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March 2, 2022

Ecommerce Payments is a Russian company offering online payment solutions for local and international businesses. These include Russian LLCs, foreign companies, offshore business models, and high-risk businesses. Its main services involve connecting businesses to its partners in the finance industry. These partners include banks, payment processors, and consulting agencies. These partnerships give way to specific payment services for the merchant.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Ecommerce Payments:

  • Merchant account setup, whether locally or offshore
  • Connection of payment systems between a business website and partner companies
  • Access to partner companies who take charge of payment processing, legal requirements, and chargeback management

Ecommerce Payments Merchant Services

  • High-Risk Merchant Accounts

One of the specialized services offered by Ecommerce Payments is merchant account setup. The company helps connect businesses to reliable banks and payment processors. That way, business owners can create a merchant account suitable for their specific business model. This service is available for all business types, including high-risk merchants.

  • International Merchant Accounts

Ecommerce Payments gives merchants the option to open offshore accounts for their global transactions. Below is a summary of specialized solutions:

  1. Negotiating with different banks and processing companies in offshore jurisdictions
  2. Choosing the best partners suitable for your business model and requirements
  3. Preparing licenses, certificates, and other relevant documents
  4. Legal consultation regarding international laws in that territory
  5. Registration of legal entities in that territory
  6. Crafting the best billing plan, including taxation, chargeback fees, and more.

Ecommerce Payments merchant services

  • Payment Gateway

Ecommerce Payments offers to connect a business’ website with payment processing companies. Its extensive network covers credit card brands and payment processors around the world. These include WebMoney, JCC Payment Systems, Rietumu Processing, FailSafe Payments, and more.

  • Payment Processing

Merchants can process debit and credit payments from Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, and more. Other methods include mobile payments and direct bank transfers. Ecommerce Payments also honors non-traditional payment methods. This means merchants will be able to access payments through Qiwi, e-wallets, intermediaries, aggregators, and more. All in all, merchants can accept more than 50 different payment methods.

Ecommerce Payments works closely with each merchant to select and negotiate with partner banks and processors. Merchants are also assured of the best acquiring rates for their success.

  • E-commerce Integrations

Once a payment scheme is agreed on, the company will implement the integration of systems, servers, and all backend technology needed.  The entire process can take between two days to three weeks, depending on how complex the integration is. The result is a robust and automated system to complement the merchant’s website.

  • Merchant Support

Each merchant will have a dedicated personal assistant to help with all its needs, from application to account setup. These agents are available 24/7 for any concerns.


Ecommerce Payments Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

Below is a list of processing fees as seen on the Ecommerce Payments website:

  • For websites of Russian LLCs: Free connection, plus a commission rate starting at 1.7%
  • For websites of European companies: Free connection, plus a commission rate starting at 1.7%
  • For websites of offshore companies: Connection fee starting at 300 euros, plus a commission rate starting at 1.7%

Ecommerce Payments wallet

Additional Fees

Ecommerce Payments charges a one-time consultation fee for connecting businesses to merchant account companies. Once a merchant account is set up, the merchant will have a direct contract with the company’s partners.

  • Simple connection: Between 299 and 970 euros, depending on your territory. This includes consulting with partners, negotiating rates, preparing documents, and connecting payment systems.
  • Aggregated solution: Between 1,770 and 2,499 euros, depending on your territory. This includes the services above, plus tax optimization services and the creation of legal entities.

Hidden Charges – Ecommerce Payments is transparent with its pricing scheme. There seem to be no hidden charges apart from the fees mentioned above.

Ecommerce Payments Complaints

We have not found any customer complaints about Ecommerce Payments.

  • Rip Off Reports – There are no rip off reports involving Ecommerce Payments.
  • Other Complaints – Similarly, we have not found any other complaints about the company.
Ecommerce Payments rating and reviewsEcommerce Payments BBB Rating

Ecommerce Payments is not an accredited company by the BBB.

BBB Reviews

It does not have a BBB profile page with customer reviews.

Is Ecommerce Payments Legitimate?

Ecommerce Payments is a legitimate company based in Moscow, Russia. Its website shows a full list of its management executives and their credentials. Their team is composed of experts in various fields like payment systems, international law, international taxes, and information technology. Additionally, the website contains its company registration data.

  • Scams – There don’t seem to be reports of scams involving Ecommerce Payments.
  • Lawsuits – Similarly, there are no lawsuits or official complaints against Ecommerce Payments.

Ecommerce Payments Customer Reviews

There are no available online reviews about Ecommerce Payments. As of this writing, it does not have any Google reviews or merchant testimonials on its website. To learn more about its services and past accomplishments, you can directly contact the company.


Overall, Ecommerce Payments seems to be a knowledgeable company in the payment processing industry. Its biggest advantage is its partnerships with acquiring banks, payment processors, and other financial entities. Moreover, its team seems to be well-educated in all the complexities of payment processing in global territories. This helps them customize payment schemes and systems for all types of merchants.

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