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August 2, 2022

eMerchant Pro is a company offering high-risk merchant account services. It caters to all business types in need of online payment processing services. According to its website, the company has worked with thousands of satisfied merchants.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by eMerchant Pro:

  • Credit card, ACH, and eCheck payment processing
  • Payment gateways and virtual terminals for processing and viewing transactions
  • International payment solutions
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Chargeback management protocols
  • Security features for data protection and fraud prevention

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eMerchant Pro Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

eMerchant Pro specializes in high-risk industries. These include all business types, whether small startups or experienced companies. It offers them a merchant account equipped with payment gateways and payment processing solutions. As seen on its website, it boasts a 98% approval rating for interested merchants. The full list of high-risk industries is found there as well.

Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal

eMerchant Pro provides online merchants with a payment gateway to fit their specific business models. Its secure and sophisticated system can accept several payment modes. For mail-order or telephone order transactions, the company also offers a virtual terminal. Merchants can manually process payments and track real-time transactions.

Payment Processing

Once the merchant’s payment gateway and virtual terminal are set up, they can start processing payments. The eMerchant Pro system can accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, and e-check payments.

The company also offers specialized solutions for international merchants. These include international and offshore merchant accounts and multi-currency payment processing. With these services, merchants can accept payments at cost-effective processing rates. Furthermore, eMerchant Pro assures them of secure processing and timely funding.

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E-commerce Integrations

eMerchant Pro’s payment gateway services are easily incorporated into the merchant’s existing payment system or eCommerce platform. Merchants can easily integrate through three options: ready-made plugins, APIs, and mobile SDKs. The company’s team of agents will guide them through the entire integration process.


Chargeback Prevention

eMerchant Pro has a partnership with The Chargeback Company to offer chargeback management tools to merchants. Its proprietary systems will allow merchants to reduce chargeback and recover lost revenue.

The company also helps by automating the merchant’s chargeback processes, such as:

  • Tracking chargeback instances and disputes of customers
  • Recognizing possible fraudulent claims
  • Detecting patterns among chargeback cases
  • Addressing incoming chargeback claims
  • Collecting relevant evidence related to a chargeback claim
  • Correcting transaction errors like accidental double payments

Fraud Protection

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Merchants are also assured of highly-secured payment services from eMerchant Pro. Its payment gateway is PCI-compliant and equipped with data encryption. ( With these measures in place, merchants are protected from fraudulent transactions.


eMerchant Pro Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

According to its website, eMerchant Pro operates with a 99% flexible pricing strategy. This means it offers customized payment plans for merchants depending on their business needs. It also guarantees low processing rates with the help of its global network of partners.

Merchants can request a free quote through the website. The application process will incur no costs for merchants either.

Additional Fees

eMerchant Pro does not provide a detailed list of service fees or monthly fees on its website.


Hidden Charges

Similarly, it is unclear whether the company charges hidden fees.

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eMerchant Pro Complaints

eMerchant Pro does not have any customer complaints published online.

Rip Off Reports

There are currently no rip-off reports about eMerchant Pro.

Other Complaints

Similarly, there are no other complaints about the company.


eMerchant Pro BBB Rating

eMerchant Pro does not have a BBB profile page, which likely means it is not an accredited company.

BBB Reviews

In that regard, eMerchant Pro does not have any BBB reviews either.


Is eMerchant Pro Legitimate?

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eMerchant Pro seems to be a legitimate company based on its website and social media pages. Its website contains detailed information about the company’s services and solutions. Furthermore, it showcases the company’s accomplishments. For one, it claims to have worked with over 10,000 clients. Additionally, it takes pride in having a 100% success rate for its merchants. Other than its website, the company’s Facebook page is consistently updated with new content and announcements. It currently has over 4,000 followers.

eMerchant Pro is also featured on several independent sites. They often refer to the company as a “No. 1 Award-Winning” high-risk merchant account provider. However, they seem to be more of a PR strategy, rather than comprehensive reviews of its services.


eMerchant Pro does not seem to be involved in any scams or similar reports.


Likewise, there are no lawsuits or legal cases against the company.


Customer Reviews

eMerchant Pro claims to have received positive feedback from over 10,000 clients. However, there are no independent customer reviews and ratings to further support this. Furthermore, we have not found any testimonials by merchants and their experiences.

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eMerchant Pro aims to help businesses enhance their existing processes through its merchant services. A look at its website will lead to a list of robust payment solutions for local and international businesses. While it poses impressive milestones and accomplishments as a company, there is a lack of information on merchant experiences and feedback.

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