eMerchantBroker Review – A High Risk Merchant Account Provider

November 24, 2021

eMerchantBroker is a leading payment service provider offering a full range of services to merchants of any business size. These include payment-related functions like risk management, processing, protection, transfers, and reporting.

The company aims to provide merchants with three main benefits. First, its payment solutions are customized to complement any business, regardless of size, industry, risk level, and business need. Second, eMerchantBroker offers its services with security and efficiency in mind. Lastly, it continues to introduce cutting-edge technology to help improve business payment transactions.

eMerchantBroker has grown to become a top high-risk credit card processing company. Let’s learn more about eMerchantBroker’s services, rates, and customer experience.


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While eMerchantBroker serves all kinds of businesses, it takes pride in being a high-risk merchant account specialist. Its vast network of connections to financial institutions allows it to quickly approve account applications and offer fair transaction rates for high-risk merchants to grow. Moreover, it provides them with services focused on processing high-volume transactions, resolving chargebacks, and preventing fraud.

To apply for a high-risk merchant account, an initial application form is available on the company’s website. You will need to provide information about your business industry, location, website, estimated monthly sales, and the e-commerce platform used. An agent will then contact you to customize your rates and services.

High-Risk Merchant Services Offered by eMerchantBroker

Below are the services offered by eMerchantBroker to high-risk merchants:

  • Check Processing

eMerchantBroker processes check-based payment transactions through several features. Regardless of the medium, they are all guaranteed to be safe and efficient.

  1. Checks-by-Web allows merchants to accept online check payments from customers without the need for a credit card or debit card.
  2. Checks-by-Phone is for check payments made via phone. This is particularly helpful for utility companies, bill payment centers, and sales agencies.
  3. iCheck is eMerchantBroker’s latest approach to efficient check processing. Its unique selling point is faster funding, which will allow merchants to see and receive check deposits immediately. It also accepts a wider variety of checks and applies to both point-of-sale and virtual purchases. Applying for this service is easily done through the website.
  • Chargeback Prevention

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eMerchantBroker partnered with Verifi and Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) to help merchants quickly resolve chargebacks. Eligible merchants will have access to the company’s chargeback mitigation program, wherein CDRN has direct interaction with banks and card issuers. As a result, merchants are immediately informed of transaction disputes and provided with options to resolve them. They will be able to cut down on money lost to chargebacks.

  • Business Funding

Many businesses struggle with applying for loans due to the nature of their industry, bad credit, or unresolved tax liens. This is the reason behind eMerchantBroker’s ACH Business Funding Program. The company provides high-risk merchants with working capital to grow their business. The approval is based on the merchant’s monthly sales revenue over four months.

Apart from this, eMerchantBroker also has a Merchant Cash Advance Program. In this case, the company reviews the merchant’s total gross credit card processing revenue. If approved, you can get funding in five to seven business days.

  • Cryptocurrency Payments

Similar to other payment service providers, eMerchantBroker’s service portfolio includes cryptocurrency payments. On top of processing payments, it can immediately transfer them to a variety of fiat currencies. Like all its services, this is done safely and securely.

  • Payment Gateways

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Another useful service provided by eMerchantBroker is connecting merchants to the right payment gateway for every business transaction. With its extensive knowledge of the fintech industry, it recommends payment gateways that promise security and anti-fraud protection, a user-friendly system, and business-friendly rates., eProcessingNetwork, and Network Merchants Inc. (NMI) are the company’s top three choices to deliver security and cost-effectiveness.

Rates of eMerchantBroker

As stated on its website, the company offers high-risk merchant account rates as low as 2.99%. However, the exact rates will depend on the specifics of your business. Given its various services, eMerchantBroker customizes its rates and services to tailor-fit your business needs.

High-Risk Industries Served by eMerchantBroker

eMerchantBroker’s industry experience in payment processing extends to several high-risk sectors. Below is a list of these industries:

  • Bad Credit merchant accounts
  • Bail bonds
  • Calling cards
  • Cigars and pipes
  • Credit repair
  • Collection agencies
  • Detox consolidators
  • Educational and seminars
  • Electronics
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Fantasy sports
  • High-ticket accounts
  • Jet charters
  • Multilevel marketing

  • Moving and transportation
  • Nutraceutical
  • Online firearm sales
  • Online furniture sales
  • Online gaming and casinos
  • Online ticketing sales
  • Penny auctions
  • Software and e-book merchants
  • Tech support
  • TMF merchants
  • Travel and timeshares
  • VOIP and telecom
  • Weight loss programs

Other Notable Features of eMerchantBroker

  • Easy Application and Fast Approval

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eMerchantBroker constantly promotes its easy application process. With the help of its network, it can assist businesses that have been denied by traditional financial institutions. Although applying does not automatically guarantee approval, it does its best to make the process seamless and hassle-free. A short application form is available on the website. Once submitted, you can expect a timely response from an agent. Merchants may be approved as fast as 24 hours.

  • Payment Integrations With E-commerce Platforms

Another feature offered by eMerchantBroker is payment integration with various e-commerce platforms. These include Shopify, Weebly, and Wix. This is helpful for merchants with online stores. The company offers full customization of the payment page, as well as access to its developers, designers, and an account representative.

  • No Hidden Fees

eMerchantBroker claims to stand out versus other payment service providers because of its transparent fees. It does not charge any application or setup fees and annual fees.

  • Customer Service 

In addition to its roster of premium services, the company also offers 24/7 access to customer service and technical support. You may contact them through a hotline, website, or email.

Reputation and Reviews of eMerchantBroker

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eMerchantBroker calls itself “the payment expert,” which the public seems to agree with. It currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, Top Credit Card Processes Processors ranked it the No. 1 high-risk merchant account provider and processor from 2012 to 2016.

In terms of customer reviews, the company boasts a 95% satisfaction rating on its website. However, independent review sites are not as consistent in ranking it high. It carries a range of 2.5 to 4.5 stars from several sites. Other than this, most public testimonials show positive customer experiences with its services.


eMerchantBroker is a prominent company in payment services because of its advanced features in payment processing, protection, and overall management. Its long list of specialized services is a testament to its goal of providing security and efficiency to its high-risk merchants.

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