EMS Payments Review

November 1, 2021

EMS Payments, also called EMS or Electronic Merchant Services, offers high-risk credit card processing for businesses of any size. This company has a long history, having been in the industry since 1999. There are solutions for online and in-person payments across a range of industries. Let’s get into the details.


From high-risk credit card processing to other payment methods, EMS Payments offers a range of solutions for high-risk industries. These include EBT processing, gift card programs, electronic check processing, and more.

EMS Payments Services

Take a closer look at some of the services that EMS offers.


Credit Card Processing

In terms of high-risk credit card processing, EMS Payments offers the equipment and software you need to process payments. This includes the option of EMV-capable terminals. They also offer free smartphone applications for credit cards, payment gateways, virtual terminals, and integration with your e-commerce shopping cart.

Debit Card Processing

The debit card processing from EMS works with all of the major networks, including Accel, AFFNN, Advantage, Alaska Option, Credit Union 24, Mastro, Interlink, NETS, NYCE, Pulse, Pulse Choice, Premier, All-Star, Shazam, and Star.

Payment Gateway

image of payment gateway

EMS suggests that clients use or Converge as their payment gateways. Both are highly recommended, and together, they let Electronic Merchant Services offer support for debit cards, credit cards, EBT, ACH, electronic checks, electronic gift cards, Android Pay, and Apple Pay.

Credit Card Machines

Those with high-risk merchant accounts with EMS can also take advantage of credit card terminals, specifically the EMS Verifone VX 520. This system works both for traditional retail settings and MOTO (mail order, telephone order).

The system supports Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Union Pay, JCB, EBT, PIN debit cards, contactless, gift cards, loyalty cards, checks, and other types of electronic transactions.


iPad POS System

EMS also offers the iPad POS system from Talech. It lets you accept credit, cash, and checks. It also supports splitting the bill, discounts, promotions, and analytics.

EMV-compliant Machines

Electronic Merchant Services also offers POS terminals that are EMV-compliant. This lets you reduce the risk of fraud via chip technology. The systems from EMS Payments work with all of the major company’s standard chip implementations.

Check Verification and ACH

High-risk merchant accounts can also take advantage of the EMS payments electronic check service. This lets you process checks electronically, making it easier to verify funds and resulting in more efficient transactions. The system also gets you your funds more quickly.

To use the system, you just scan the check via a check reader that connects to the credit card terminal. The customer signs a receipt, and you are done; you can even return the check to your customer.

The electronic check service from EMS also includes ACH payment processing.

Virtual Terminals

image of ems virtual terminal

The virtual terminals from EMS work on any mobile device or computer. This lets you process payments via the virtual terminal from anywhere. It accepts the full range of payment methods. The system is secure, featuring the latest encryption technology. It is also easy to configure, quick, and scalable, and includes currency conversions.


Electronic Gift Cards

High-risk merchant accounts can also use Elavon’s electronic gift card program with EMS. It integrates seamlessly with the other systems.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic currency conversion makes it easier for your customers to pay in their home currency by automatically converting purchases. It is the only end-to-end closed loop of its type in the United States. It also reduces chargebacks by showing the same amount on the receipt as the credit card bill.


QuickBooks Integration Solutions

You can also take advantage of EMS Payments’ solutions for high-risk credit card processing that integrates with QuickBooks. This is an integrated ACH and credit card plugin. In addition to the payment processing, it includes powerful reporting and direct integration with your existing QuickBooks software. It is also PCI-DSS, SSL, and ISO-certified. You can use it to see your payment history or batch history or for single payments and batch payments, among other features.

Merchant Cash Advance

Instead of focusing on your credit score, the merchant cash advance from EMS Payments is determined by the stability and performance of your business. You can apply in less than five minutes, be pre-approved in 24 hours, and receive funding between $2,500 to $600,000. There is also no personal guarantee for repayment, and there are flexible repayments. There also is no UUC1 filing or collateral required.


Safe-T is the security solution from EMS Payments. It protects payment data with tokenization and PCI-DSS compliance. It also includes up to $250,000 in reimbursement if data is compromised.

Settlement Reconciliation Service (SRS)

This service is designed to make it easier for businesses to meet tax requirements and file their taxes.

Paper Supplies

For companies that choose to use paper receipts, EMS also sells the necessary paper, as well as that for thermal credit cards and manual imprinters.

High-risk Industries EMS Payments Serves

image of high risk industries

EMS Payments offers high-risk merchant accounts across most industries. These include:

    • Wireless
    • Mail order
    • Telephone order
    • Retail
    • Restaurant
    • Hotels
    • Service delivery
    • Internet

Other Notable Features on EMS Payments

Choosing to use EMS Payments will also give you the following notable features.

High Approval Rate With Fast Approval

Electronic Merchant Services has a 97% approval rate, giving you a good chance of being approved for a high-risk merchant account. Additionally, most of its merchant accounts are approved within just 24 hours.

image of fast approval

Next Day Funding

When you create a high-risk merchant account with EMS, it connects to your bank. This allows Electronic Merchant Services to offer next-day funding, meaning it is deposited the next business day. On top of that, EMS claims that their cut-off time for next-day funding is the best in the industry.

High Security Standards

EMS makes security a priority, always complying with PCI-DSS standards. This gives you one less thing to worry about.

My Payment Insider

This is the online portal that comes with all high-risk merchant accounts. It lets you view your accounts and reports from anywhere.

EMS Payments Reputation and Reviews

As mentioned, Electronic Merchant Services has a very long history. The company has been BBB-accredited since 2017, and according to the BBB, it has been in business for 33 years.

Out of 160 customer reviews shared with the BBB, EMS Payments has a 4.4/5 rating. The BBB also reports 26 complaints closed within the past 12 months and 75 within the last three years. These are larger numbers than some other companies, and it includes 39 complaints about the product or service and 34 about costs. Two common complaints are the high termination fee and the overall high rates. The fact that all of the complaints have been closed, however, is a positive.

EMS Payments has similarly mid-level ratings from other websites as well. Third-party review sites typically rate it at about 2.5/5 stars. This is something to keep in mind before choosing a high-risk payment processor.

image of ems customer reviews


EMS Payments has one of the longest histories in the high-risk merchant industry and has very well-rounded offerings. You can use them to accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH, checks, and more. However, the reviews are somewhat mixed, with common complaints about termination fees. Because of those fees, merchants should be sure to compare the costs of Electronic Merchant Systems with those of other high-risk credit card processing companies before signing a contract.

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