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July 9, 2022

DigiPay Solutions Inc., or DigiPay for short, provides payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes and risk profiles. The company aims to be a ‘one-stop-shop payments partner’ for merchants. It simplifies the payment process through its simple platform and customized solutions.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by DigiPay:

  • High-risk merchant accounts
  • Domestic and international payment processing
  • Credit card and EMV terminals
  • Cash discount

DigiPay Merchant Services

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Merchant Accounts

Working with DigiPay’s merchant services starts with applying for a merchant account. The company provides its assistance and expertise throughout the application process. It offers specialized merchant accounts for retail, e-commerce, mobile, and high-risk businesses. It works with over 30 partner banks to help provide customized rates and solutions based on your business type, size, risk profile, and other factors. Merchants can manage multiple merchant accounts if needed.

Interested merchants can apply for a free consultation with the company via its website.

Payment Gateway and POS Terminals

Along with a merchant account, DigiPay provides the necessary systems to process payments. These include a payment gateway for e-commerce merchants and EMV terminals for retail merchants.

The DigiPay payment gateway includes features like a free virtual terminal, comprehensive reports, fraud prevention tools, chargeback prevention, and more.

As for POS terminals, the company provides free equipment like credit card terminals and wireless terminals. They are connected to the company’s payment gateway and include security features as well.

Payment Processing

With DigiPay, merchants can process credit card payments from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. The company also enables e-check processing.


DigiPay’s payment processing solutions are available for domestic and international companies, which means merchants can process multi-currency payments. As an added service, the company also helps merchants with their corporation setup.


DigiPay provides seamless integrations for its systems. Its payment gateway can be connected to a merchant’s website and shopping cart via direct API or redirect integrations. The company’s mobile solutions can also be integrated via plug-and-play features.

Chargeback and Fraud Prevention

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DigiPay’s solutions include security features to prevent fraud and manage chargebacks.

For one, the company developed the TranZlytics payment platform, which combines business intelligence and human expertise. It includes features like on-demand identity verification, data-driven customer metrics, advanced fraud prevention, and more. It allows merchants to limit customer spending, affiliate marketers, and more.

The company also has a Fraud Prevention Investigation (FPI) program. Merchants can set their own filters and controls to detect and stop fraudulent transactions.

Apart from these technologies, payments also go through verification like AVV, CVV, and end-to-end encryption. DigiPay also provides a data vault to protect customer information and collect historical data. Merchants will benefit from chargeback alerts as well.



DigiPay Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

While you cannot view pricing from DigiPay on their website, this is normal in the high-risk credit card processing industry. That said, the company aims to provide the lowest possible processing fees for merchants. It conducts a detailed analysis of your transactions and where you can cut costs. It also has an Interchange Optimizer software, which helps ensure that transactions are processed at the best rate.  For international merchants, its intelligent system can route payments to the bank with the lowest processing rate.

Merchants can also avail themselves of the company’s cash discount program. It allows you to save up to 95% on credit card processing fees.

The company offers a free consultation for interested merchants. You can use this to decide whether you want to take advantage of their services and get a feel for their rates.

Additional Fees

DigiPay offers free services for merchants, such as a virtual terminal and POS equipment. Other than that, the company does disclose other additional fees like monthly services, early termination, and the like.

Hidden Charges

DigiPay takes pride in its transparent pricing with no hidden fees.


DigiPay Complaints

There are several complaints about DigiPay. These complaints are explored in detail in the following sections.

Rip Off Reports

None of the complaints about DigiPay accuse the company of being a rip-off or a scam.

Other Complaints

Complaints are mostly about the company’s customer service. It has a 1-star rating based on six Google reviews, all of which complained about the rude and unprofessional staff.

We also found a complaint on The merchant mentioned having several issues with DigiPay, although he did not share the details.


DigiPay BBB Rating

As of 2019, DigiPay has been an accredited company by the BBB. It currently has an A+ rating.

BBB Reviews

It does not have any customer reviews or complaints on its BBB page.

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Is DigiPay Legitimate?

DigiPay is a legitimate company based in California. Although it was established in 2014, its management team has over 25 years of experience in merchant services and payment processing. Mike Ackerman and Sandra Ackerman are listed as founders. They are currently the company’s president and CEO, respectively.

DigiPay has a network of over 30 banks around the world. It also works with third-party processors and industry experts. This network allows it to offer domestic and international merchant services.

The company appears in several PR articles. However, it has not been reviewed by popular merchant review sites. It also has limited customer reviews.


There don’t seem to be any reports of scams or fraud against DigiPay.


Likewise, the company does not seem to be involved in any lawsuits or legal complaints.


DigiPay Customer Reviews

Apart from the negative reviews on Google, DigiPay does not seem to have any other customer ratings on independent review platforms. However, its website includes a few testimonials from merchants. They praise the company for its customer service, communication, and fraud detection tools. They also highlight the company’s intuitive platform has provided merchants with a seamless and easy experience.

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Overall, DigiPay is worth looking into primarily for its unique services. Its payment processing solutions are powered by a full-featured platform, intelligent technologies, and comprehensive security tools. These services may benefit merchants who are looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful back-end system. It also offers international payment processing, which is a plus.

Although its customer reviews are limited and mostly negative, they are not enough to conclude the company’s lack of competence. It has an A+ rating from the BBB, and its owners have extensive experience in the merchant industry. Moreover, website testimonials show impressive benefits for merchants.

All that said, you can avail yourself of the company’s free consultation for an objective assessment. It will allow you to learn more about their services and past experiences before making a decision.

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