Finix Payments Review

December 17, 2021

E-commerce and SaaS companies alike have a reliable payment platform in Finix Payments. Finix Payments strives to provide a top-notch payments experience for all types of digital service providers, no matter how big or small the operation. Some services from Finix include accepting payments, onboarding merchants, and managing payouts. Finix Payments takes pride in the speed and automation of its services like underwriting, reconciliation, and dispute management. This makes it easy to help customers on a more personal level. Finix Payments claims its platform makes it easy to boost your revenue, and it is right there with you to ensure your e-commerce business thrives. Here is an overview of Finix Payments’ services:

  • Payment processing
  • Merchant onboarding, underwriting, and settlements
  • API Integration

Finix Payments Merchant Services

Easy API : Finix Payments provides a ready-to-use, developer-friendly full-stack platform for a simplified payments experience. For SaaS and e-commerce companies, this can help you with onboarding merchants, payment management, and settling disputes all in one place. One can also use the integrated payment platform to payout merchants. Many companies do not want to spend the time or effort developing a clunky in-house payments system, so having a platform to engage with customers can help companies focus exclusively on the customers.

Onboarding Merchants : As mentioned above, Finix Payments has a platform that lets your customers sign up to be merchants themselves. It also makes it easy for merchants to get paid, for you to explain your processing fees, and much more. The point of Finix Payments is to allow SaaS and e-commerce businesses to focus their efforts on the customer experience rather than processing payments. The Finix Payments platform turns the process of pre-screening merchants, verifying identities, and credit risk underwriting from one of several days to a quick and automatic solution.

Integrated Payments : Software companies can use integrated payments with Finix Payments to take complete control of merchant relationships. You build the payment system directly into your website using Finix Payments. Not only does this make the transaction with customers more transparent, but it also provides a chance to capture revenue that otherwise goes to a third party.


Credit Card Processing : Through a partnership with Visa, Finix Payments allows your customers to process credit card payments. Of course, you can process more than just Visa credit cards. You are likely trying to integrate and facilitate payment processing when in the market for a company with services like Finix Payments. (

Finix Payments

Merchant Settlements and Disputes

A truly versatile software, Finix Payments can also take care of merchant settlements, the process of paying merchants who use your software. Finix Payments API can handle everything transfers from buyers to the bank to the processor back to the merchant as a payout. The Finix Payments platform also handles chargebacks and disputes. It has many automated functions to make payment facilitation as straightforward as possible.

Finix Payments Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Finix Payments has a custom fees system that calculates fees based on volume, payout schedules, and more factors. All told, variables can affect the necessary markup, assessments, and interchange. Interchange is usually static and large, but based on other factors decided with your merchants, your fees and rates must not follow a fixed standard, a feature that can attract more clients. If you have repeat customers that you want to give a fixed rate, or you know the cost for a customers’ business tends to be the same, you can agree to send a fixed fee rather than any automated percentage.

Finix Payments Complaints : Few complaints about Finix Payments exist throughout the internet. That is not to say that it is a company without flaws. There are few reviews outside of the company’s website. You might want to use your search engine to learn more about the company before doing business. The company has received overall favorable reviews in various business magazines, where it has ranked highly among financial companies. The company could be more transparent about what you might expect to pay, but this likely varies from client to client. It is also easy to get in touch with Finix Payments, though its website’s automatic chat feature is useless and annoying. Finding a customer service email was not an easy task, either. Still, this is typical for startup finance companies.

Finix Payments BBB Rating : There is a listing for Finix on BBB, though it has a different address and phone number than can be found elsewhere on the internet for Finix Payments. This post for Finix is the closest thing one can find, and it warns that its contact info is outdated. It also says Finix is not BBB-accredited. This BBB posting, if it is even about Finix Payments, which is unlikely, does not say much one way or the other about the company.


Is Finix Payments Legitimate? : Finix Payments appears legitimate. It has frequent mentions in Business Insider, and it has raised capital in a Series B funding round. Funding from massive businesses like American Express and Sequoia Capital make it apparent that Finix Payments is legit. Richie Serna and Sean Donovan founded San Francisco-based Finix Payments, Inc. in 2015.

Finix Payments logo

Finix Payments Customer Reviews

Finix Payments has two 5-star reviews on Google Reviews out of two. Here is the only one with testimony attached: “I’ve never met a group of engineers more passionate about payments. The front-end engineers were as physically fit as their CSS. The CEO had really great hair, and a story unlike any I’ve heard before. Definitely looking forward to returning.”

Beyond that review, a few testimonials from customers can be found on Finix Payments’ website: “Integrating with Finix was effortless, and thanks to their stellar support, we launched in days instead of months.” – CEO of Zendoora. There are many more stories on the website under the “customer stories” header.


Finix Payments is a full-stack payment facilitation platform for e-commerce and SaaS businesses. Customers can create in-house payment platforms for everything from onboarding to paying merchants. The settlement from processing payments to transfers can be automatic, though you are free to set custom fees. Overall, Finix Payments appears above the level and even good. You should dip your toes before going all-in since user reviews are hard to find beyond those of investors and those hosted on the Finix Payments website.

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