CommerceGate Review

June 11, 2022

CommerceGate is a European company offering merchant services for online businesses around the world. These include merchant accounts, payment gateway solutions, e-commerce integrations, and fraud prevention tools. The company aims to address four goals in payment processing: “service, security, speed, and simplicity.” With this in mind, it customizes its services and rates depending on the merchant’s business model and needs.

To learn more about CommerceGate below is a comprehensive review of the company.



CommerceGate does not single out high-risk merchants as its specialty. However, it offers a wide range of security tools that help with high-risk payment processing. These include customer verification, fraud scrubbing, risk management, and more.


Additionally, CommerceGate offers an aggregate merchant account. It makes it easier for merchants to secure an account with fewer requirements and conditions. The company also has a close network of EU banks to ensure fast and secure payment processing.

Interested merchants can apply for an account via call, email, or message.


Services Offered by Company

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by CommerceGate.

Merchant Accounts

With CommerceGate, businesses can use their existing merchant account to process payments. The company will integrate your account into its payment platform, which is connected to its banking network and comes with customizable services.

For those without an account, the company offers an aggregate merchant account. It combines several merchants and their processing volumes into one account. Although it has its share of downsides, the process is less complicated for merchants.

Whether you use an existing account or apply for a new one, CommerceGate guarantees a seamless process. Setting up its payment platform is fast and easy.


Payment Gateway

CommerceGate’s payment platform is powered by a full-featured payment gateway. It is equipped with advanced technology and security tools to enable fast and reliable payment processing.

Depending on what you need, the payment platform is customizable to include only features and services suitable for you. Merchants can access their dashboard anytime via computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

Payment Processing

With a merchant account and payment gateway from CommerceGate, merchants can process credit card and debit card payments. The company also supports multi-currency processing. This is useful for merchants with customers around the world. It is unclear, though, whether local card companies are accepted.

API Integrations

The CommerceGate payment gateway can be integrated into your existing merchant account or business model via APIs. They are created by the company’s programmers to be easy to use and highly functional. The company also provides shopping cart plug-ins, although it does not mention which platforms are compatible.

Advanced Security

CommerceGate assures merchants of secure payment processing through its risk management tools. These include a 3D secure system, credit card verification codes, host validation, and smart device recognition. Merchants can also control velocity filters to limit or block fraudulent transactions. The payment gateway is level 1 PCI-compliant as well.


Apart from these tools, CommerceGate has a dedicated risk team for fraud scrubbing and real-time monitoring. The company also works to keep the lowest chargeback ratio at 0.7%.



Rates of CommerceGate

CommerceGate does not disclose its rates and fees online. Given its customized approach to merchant services, its pricing varies per company. The exact fees and rates will depend on several factors. These include industry and business type, transaction volumes, and your chosen services.

All that said, the company guarantees transparency in discussing prices. Start by contacting the company to schedule a consultation.


High-risk Industries Served by CommerceGate

CommerceGate does not mention specific high-risk industries that it serves. However, its advanced security system assumes that it is capable of high-risk processing. That said, it is still best to contact the company directly to find out if you are eligible to avail of their services.


Other Notable Features of CommerceGate’s High-risk Merchant Accounts

Management Tools

CommerceGate’s merchant accounts include powerful tools to manage your payments and overall business. Merchants can control their product listings and offer cross-sales, up-sales, and time-limited products. They can also set up customer subscriptions and view comprehensive real-time reports.

Weekly Payouts

CommerceGate guarantees weekly payouts for merchants, regardless of how much you earn. It takes pride in being transparent with funds and delivering them on time.

Dedicated Technical Support

Merchants will have access to CommerceGate’s technical support team whenever they need it. You can reach them via phone, text message, or email. They will help address concerns, resolve issues, and give guidance.


Reputation and Reviews of CommerceGate

CommerceGate is an award-winning payment provider based in Barcelona, Spain. It was established in 2006 by experts in the merchant services industry. The company works with an extensive network of European banks, which allows it to offer merchant accounts and multi-currency processing. Although it is mostly known in Europe, the company serves international companies, too. According to its website, it has worked with more than 1,100 merchants from over 50 countries worldwide.


Apart from these credentials, CommerceGate also appears in several PR articles and payment websites. They talk about the company’s services and other notable features. In terms of customer reviews, we found only a few online. Although limited, they all gave the company a 5-star rating. They praise the company for its wide range of services and professional team.



CommerceGate caters to merchants in need of online payment processing. It offers a full-featured payment platform, which includes a payment gateway, security tools, and other advanced features. Although based in Europe, the company works with international merchants and supports multi-currency processing.

CommerceGate has worked with over 1,000 merchants in the past 15 years. This proves its competence and knowledge in merchant services. Interested businesses can learn more about the company by contacting them via phone or website.

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