First Financial USA Ltd. Review – Fees, Rates & Pricing

May 13, 2022

First Financial USA, Ltd. has been in business for at least 26 years. It processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. Part of its services includes EMV card readers, swipers, POS systems, and mobile solutions.

The company used to be a reseller of First Data (now Fiserve) merchant services. It has focused its attention on associations, organizations, and influencers in recent years.

First Financial USA, Ltd.’s mission is to provide a platform for companies to grow their markets and reach more customers in no time. It has won numerous awards, including the 2015 winner of the Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. Some of the company’s clients are Autism Speaks, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Feeding America, Goodwill, Ronald McDonald House Charities, American Red Cross, and Special Olympics.



First Financial USA, Ltd. Merchant Services

Credit Card Payment Processing

First Financial USA, Ltd. can provide credit card payment processing for businesses. These days, companies cannot survive without processing card payments. Accepting any type of card will bring more profits to your business.

High-risk Payment Processing

It didn’t specifically say that it can process payments for high-risk industries. However, the website did say that it can service medical, retailers, wholesalers, service providers, software platforms, and non-profit organizations. These are all considered to be high risk.


First Financial USA, Ltd. Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

First Financial USA, Ltd. did not disclose the fees and rates on its website. One review site indicated that it has a swiped rate of 2.69% + $0.19 and a keyed-in rate of 3.69% + $0.19.

Additional Fees

First Financial USA, Ltd. has an annual fee of $89, an early termination fee of $695, and a PCI compliance fee of $100+ per year. If you lease equipment from the company, you will be locked in a contract for 48 months.

Hidden Charges

There is no information about First Financial USA, Ltd.’s hidden charges, although some merchants complained about so-called “maintenance fees.”



First Financial USA, Ltd. Complaints

There are no formal complaints against First Financial USA, Ltd.

Rip-Off Reports

No one has called First Financial USA, Ltd. a rip-off, although there are complaints about some of its charges.

Other Complaints

The other complaints about First Financial USA, Ltd. have to do something about the customer service. Some merchants said that the staff was rude and unprofessional.


First Financial USA, Ltd. BBB Rating

First Financial USA, Ltd. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. This is the highest rating that a company can achieve from BBB. The lowest is F. It also has a 1/5-star rating based on customer reviews.


BBB Reviews

There are two customer reviews on BBB. According to the merchants, the company charges unwarranted fees. The merchant called it a deceptive trade practice. Another merchant complained about the rude staff and the maintenance fee that the company charges.


Is First Financial USA, Ltd. Legitimate?

First Financial USA, Ltd. is a legitimate company based on its presence on the web. It has a profile on Facebook with over 4,400 followers. The last update was posted on March 29. It also has profiles on business networking sites.

ScamAdviser gave it an average to good trust score of 95/100. This means that consumers can browse the website without fearing a data breach. According to ScamAdviser, the positive highlights of First Financial USA, Ltd.’s website are as follows:

  • The site owner has claimed the domain name for a long time.
  • The website has existed for quite some time.
  • The website has mixed reviews.

However, there are also negative comments about the site. These are the lack of visitors, the lack of SSL certificates, the negative reviews about the site, and the non-optimization of search engines.


There are no formal scam reports against First Financial USA, Ltd. ScamAdviser said it is safe to browse the website.

Is First Financial USA, Ltd. Legitimate?


There is no information if First Financial USA, Ltd. has any lawsuits.


First Financial USA, Ltd. Customer Reviews

First Financial USA, Ltd. does not publish client testimonials on the website. It has customer reviews on Facebook and a review site. On Facebook, it received 4.4/5 stars out of 21 reviews.

Many merchants talked about how less stressed they are since they partnered with First Financial USA, Ltd. According to the clients, the company guided them in choosing the right trading partner and payment methods. Also, one merchant said that First Financial USA, Ltd. regained his lost money.

The merchants called the company trustworthy and dependable. Many of them were able to withdraw their funds without hassle. They were also all praised because the staff of First Financial USA, Ltd. answered their queries to the best of their abilities. On top of that, the company also guided them throughout the whole process.

On the website of Top Credit Card Processors, the company got 3.3/5 stars based on seven reviews. The merchants said that First Financial USA, Ltd. made sure everything was running okay. The staff was very helpful and professional to them.

However, there are also negative reviews against the company. At least three merchants said that First Financial USA, Ltd. is a “shady” business because it charges so much. Apparently, the company kept emailing the merchant to charge more transactions. Another merchant complained about the problems with the terminals and how First Financial USA, Ltd. did not help resolve these.



By all appearances, First Financial USA, Ltd. seems to be a good enough company to be any business’s payment processor.


Although there are some negative reviews about it, these are not reasons enough to turn your back on this company. There are also glowing reviews about how it helped many businesses grow their bottom line and provide convenient payment methods to their clients.

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