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June 17, 2022

GetPayment is a member of the Yomali Limited group of companies, which is a business development company. It prides itself on offering worry-free services to businesses, eliminating the instances of business deposits getting frozen or confiscated. The company supports all types of businesses—retail, information technology, and e-commerce.

The company also considers itself an extension of the merchant’s team. It said it can set up a merchant account as soon as the merchant signs the agreement. This will help keep the deposits flowing into the merchant’s account.

GetPayment provides credit card processing services. It has partnered with major card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Apple Pay. It also adds built-in fraud and chargeback protection. Businesses can process payments in-store and online through GetPayment’s range of services.

The company said it has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Malta, Romania, and the Philippines.



GetPayment Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Businesses need to accept and process credit card payments no matter where they are. It works with major credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard. More, the system can readily receive payments as soon as it is set up. GetPayment said businesses no longer need to worry about their payments getting frozen. The company will make sure merchants can access their deposits any time of the day.

High-risk Merchants

The company also approves high-risk merchants. It allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency as payment. GetPayment said it works with all types of businesses, including e-commerce and in-store. It provides the terminals the businesses need to process card payments and grow their target markets.

Gift Cards

Some customers need to purchase items anonymously. GetPayment offers a widget that will cover up the customers’ information when they make their purchases. After the purchase, the merchant will receive their payment in cash or cryptocurrency. This gives customers anonymity and privacy. It is another layer of protection for high-risk merchants and their customers.

Virtual Terminals

Merchants can receive payments over the phone or via fax. There is no special equipment needed. GetPayment provides the virtual terminal merchant account. All the merchants have to do is log in to the virtual terminal. There, they will enter the credit card information of the customers to process the payment.

Mobile Payments

Is your business always on-the-go? Do you need to attend trade shows and exhibits? The mobile payment solutions of GetPayment provide ways to accept payments in outdoor event settings. The company offers card swipers that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.



Payment Gateways

Businesses need secure payment gateways integrated into their e-commerce site. GetPayment’s gateways are compatible with most shopping carts. Regular and high-risk merchants can offer a secure way for customers to pay for their purchases.


GetPayment Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

GetPayment does not publish its processing fees on the website. It said, however, that it has no “unnecessary” fees compared to other payment processing service providers.

Additional Fees

There is no information about any additional fees that GetPayment imposes.

Hidden Charges

There is also no information if GetPayment has hidden charges.


GetPayment Complaints

There is currently no information on complaints against GetPayment.

Rip Off Reports

There is no information about GetPayment being a rip-off.


Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about GetPayment.


GetPayment BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredits and rates businesses. The accreditation is based on the business’ membership while the rating will rely on the customer reviews left on the BBB website. Businesses can receive a rating as high as A+.

GetPayment is not listed on the BBB website. It is not accredited nor does it have a rating from the BBB.

BBB Reviews

There are also no customer reviews and complaints about the company on the BBB website.


Is GetPayment Legitimate?

GetPayment has a comprehensive website that talks about the products and services the business provides. It also has a Facebook page that is regularly updated. Although there is not much information about the company on the internet, including review sites and online forums, merchants can reach out to it via phone and email.


There is no information about GetPayment being involved in scams.


There is also no information about class-action lawsuits filed against GetPayment.


GetPayment Customer Reviews

GetPayment has one customer testimonial on its website. That one review said GetPayment helped his company feel secure with their deposited payments. The company apparently helped his business move forward unlike other merchant solutions. There is no way to confirm if this testimonial is true, however, because this was only published on the company’s website.


There are also no reviews about GetPayment on its Facebook page. It only has one recommendation, but someone still commented “scammers” on that recommendation. It has more than 750 likes and followers on Facebook.



There isn’t much that can be found about GetPayment. That makes it hard to recommend this payment processing service provider to anyone. However, you can still check out what it offers since GetPayment has an e-book that merchants can download for free. In the book, the company talked about why merchants don’t want to work with traditional payment processors. This might be worth reading for merchants considering GetPayment as their service provider.

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