approval and 24-hour funding. This also prevents instances of bounced checks.

  • Retail Merchant Processing

Businesses with a physical storefront will be supplied with free equipment to process payments in-store. Choice Funding will also provide accounting and marketing software to further enhance the merchant’s payment process.

  • Credit card terminal

Merchants will receive a free credit card terminal to process payments. They can accept chip cards and swipe card payments from major credit card companies. Additionally, merchants have an option to avail of a free PIN pad and check reader. That way, merchants can honor more payment methods.

  • Payment gateway

For merchants with an existing POS system, they can connect it to Choice Funding’s payment gateway. Options include NMI,, and Sage Pay. The company will help the merchant set up the system. If needed, they can also integrate a free credit card reader into the system.

  • QuickBooks accounting software

Choice Funding will also provide merchants with QuickBooks accounting software. This will allow merchants to store information on past transactions. Other features include sending invoices, managing taxes, and generating reports.

  • Gift card and loyalty card management portal

Merchants can also create special programs for customers through gift cards and loyalty cards. They will have access to Choice Funding’s online management portal to customize their programs. This is a good way to engage more customers and increase overall revenue.

  • eCommerce Merchant Processing

Choice Funding has a unique set of payment solutions for eCommerce businesses. These services can be integrated into the merchant’s existing shopping cart.

  • Virtual payment gateway

eCommerce merchants will be provided with a virtual terminal to process credit cards or eCheck payments from customers. This can be accessed through a web-based portal or integrated into the merchant’s website. Once set up, merchants can customize the virtual terminal to include in-brand themes and other features.

  • Shopping cart integration

For merchants with an existing shopping cart, the company will help integrate the backend systems. The virtual terminal is compatible with most shopping carts like 3DCart, Big Commerce, CoreCommerce, eShop, FoxyCart, Magneto, OpenCart, PrestaShop, QuickCart, UberCart, Wix, WooCommerce, WordPress, Zen Cart, and many more. The full list is available on the website.

  • Recurring billing

Merchants can also create recurring billing schemes for their customers. They simply input the customer’s credit card details and schedule. Payments will be collected and transferred automatically. This is a good feature for subscription and membership services.

  • Advanced fraud protection

Choice Funding also assures merchants of secure payment processing. Online purchases are usually prone to fraudulent activities. To address this, the company has sophisticated fraud prevention tools in place.

  • QuickBooks integration

Similar to retail merchants, eCommerce merchants will also have access to free QuickBooks software. This will help them with managing transactions.

  • Mobile Payments Account

Choice Funding also caters to businesses with on-the-go payments. It provides them with EMV card readers that are easily connected to the merchant’s iPhone or Android device. Once set up, merchants can accept credit card payments wherever their customers are. They can accept credit cards with EMV chips and PIN debit cards. It also accepts MSR (Magnetic Strip Reader) and NFC (Near Field Communication) cards. The company’s mobile payment technology makes it easy to accept various payment types.

  • International Merchant Account

International merchant accounts is another service offered by Choice Funding. This is good for companies with international customers. The company provides them with an offshore merchant account in partnership with a foreign bank. The biggest advantage is the ability to accept payments in multiple currencies. The company also guarantees competitive rates.

Rates of Choice Funding

Below is a rundown of Choice Funding’s rates as seen on its website:

eCommerce payments

  • Transaction rate: Interchange + 2.75%
  • Transaction fee: $0.30
  • Monthly fee: $15
  • Annual fee: $60
  • Setup fee: $45
  • Optional electronic invoicing: $10
  • Optional customer credit card vault: $10

eCheck payments

  • Transaction rate: 2.99%
  • Transaction fee: $0.25
  • Monthly fee: $20
  • Annual fee: Free
  • Setup fee: $100
  • Optional electronic invoicing: $5
  • Optional customer credit card vault: $5

Mobile payments

  • Transaction rate: Interchange + 1%
  • Transaction fee: $0.10
  • Monthly fee: $10
  • Annual fee: $25
  • Free credit card reader

High-Risk Industries Served by Choice Funding

Below is a list of high-risk industries that can avail of Choice Funding’s services:

    • Airlines and private jets.
    • Business opportunities.
    • CBD.
    • Costume jewelry.
    • Credit repair.
    • Debt collections.
    • Document preparation.
    • Drop-shipping.
    • E-cigarette and vape.
    • E-commerce.
    • Education online.
    • Electronic benefit transfer (EBT).
    • Electronics.
    • Escort service.
    • Fantasy sports.
    • Foreign exchange market (FOREX).
    • Gun, firearms, and ammunition.
    • Health and beauty.
    • Hotels and motels.
    • Male enhancement.
    • Membership clubs.
    • Mortgage modifications.
    • Moving companies.
    • Multi-level marketing (MLM).
    • Network marketing.
    • Nutraceuticals and health supplements.
    • Online dating.
    • Penny auction.
    • Seminars.
    • Smoking pipes and paraphernalia.
    • Software downloads.
    • Stock trading.
    • Student loan relief.
    • Subscription and recurring.
    • Tech support.
    • Telemarketing.
    • Timeshare litigation.
    • Travel and tour guide.
    • Vacation home rental.
    • Warranty.
    • Weight loss.

Other Notable Features of Choice Funding

Cash Advance and Business Loans

Choice Funding offers business funding programs for merchants like cash advances, loans, and equipment. Its goal is to help businesses grow and succeed, not only through cost-effective transaction fees but also through plans needing high capital. Below is a rundown of business funding benefits for merchants:

  • Loan amount up to 200% of credit card souls.
  • 10-year payment terms with daily, weekly, and monthly payout options.
  • Simple interest payment schemes.
  • Fast approvals.

Business funding is particularly helpful for small businesses with big plans. The company offers special financing terms for them. It also has dedicated funding programs for high-risk merchants, expansion plans, and equipment needs.

Reputation and Reviews of Choice Funding

Choice Funding does not hold any review ratings online. Its website also does not include merchant testimonials.


Choice Funding carries a wide variety of payment solutions for businesses. Its payment processing services span retail, eCommerce, phone, and mail transactions. Apart from that, it also offers funding programs, which is a good offering for growing businesses. That said, the company continues to adapt to the changing landscape of accepting payments in the digital age.

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