Flex Payment Solutions Review

December 22, 2021

Flex Payment Solutions offers payment processing solutions for online and retail businesses regardless of their size, industry, or risk level. “Flexible options, custom solutions” is its motto. It aims to understand merchants and their unique business needs. In doing so, it works to provide them with customizable payment services to improve their operations and profitability. The company is based in Missouri, with offices in Chicago, Houston, and St. Louis. Learn more about Flex Payment Solutions and its services through this comprehensive review.

High-Risk Merchant Account

On its website, Flex Payment Solutions mentions a list of industries it specializes in, high-risk businesses being one of them. It recognizes the limitations of these merchants in working with mainstream payment providers. These businesses are prone to frequent chargebacks and higher transaction fees. This is usually due to the regulations surrounding their industry or their susceptibility to fraudulent transactions. With these setbacks in mind, Flex Payment Solutions offers these businesses a personal merchant account. It works with banks and third-party payment providers to guarantee the best rates. Other services for high-risk merchants include:

  • A personal merchant account to fit your business needs
  • Customizable payment structures, either a flat rate or interchange pricing
  • Payment terminals, both physical and virtual
  • Payment gateways like USAePay,, and NMI

Services Offered by Flex Payment Solutions

Credit card and debit card payments : Flex Payment Solutions helps online and retail businesses process card transactions. It accepts payments made via Visa and MasterCard.

ACH payment payments : Apart from credit and debit card payments, merchants can also accept ACH payments. These are electronic bank-to-bank payments done through the ACH network. The advantage of this payment method is the fast money transfer from customers to merchants. In most cases, merchants can expect next-day funding after processing a transaction.


Flex Payments review

eCheck 21 : For online businesses not compatible with ACH payments, the company offers an eCheck 21 option. In simple terms, it is a way to process electronic checks. The process starts with the merchant sending a data file of its customer’s check. Flex Payment Solutions will then print, scan, and submit the check for you. This will remove the burden from the merchant. Through the Check 21 method, checks are cashed in on the target settlement date. It is fully compliant with Reg CC and Reg J standards. Merchants can also provide customers with more information on their transactions. This includes the merchant’s business name, check number, and customer service phone number. This assures customers of secure transactions.

Instant funding : The company’s Insta-Pay solution is a seamless and fast way of processing payments. Customers can send payments instantly at any time of the day. That way, customers can secure their order immediately. This will guarantee overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, it is a good way of ensuring timely and efficient cash flow for merchants.

Voice and text payments : For an even better shopping experience, merchants can offer an option for customers to pay via text or voice. Flex Payment Solutions will set up this system for the merchant. With this easy method, customers simply text “pay” after receiving the payment information. In turn, merchants will send a text receipt to confirm payment. This is an innovative solution for merchants to attract more customers.

Payment terminal solutions : Apart from setting up the back-end system, the company provides merchants with the necessary terminal to operate the system itself. For online businesses, Flex Payment Solutions offers virtual card readers to accept and process payments. For retail establishments with a physical store, it provides a hardware terminal to read cards.

Online Gateway : Flex Payment Solutions gives its merchants access to an online gateway to view their transactions. Through this portal, merchants can generate reports as needed. They can also customize reporting features.


Domestic bank processing : The company has partnerships with banks and other third-party payment providers. Regardless of wherever a merchant is doing business, he or she is assured of payment processing done through domestic banks. This reduces the risk of high transaction rates for international orders. Moreover, merchants will be able to receive funds faster.

Merchant support : Flex Payment Solutions provides its merchants with end-to-end support. Its team of agents will assist the merchant throughout the onboarding process. Moreover, merchants can rely on a compliant system and reliable customer service. Technical support is available when needed.

Flex Payments services

Rates of Flex Payment Solutions

Flex Payment Solutions has multiple payment schemes for high-risk merchants. It will assess your business to provide the best payment structure with your profitability in mind. For instance, one such payment structure is the flat-rate option. With this option, merchants are charged with a fixed percentage plus a fixed fee per transaction. It is a straightforward way of estimating your expenses without any surprises. Another option is the interchange-plus payment structure. It charges an interchange fee depending on the credit card company. On top of that, there is a fixed percentage and fee per transaction.

Whatever the case may be, Flex Payment Solutions works with multiple bank partners and third-party payment providers to come up with the best payment scheme for your business. The company also offers a free quote for businesses interested in its services. You can request by submitting a form on the website. You can get a customized quote after submitting the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Business name
  • Business website
  • Billing state
  • Current monthly processing volume
  • Years in business
  • Holder of an American bank account
  • Choice of products (eCheck 21, ACH, Insta-Pay, or card processing)

High-Risk Industries Served by Flex Payment Solutions

Flex Payment Solutions logo

Flex Payment Solutions does explicitly state which high-risk industries it serves. However, the company’s website indicates covering the following high-risk products.

  • E-cigarettes and vapes
  • CBD products
  • Collection agencies
  • Firearms
  • Native American Tribes
  • Online stores
  • Pawn lending
  • Retail stores
  • Tribal Lending

For other high-risk businesses not found in this list, the company invites you to consult its agents to discuss your business needs in detail. You may request a free quote through the Flex Payment Solutions website or contact them directly.

Reputation and Reviews of Flex Payment Solutions

Flex Payment Solutions has been recognized by various reputable companies and associations. It ranks 79th in the Inc. 5000 Midwest Regionals, for instance. Additionally, it is a member of OLA (Online Lenders Alliance), NAFSA (Native American Financial Services Association), TPPPA (Third Party Payment Processors Association), and CAC (California Associator of Collectors, Inc). These credentials are a testament to its professional services and high-quality standards. Although there are no testimonials and review ratings available online, the company is featured on several review sites.


Flex Payment Solutions aims to help small and big businesses in niche industries through its services. It offers customizable payment processing solutions for multiple payment methods. In doing so, it hopes to provide merchants and customers with a seamless payment experience.

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