Choice Pay Now – A Complete Review

March 29, 2022


Choice Pay Now provides payment processing solutions for various types of industries. Its merchant processing platform aims to help businesses succeed in both financial and operational goals. This extends to in-store, mobile, and online payments.

The company also offers unique services. One is a cash discount program, which aims to lessen merchant processing fees. Its free trial program is another notable offering.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Choice Pay Now:

  • Online payment gateway
  • Credit card processing
  • ACH payment processing
  • Mail order/telephone order payment processing
  • Chargeback dispute resolution
  • Cash advance

Choice Pay Now Merchant Services

  • High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Choice Pay Now provides merchant accounts for all types of businesses, regardless of their industry or risk profile. It works with banks that serve everyone, including high-risk merchants. After applying for a merchant account, they can expect approval within two days. The company claims to have a 98% approval rate for such merchants.

  • Payment Gateway

Once a merchant account is approved, businesses will have access to the company’s payment gateway and virtual terminal. They will allow merchants to accept, process, and view all types of payment methods. The systems are also guaranteed to be secure and PCI-compliant. Other features include comprehensive reports, recurring billing, and customer support.

  • Payment Processing

Merchants can accept payments made from major credit companies like Visa, MasterCard, and many more. Payments via gift cards are accepted as well. This is useful for businesses with loyalty programs or gifting programs. This service applies to all payment methods, including online, mail, and telephone transactions.

Payment processing is not limited to US transactions. Choice Pay Now also offers international merchant accounts. It will allow businesses to accept various payment methods and over 160 currencies from customers around the world. Apart from accepting major credit cards, the company also accepts local direct debit like Switch or Solo (UK), Giropay (Germany), and Maestro Debit Card to name a few.

Once paid, the funds will be transferred to the merchant’s choice of currency. This cross-currency transfer ensures lower transaction fees versus domestic transfers.

  • E-commerce Integrations

Merchants with online businesses can integrate these merchant services into their existing websites. The company’s payment systems are compatible with various shopping carts. The merchant can further enhance their customers’ shopping experience with other built-in features.

  • Chargeback Prevent and Fraud Protection

Choice Pay Now uses advanced technology to ensure safe and legitimate processing for all merchants. Its payment systems are equipped with fraud detection tools. It also employs identity verification for online and card-not-present (CNP) transactions.

Choice Pay Now Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Choice Pay Now prefers to customize rates depending on the merchant and the nature of its business. That said, it does not have standard payment schemes available on its website. However, it does share significant savings merchants can enjoy through its services.

  • Processing Fees – For payment processing, transaction fees can go as low as 0.05%. With this cost-competitive rate, it claims that merchants can reduce costs by up to 40%. Its cash discount program, on the other hand, is said to eliminate up to 98% of merchant processing fees. Interested merchants can start with a 90-day trial before committing.
  • Additional Fees – Choice Pay Now guarantees free application and setup of systems. Other than that, it is unclear whether the company charges additional or monthly fees.
  • Hidden Charges – There is no public information that suggests the company charges hidden fees.

Choice Pay Now Complaints

Choice Pay Now does not have any independent customer reviews online. In that regard, there don’t seem to be any complaints about the company.

  • Rip Off Reports – There are no rip off reports involving Choice Pay Now.
  • Other Complaints – Similarly, there are no other complaints about the company.
Choice Pay Now BBB Rating

Choice Pay Now does not seem to be accredited by the BBB. The BBB website features accredited companies with similar brand names, although it is unclear whether the companies are related.

BBB Reviews

Choice Pay Now does not have a BBB profile page, nor does it have any reviews.

Is Choice Pay Now Legitimate?

Choice Pay Now seems to be a legitimate company based on its professional website and detailed services. The company claims to currently work with merchants from five continents around the world. It also takes pride in its partnerships with over 150 companies. Testimonials from satisfied merchants are available on its website as well.


Other than that, information about the company is limited. The last update on its Facebook page was 2018. Details about its history, owners, and company address are unknown as well.

  • Scams  – There are no online reports about scams involving Choice Pay Now.
  • Lawsuits – Similarly, Choice Pay Now does not seem to be involved in any lawsuits.

Customer Reviews

Choice Pay Now highlights merchant testimonials on its website. Positive reviews specifically mention low rates, easy-to-use platforms, and cash discounts as impressive features of the company. Outside its website, the company does not have any customer reviews.


Overall, the company’s end-to-end services seem to be beneficial for different industries from international territories. Its merchant accounts not only help with payment processing but also provide avenues for businesses to expand globally. Moreover, their promises about profits and savings are definite come-ons for merchants. It seems merchants are satisfied with its services, although customer reviews are very limited.

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