Credit Card Processing Specialists Review

August 1, 2022

Credit Card Processing Specialists prides itself on providing custom-tailored payment solutions to all types of businesses. It has 24/7 customer support to ensure that merchants will have someone on their side when the payment methods encounter problems. Aside from round-of-clock support, the company also has a learning and resource center. Here, merchants can get the training they need to handle customer complaints and other issues.

The company has worked with different industries. Specifically, they also worked with high-risk businesses, such as:

  • Retail.
  • Hospitality and lodging.
  • Small ticket.
  • Business-to-business.
  • Direct response.
  • Kiosk / Self-service.
  • Medical.


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Credit Card Processing Specialists also have credit card processing terminals for lease. Merchants will get advanced online reporting features and advanced gateway features for risk management. These systems have PCI Level 1 compliant and PCI-DSS support.


Credit Card Processing Specialists Merchant Services

Credit Card Payment Processing

Credit Card Processing Specialists can help businesses accept credit card payments in-store and online. It can provide physical and virtual terminals so that businesses can process payments over the phone too. The company is an accredited partner of Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. It can also process EBT, debit, corporate, and other electronic payment methods.

High-risk Payment Processing

Credit Card Processing Specialists also provide payment solutions for high-risk industries, such as medical, e-commerce, and financial institutions. The rate might be higher compared to businesses that command standard risks.

Check Processing

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Some customers still prefer to pay with checks rather than credit cards. Businesses should allow them to do so. Credit Card Processing Specialists has an automated clearinghouse and remote deposit capture. It also has electronic check conversion and image cash letters.



Credit Card Processing Specialists Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

Credit Card Processing Specialists did not disclose details about its fees, rates, and pricing. All it said is that it has a swiped rate of 0.35%. This can go up to as high as 4.99%, depending on the card and the particular transaction. Keyed-in rate will be between 0.35% and 4.99% too. It also looks like the company is offering tiered pricing than interchange-plus pricing.

Additional Fees

There is no information about Credit Card Processing Specialists’ although it said that it has no cancellation fee with a 60-day notice.

Hidden Charges

image of credit card processing specialists has no hidden fees

No information about Credit Card Processing Specialists’ hidden charges can be found.


Credit Card Processing Specialists’ Complaints

There are no formal complaints filed against Credit Card Processing Specialists.

Rip-Off Reports

So far, no one has called Credit Card Processing Specialists a rip-off.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints against Credit Card Processing Specialists.



Credit Card Processing Specialists BBB Rating

On its website, Credit Card Processing Specialists claims that it was accredited A by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, there is no information about the company’s rating or accreditation on the BBB website.

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BBB Reviews

Since it is not listed or accredited by the bureau, there are no reviews or complaints about Credit Card Processing Specialists on the BBB website.


Is Credit Card Processing Specialists Legitimate?

There is a lack of information about Credit Card Processing Specialists at this time. It has a website and profiles on Facebook and business networking sites. However, it only has four likes on Facebook. It doesn’t have profiles on other popular review sites too.

ScamAdviser gave its website a rating of 100/100, which is an average to good trust score. This means that it is safe for consumers to browse the site. They don’t have to fear that the website will steal sensitive information from them. ScamAdviser said the positive highlights of the website are as follows:

  • The site was set up several years ago.
  • There is a valid SSL certificate.
  • The website has a money-back guarantee.

There are also negative highlights monitored about the website. ScamAdviser flagged the site because the owner is hiding his identity and the low Alexa ranking.

image of credit card processing specialists scamadviser reviewsScams

There are no reports about Credit Card Processing Specialists being a scam. In fact, ScamAdviser said it is safe to browse the company’s website.


There are no lawsuits filed against Credit Card Processing Specialists.


Credit Card Processing Specialists’ Customer Reviews

Unlike other payment processors, Credit Card Processing Specialists do not publish many customer testimonials on the website. It only has one so far. One merchant said that as an owner of an SEO company, they had a hard time finding a payment processor over the years. Credit Card Processing Specialists solved this predicament by providing a payment solution.

Another testimonial on a review site is highly recommended Credit Card Processing Specialists. The merchant said that it has exceeded her expectations of being a “specialist.” A happy client, the merchant shared that the company answers questions quickly and efficiently.

Aside from these two recommendations, there is no other mention of the company on common review sites and online forums.

image of credit card processing specialists customer reviews


It is difficult to recommend Credit Card Processing Specialists. There isn’t much information about the company. The lack of complaints about it can indicate that it has good services. However, the lack of reviews will also make customers think otherwise. The company needs to be more transparent with its reputation in the industry to attract merchants and other clients.

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