Fort Point Payments Review

June 25, 2022

Fort Point Payments is a payment processing company catering to various businesses and industries. It operates multiple companies, each offering specialized payment solutions. These include:

  • Merchant Accounting Consulting
  • Harder To Place
  • CBD Payments Made Easy
  • TextYourRent
  • B2B Payment Gateway
  • Auto Dealer Express
  • SeaSwipe


Technology-based payment solutions are the core of all of its companies. Together, they focus on providing merchants with fast and secure processing solutions. These solutions are designed to complement any existing business model, customer habits, and industry requirements.


Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Fort Point Payments:

  • High-risk merchant services
  • Payment processing
  • Payment terminals
  • eCommerce integrations
  • Business loans


Fort Point Payments Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Fort Point Payments claims to have a penchant for working with high-risk businesses. It has a global network of over 50 payment processors and 30 acquiring banks. These partnerships enable them to provide merchant accounts for all types of businesses and industries. The company caters to merchants involved in high-risk or hard-to-place industries as well.

To find out if your company is eligible for a merchant account with Fort Point Payments, you may contact them through its website. It provides an easy questionnaire for you to fill out. Its team will let you know how it can help you with your high-risk merchant needs.

Payment Processing

It is important to note that Fort Point Payments is not a direct processor. Instead, it works with over 50 payment processors, whose services are applied to the merchant’s payment platform.

In doing so, merchants can accept and process all forms of electronic payments. These payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, e-checks, and other alternative methods. For ACH payments, in particular, the company can credit payments to the merchant at a faster speed.

Apart from online businesses, Fort Point Payments also caters to retail stores and on-the-go companies. It provides these businesses with a free mobile card swiper, which easily connects to their existing phone. It will allow them to accept in-store or mobile payments from customers.


E-commerce Integrations

Fort Point Payments understands the ever-evolving needs of online stores and eCommerce businesses. Its expert team will guide you through integrating its payment into your existing platform. Additionally, it can set up major payment processors in your shopping cart. These include:

  • NMI
  • USAePay
  • PayTrace
  • Sage
  • TransLink, and many more

Security Features

The company’s payment systems are equipped with security features like payment tokenization and identity verification. This assures merchants of safe and protected transactions.


Fort Point Payments Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

Fort Point Payments does not provide standard rates on its website. As with similar companies, rates are customized, depending on the merchant and the services it needs, especially for those considered high-risk.

According to an independent review site, the company offers two plans: tiered pricing and interchange-plus pricing. Both plans include access to the payment gateway, but they vary in transaction fees, rates, and other charges. The company will discuss your business in detail before providing the best possible terms and conditions.

Additional Fees

While Fort Point Payments does not publish its fees on its website, the same independent review site discloses the company’s additional fees in detail. This includes:

  • Application fee: $75
  • Early termination fee: $99
  • Monthly fee for tiered pricing plan: $24.95
  • Monthly fee for PCI compliance: $7.99
  • Monthly fee for PCI non-compliance: $29.99

That said, it is uncertain if the company has maintained or increased these charges. It is best to discuss the updated fees directly with an agent.


Hidden Charges

According to the review site, some merchants complained about a 10% rolling cash reserve. This is an important consideration for businesses that are less liquid or hope for a better cash flow.


Fort Point Payments Complaints

One review site mentions dissatisfaction with the Fort Point Payments’ additional fees and user interface. However, it goes on to give the company a four-star rating, which shows that these issues are not deal-breakers.

Rip off Reports

There are currently no rip-off reports against Fort Point Payments.

Other Complaints

Other than the review mentioned above, there are no major complaints against the company online.


Fort Point Payments BBB Rating

Fort Point Payments is an accredited company by the BBB with an A+ rating. However, there seem to be differing claims on the date. According to its BBB profile, the company has been accredited since 2014. However, based on the company website, it gained accreditation in 2008.


BBB Reviews

The company has a 5-star rating based on 2 reviews. Both testimonials highlight Fort Point Payments’ responsiveness and reliability. Although one mentioned rates that were higher than agreed, they have since resolved the issue, and the merchant continues to do business with the company.


Is Fort Point Payments Legitimate?

Fort Point Payments seems to be a legitimate company. Apart from its BBB accreditation and Google reviews, you can easily find other information online about the company’s owner, office location, contact details, and employee profile.

Additionally, its website clearly outlines its history since launching in 2008. The company was initially called Merchant Account Consulting, LCC, and then rebranded in 2013. It also claims to be a Super ISO company, which means it meets quality standards in business processes.


There are no reports of any scams involving Fort Point Payments.


Likewise, there seem to be no lawsuits against Fort Point Payments.


Customer Reviews

Fort Point Payments has a dedicated page on its website called ‘Merchant Spotlight.’ It highlights businesses that have benefited from its merchant account services. You will see how it helps improve back-end operations, offers affordable rates, and offers extensive support through customer service.


The company also holds a 5-star rating across 69 Google reviews. Some notable comments include its reliable customer service, fast setup and processing, and helpful services for high-risk merchants and small businesses.



As seen in its wide variety of payment solutions, Fort Point Payments is a company that aims to understand all businesses and their unique needs. Its end-to-end solutions help with seamless transactions, business enhancement, and overall profitability for its merchants. Overall, its fintech expertise is evident in its impressive Google reviews and absence of merchant complaints.

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