Electronic Merchant Services Review

August 3, 2022

Electronic Merchant Services, or EMS, is a merchant service provider with over two decades of experience. The company offers a range of payment processing solutions like merchant accounts, POS terminals, and cash advance programs. It caters to all types of businesses including online, retail, mobile, MOTO, and high-risk merchants.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Electronic Merchant Services (EMS):

  • High-risk merchant account
  • Payment processing for credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, gift cards, and more
  • Payment gateway and virtual terminal for e-commerce and online merchants
  • POS terminals and credit card readers for retail and mobile merchants
  • Cash advance up to $600,000

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Electronic Merchant Services (EMS) Merchant Services

Merchant Accounts

Electronic Merchant Services provides a fast and easy application process for merchant accounts. This service is open to all types of businesses, whether high-risk, retail, or online. It has a 97 percent approval rate and guarantees approval within 24 hours.


Payment Processing

Merchants can process various types of payments with Electronic Merchant Services. For credit cards, acceptable payments include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Union Pay, and more.

Alternative payment methods are accepted as well. These include PIN debit cards, ACH payments, e-checks, loyalty cards, gift cards, ApplePay, Android Pay, and EBT (electronic benefits transfer) payments.

EMS also offers dynamic currency conversion, which allows customers to pay using their local currency. It then automatically converts payments into your chosen currency.

Virtual Credit Card Terminal

image of electronic merchant services virtual credit card terminal

EMS’s Converge virtual credit card terminal is an omni-commerce payment processing system for merchants. It applies to all types of businesses, including online, retail, mail/telephone order, and mobile merchants.  It integrates into all payment systems, whether a shopping cart or credit card terminal.

Converge has features for batch transactions, currency conversion, transaction management, fraud prevention, and more.


Payment Gateway

E-commerce merchants will have access to EMS’ secure payment gateway. It will be integrated into their existing website or shopping cart to enable payment processing.

POS Terminals and Readers

Electronic Merchant Services also provides POS equipment to restaurants, mobile merchants, retail establishments, and other businesses with in-person payments. Options include EMV credit card machines and a Verifone VX 520 machine. Apart from credit cards, the equipment also supports PIN debit cards, checks, gift cards, and more.

E-commerce Integrations

EMS provides e-commerce merchants with shopping cart integrations via API or hosted payment page. Its virtual terminal also has a QuickBooks plug-in for easy and quick integration.

Chargeback and Fraud Prevention

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EMS’s payment systems are PCI-compliant and equipped with security features. These include end-to-end encryption, tokenization, AVS, CVV2, IP recognition, and more. The company also provides chargeback management and advanced fraud monitoring to minimize risks.


Electronic Merchant Services (EMS) Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

Electronic Merchant Services does not disclose its processing fees on its website. The company provides customized rates based on your business profile, processing volumes, and other factors. You can apply through an application form on the website or by calling the company.

Additional Fees

Additional fees related to its services and products are unknown as well.


Hidden Charges

Given that EMS does not provide its fees and rates online, it is best to discuss pricing details directly with the company to avoid any hidden charges.

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Electronic Merchant Services (EMS) Complaints

Rip Off Reports

Electronic Merchant Services does not have any customer reviews online. As such, there does not seem to be any feedback about the company being a rip-off or a scam.

Other Complaints

Likewise, there is no other type of complaint about the company.


Electronic Merchant Services (EMS) BBB Rating

Electronic Merchant Services is not an accredited company by the BBB.

BBB Reviews

It does not have any BBB reviews or complaints, nor does it have a BBB profile page.


Is Electronic Merchant Services (EMS) Legitimate?

Electronic Merchant Services is a legitimate company. According to its website, it was established in 1999, giving it over two decades of experience in merchant services. It is based in Canada but caters to businesses in the US.

Outside its website, not much information is available about Electronic Merchant Services. It does not have any customer reviews, nor does it appear on independent review sites or PR articles. However, this is highly likely due to the company’s generic name and does not automatically point to its illegitimacy or lack of experience.

That said, it is best for interested merchants to contact the company directly for any questions or concerns.

image of is electronic merchant services legitimate Scams

Electronic Merchant Services does not seem to be involved in any official complaints related to scams or fraud.


Likewise, it does not seem to be involved in any lawsuits or legal complaints.


EMS Payments Customer Reviews

As mentioned, there are no customer reviews about Electronic Merchant Services.



Electronic Merchant Services boasts a wide range of merchant services for all types of businesses. It offers payment processing through various channels like payment gateways, POS terminals, and mobile credit card readers. It also has a virtual credit card terminal with extensive payment features and security tools. With these systems, merchants will benefit from robust payment processing capabilities. Apart from credit cards, you can also accept e-wallets, gift cards, e-checks, and EBT payments.

That said, the only caveat is its lack of customer reviews. However, the company has been around since 1999, which shows its experience in merchant services. In that regard, it is best for interested merchants to first contact the company to discuss their options. It is also best to ask about their previous merchant experiences to better know the company before making a decision.

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