GAM Payments Review

May 27, 2022

GAM Payments is a business-to-business payment processing provider. It sets up merchant accounts for businesses so they can process payments from other businesses. It said on its website that it’s a trusted payments partner by many of its clients. However, there was no mention of who these clients are.

The company said that it can customize its payment solutions according to the needs of the merchants. It understands that merchants have different needs. GAM Payments can work with clients to come up with the best solutions to bring their business to new heights.

Aside from credit card processing services and an automated clearinghouse, GAM Payments also has fraud detection and fraud prevention features. Plus, merchant accounts will be provided with analytical tools and online reporting to help their businesses grow.



Some of the industries the company has worked with are the following:

  • Auto warranty
  • Bad credit
  • Coin collection
  • Parking and garage

GAM Payments Merchant Services


Credit Card Processing

The main thrust of GAM Payments is to allow merchants to process credit card payments in-store and online. Businesses are going to have a hard time growing if they cannot accept card payments.


Automated clearing house allows businesses to process e-checks. Some customers are not comfortable using their credit cards when paying for their purchases. That’s what e-checks are for. Businesses with ACH can process e-checks and other types of more traditional payment methods.

High-risk Merchants

GAM Payments can also set up merchant accounts for high-risk industries. Businesses that handle credit repair and auto warranties take on high risks. Traditional payment processors don’t want to take that risk with them. GAM Payments’ job is to allow these businesses to operate via their own merchant account. This means they’ll be able to accept card and non-card payments the way traditional businesses can.

Recurring Payments

GAM Payments can also set up subscriptions for your business so you can charge customers recurringly. The feature is not exclusive to credit card payments. Merchants can also accept e-checks on a recurring basis such as monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly.

Fraud Detection and Fraud Prevention

Nowadays, cybercriminals are lurking in every corner of the web. Merchant accounts should have fraud detection and prevention tools. These additional layers of security will ensure that the merchants’ customers’ data are safe. Merchants can face lawsuits if they are not careful with the information they collect from their customers.

Analytical Tools

GAM Payments also provides analytical tools to merchant account holders. These tools will help businesses analyze sets of data for their eventual growth. The company integrates these tools into the accounts, making it easier for merchants to access them.

Online Reporting

Merchants that will partner with GAM Payments no longer need separate software for online reporting. The company will integrate this feature into the merchant account. The report will put data at the merchant’s fingertips. This is the same data that will allow them to look into the numbers that can help businesses grow.


GAM Payments Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

There is no information about GAM Payments’ processing fees. It also does not publish its table of fees on the website. All it asked potential clients to do is to reach out for a free quote. It said that it can customize services and fees.

Additional Fees

No information can be found about additional fees charged by GAM Payments.

Hidden Charges

There is also no information about GAM Payments’ hidden fees.


GAM Payments Complaints

There is currently no information on complaints against GAM Payments.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports found against GAM Payments.

Other Complaints

Since there isn’t much information about GAM Payments, there are also no other complaints about the company.


GAM Payments BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives accreditation and ratings to businesses. The highest rating is A+ while the lowest is F. These ratings are based on customer reviews, though some ratings are not. GAM Payments is not listed on the BBB website. It is not accredited by the BBB.


BBB Reviews

The company also has no ratings, customer reviews, or complaints on the BBB website.


Is GAM Payments Legitimate?

It is hard to determine the legitimacy of GAM Payments because there isn’t much information about it on the internet. It has a website, a Facebook page, and a profile on a business website. But other than these, merchants don’t talk about GAM Payments in forums and review sites. Its Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2018.



There is no information that GAM Payments is involved in scams.


Even after a thorough look on Google, GAM Payments does not seem to be involved in any lawsuits.


GAM Payments Customer Reviews

Many payment-processing providers publish customer reviews on their websites. GAM Payments, unfortunately, does not. It also has no reviews on Facebook, though its page has more than a hundred likes. No review can be found about GAM Payments on any online forums or review websites.



When there’s not much information about a company, the practical thing to do is to stay away from it. Although GAM Payments has a website, it doesn’t say much about the company. Merchants are also not talking about the business on social media. This might be a cause for concern. Merchants should proceed with caution when dealing with this company.

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