Dharma Merchant Services Review

June 22, 2022


Dharma Merchant Services is a full-service merchant services provider in California. The company prides itself on serving small businesses across service and retail industries, along with non-profits. They offer solutions for virtual as well as storefront locations. Businesses can also count on good customer service from the company.

One unique aspect of Dharma Merchant Services is its commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility. The company’s social responsibility initiatives include charitable donations, including $100,000 in donations in 2016 alone. The company’s commitment to sustainability means that it opts to work with suppliers and vendors who are sustainable, local, or owned by women and minorities.


Address: P.O. Box 848, Larkspur, CA 94977


Phone: (866) 615-5157



Dharma Merchant Services Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Merchants can use Dharma Merchant Services to process credit cards online via the virtual terminal. The company also allows business owners to process payments in person with terminals and mobile processing. Merchants will also be able to support accepting payments via online links.

To make accepting card payments easier, the company has a customer database that includes secure credit card storage.

High Risk Payment Processing

Dharma does not explicitly mention that it provides high-risk merchant accounts. However, it does mention working with e-commerce and non-profits, both of which are frequently classified as high-risk industries.


Dharma works with the following industries:

  • Small businesses
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Fine dining
  • Online retailers

  • Healthcare and medical
  • B2B
  • Non-profits
  • Lodging
  • Hospitality

High-Risk Gateway

Dharma Merchant Services typically recommends its clients work with either NMI or as their payment gateway. Dharma’s team will evaluate your business and requirements before suggesting which one seems ideal for you.

ACH Processing

There is no ACH processing from Dharma Merchant Services.


Chargeback Mitigation

Dharma does not explicitly mention any chargeback mitigation features.



Dharma Merchant Services offers surcharging to its clients as a way to eliminate your credit card processing fees. The surcharge that gets added to card payments pays for your processing. To take advantage of this feature, just turn on the option of MX Advantage in the MX Merchant platform. Dharma carefully follows all legal requirements related to surcharging and ensures you do as well.


Dharma Merchant Services Fees, Rates & Pricing

Dharma Merchant Services is one of the rare processors that posts its rates online. The company even offers the ability to compare your costs against traditional pricing models.

Processing Fees

Dharma uses interchange pricing. For transparency, it publishes a complete list of the pricing structure for interchange fees on its website for Visa, MasterCard, and business credit cards. From there, Dharma Merchant Services adds its fee to the interchange fee.

Small businesses, service providers, and retailers’ rates start at 0.15%, plus $0.08 per transaction. The same rates apply to restaurant credit card processing.

Online, e-commerce, and virtual credit card processing starts at 0.20% + $0.11 above interchange. Meanwhile, business-to-business processing fees start at 0.15%, plus $0.08 above the interchange when the card is present. Otherwise, the fees go a bit higher to 0.20%, plus $0.11.

Non-profits with storefronts must pay fees that

start at 0.10%, plus $0.08 above interchange for a storefront. On the other hand, non-profit fees are at 0.10% plus  $0.11 for virtual.

Fees for lodging and hospitality start at 0.15%  plus $0.08 above interchange.

Discounts are available for merchants with volumes over $100,000 a month.

Additional Fees

There is a $25 monthly fee for most account types. Non-profits, however, only pay $20 per month. High-volume merchants also get this reduced rate.

If you choose to get a terminal via Dharma, the pricing is fair and transparent.

You should also be aware of a fee of $25 per chargeback. There is a $49 closure fee as well.

Hidden Charges

There are no hidden fees such as early termination fees, long-term commitments, or leasing fees.


Dharma Merchant Services Complaints

There are minimal complaints about Dharma Merchant Services. Only one complaint was closed with the BBB in the last three years and no complaints have been reported within the last 12 months. That complaint referred to issues with the product or service.

Even reviews have very few complaints. There are no instances of rip-off reports online either.


Dharma Merchant Services BBB Rating

Dharma Merchant Services is not accredited by the BBB, but it has an A+ rating from the bureau.

BBB Reviews

There are currently no BBB reviews of Dharma.


Is Dharma Merchant Services Legitimate?

There are no lawsuits or scam reports regarding Dharma Merchant Service. This may support the legitimacy of the company, especially with its very favorable reputation among independent review websites and its A+ BBB rating.

According to the BBB, Dharma has been in business for 14 years, a long enough history to establish that it is legitimate.


Dharma Merchant Services Customer Reviews

As mentioned, customer reviews for Dharma Merchant Services are favorable overall. Out of 115 reviews on TrustPilot, it has a rating of 4.1.


Negative reviews mention long wait times or difficulties getting a hold of support. Positive reviews say the opposite, calling the support team responsive and helpful. These reviews also praise Dharma for its education, great customer service, and excellent rates.



Merchants in search of credit card processing without a need to process ACH payments will appreciate the offerings from Dharma Merchant Services. The company has transparent pricing, well-reviewed customer service, and a focus on sustainability.

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