Easy Pay Direct Review

December 22, 2021

Easy Pay Direct offers high-risk credit card processing so merchants can accept payments on mobile, online, or in-store. The company’s platform already serves 60,000 merchants, giving potential customers plenty of reasons to consider them.


The high-risk merchant accounts from Easy Pay Direct let you use a single application to accept payments internationally, including a range of payment methods.

Easy Pay Direct Services

To better understand what Easy Pay Direct offers to high-risk merchant accounts, take a closer look at their most important services.

Multiple Merchant Accounts : With Easy Pay Direct, you get multiple merchant accounts. This helps ensure that if one of the accounts is frozen or closed, you can continue to accept payments.


Integration with Existing Merchant Accounts : If you already have high-risk merchant accounts from another provider, Easy Pay Direct can integrate their processing and other services with them. Or they can set up new merchant accounts for you.

Patent-pending Load Balancing : The load balancing service from Easy Pay Direct balances your transactions across your various merchant accounts. This reduces the number of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions that occur on each merchant account. As a result, you are more likely to maintain your merchant accounts for the long term.

International Processing :You can take advantage of Easy Pay Direct for high-risk credit card processing internationally, including in the United States, Canada, the EU, and Australia. To make the most of this service, it also includes dynamic currency conversion.

Easypaydirect review

Payment Gateway : Easy Pay Direct offers its own payment gateway to customers. It features patent-pending transaction routing technology to help balance your transactions and keep your account active. The gateway integrates with over 250 shopping carts as well as QuickBooks. It also has a “Quick Click” shopping cart built right into it. The gateway also features fraud scrubbing technology and the ability to ban customers by amount, card number, IP, and more.

Tablet POS Systems : Retailers can opt for tablet POS systems from Easy Pay Direct. These work with gift and loyalty programs and support EMV cards.


Other POS Systems : The various POS systems that Easy Pay Direct offers clients are from Clover. They are EMV-ready, support Apple Pay, and feature signature capture and software integration. You can choose from Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Station, or the Clover App Market.

Accept Payments via Mobile Device : You can also use your smartphone as a POS system. This is perfect for companies that frequent events, fairs, or shows, as well as those that make deliveries or just want the flexibility to keep lines in their store short. These systems include both smartphone and tablet solutions and wireless terminals.

Process Multiple Payment Methods : In addition to high-risk credit card processing, Easy Pay Direct also lets you process ACH transactions and electronic checks.

Smartphone Payment Processing : High-risk merchants can use Easy Pay Direct to accept smartphone payments, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. This is done via fully integrated solutions.

Merchant Advances or Loans : Easy Pay Direct also offers merchant advances and loans via its lending partners. You can borrow up to 125% of your company’s monthly card sales and pay off the loan in six to 24 months. With a cash advance, Easy Pay Direct will hold back 10 to 20% of daily sales from credit cards until the advance is paid. For cash advances, the typical cash advance factor is 1.12 to 1.48. For traditional business loans, the loan rates can be anywhere from 3% to 22%, and the length of payback is typically six to 36 months. Easy Pay Direct has 20 lending partners, helping you get the best rates.

Custom Enterprise Solutions : Enterprises can take advantage of fully customizable solutions that are designed to fit your business needs.

Easy Pay Direct Rates

Retailers follow an interchange plus pricing model. Easy Pay Direct guarantees that they will save your company money. They also guarantee the lowest rates. You can fill out a simple form to get a full price analysis and see what you would pay.


Easypaydirect services

High-risk Industries Easy Pay Direct Serves

Easy Pay Direct gladly offers high-risk credit card processing to a range of high-risk industries as well as companies with lower levels of risk. Just some of those high-risk industries include:

    • Product launches
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Information products
    • Gun merchants
    • CBD merchants
    • E-wallets
    • Online gaming
    • SEO
    • Adult products
    • Annual payments or memberships
    • B2B sales
    • Business opportunities
    • Charter services
    • Auctions
    • Antiques
    • Coaching
    • Lead generation
    • Immigration services
    • ID restoration
    • Timeshares
    • Teeth whitening
    • Travel
    • MLMs
    • Modeling agencies
    • E-cigarettes and vape

Easypaydirect logoOther Notable Features of Easy Pay Direct

In addition to their services, the following are some of the features you get from Easy Pay Direct that set them apart from the competition.

Single Point of Contact : Once you contact Easy Pay Direct, you will have a single point of contact throughout the duration of your account. This improves the level of customer service that the company is able to offer and enhances your overall experience.

Integrations : As mentioned, Easy Pay Direct’s gateway integrates with more than 250 shopping carts as well as QuickBooks. The API makes the integration process a breeze. If you happen to use one of the rare shopping carts that isn’t integrated, the solution also has an Authorize.Net emulator. Additionally, Easy Pay Direct is always adding new shopping cart integrations.

Comprehensive Reporting : As part of the payment gateway, high-risk merchant accounts also get access to comprehensive reporting with more information than you would get from your shopping cart.

Security and Compliance : Easy Pay Direct is secure with available three-step verification. It is also Level One PCI-compliant.

Email Invoicing, Batch Uploads, and Recurring Billing : All of these features are designed to make accepting payments as easy as possible.

Easy Pay Direct Reputation and Reviews

Easy Pay Direct has a good reputation, along with mostly positive reviews. Most reviews from customers and independent websites rate it at four or five stars. Reviews particularly praise the company’s customer support, customer satisfaction and reviews, and their honesty in their advertising.


Those in search of high-risk merchant accounts may want to keep Easy Pay Direct in mind. The company processes a range of payment methods, including credit cards, ACH, e-checks, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. It also has its own payment gateway with hundreds of shopping cart integrations. They also have a range of POS systems, including the ability to use your smartphone or tablet as one. Easy Pay Direct also has positive reviews and a good reputation without any serious complaints. As such, it makes sense to at least contact them for a quote.

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