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May 30, 2022


Global Merchant Advisors is a payment processing solutions company focused on providing merchant accounts for small- to medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2010, it has since been acquired by Optimal Payments, a reputable company in the financial technology sector. According to online sources, it has clients from over 200 countries worldwide.

Global Merchant Advisors’ merchant services include point-of-sale terminal products, web-based payment solutions, and in-depth reports. These are available for retail, online, and high-risk businesses. Its main goal is to provide its clients with long-term financial stability, security, and compliance. Although it is based in the United States, it is open to merchants from different countries.

To learn more about Global Merchant Advisors, here is a rundown of its services and rates.



High-risk Merchant Accounts

Among the company’s list of clients are high-risk businesses in need of merchant account benefits. It offers customized solutions based on the nature of the merchant’s industry, transaction volume, and other unique business needs. Apart from managing transactions, it also provides comprehensive reporting tools and reliable technical support.


Services Offered by Global Merchant Advisors

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Global Merchant Advisors helps businesses process credit and debit card transactions. Its comprehensive solutions include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and other payment processors. This allows clients to accept a variety of non-cash payments from their customers. It also offers competitive processing fees per transaction to ensure profitability for businesses.

Electronic Check Processing

Electronic check processing is another service it offers. Merchants can accept check payments online or at point-of-sale. Checks are then converted into digital images for electronic processing. This is a convenient service for both businesses and their customers.

ACH Payment Processing

ACH is a financial network that processes bank-to-bank payments. Transfers are done automatically and electronically from the customer to the business. In the case of Global Merchant Advisors, ACH payments are processed through the company’s web-based system. This assures fast and seamless payment transfers for businesses.

Recurring Billing

For credit card transactions, clients have the option to set up recurring billing cycles. It is helpful for businesses selling subscription services that require regular payments.

Integration With Third-party Payment Solutions

Global Merchant Advisors has formed partnerships with 3rd party technology suppliers and payment providers. These partners offer payment gateways, payment protection, telemarketing, affiliate marketing, and many more. Their services are integrated into the company’s merchant system. Clients who sign up with Global Merchant Advisors will gain access to these features. This will help them grow their business and attract more customers.

Global Merchant Advisors’ partner companies include:
  • LimeLight CRM
  • 3PL Worldwide
  • Authorize.Net
  • ADS Direct
  • Verifi
  • NMI
  • USAePay
  • Cybersource

  • Connect2Leads
  • IFS
  • OrangeCRM
  • Jumbleberry
  • PerformTel
  • Argo Marketing Group
  • Konnektive CRM

Gift and Loyalty Cards

A unique feature offered by Global Merchant Advisors is the option to give customers loyalty rewards. Businesses will be able to monitor the purchases of each customer, and in turn, offer them discounts or freebies.


24/7 System Access

With Global Merchant Advisors, businesses will be given round-the-clock access to all system features. They can monitor transactions, revisit payment history, and view comprehensive reports.

Customer Service and Technical Support

After setting up the system, clients can rely on the company’s reliable customer service for any system concerns or technical needs.

Ecommerce Merchant Accounts

Global Merchant Advisors is well aware of the importance of eCommerce for a business. It can integrate its payment processing services into your shopping cart and payment gateway of choice. It will help you set up these services on your existing website. Apart from managing your transactions, it will also give you access to back-end reports.


However, it is important to note that a list of compatible platforms is not available on the website. If you are an e-commerce business, it is best to discuss this directly with an agent.

Retail Merchant Accounts

If you do not have an e-commerce platform, the company is also open to working with businesses with a physical retail store. According to its website, it guarantees same-day approval and no application or setup fees for this type of merchant. Once approved, it will provide you with free point-of-sale terminals. This equipment will help you process in-store credit and debit transactions. You will also have access to the web-based merchant system to view records.

High-risk Merchant Accounts

Similar to eCommerce and retail merchants, the company’s services are also available for high-risk merchants. Global Merchant Advisors recognizes the challenges faced by businesses categorized as high-risk. That said, it specializes in customizing long-term and cost-effective payment solutions for these merchants. Although approval may take longer, it is still easier than partnering with traditional banks and credit card companies.

Quick Assessment

As seen on the company website, Global Merchant Advisors makes it easy to apply for a merchant account. It provides a one-minute assessment form for clients to provide details on their industry and the reason they were denied by other service providers. Once you submit this quick questionnaire, the company will assess how it can help your business.


Rates of Global Merchant Advisors

Like many payment service providers, Global Merchant Advisors’ rates are not available on the website. However, it does promise competitive processing rates for merchants. It takes into account your business size, needs, transaction volume, and industry. Setting up the merchant account is free for most businesses. That said, it may charge an additional cost for certain offshore and adult accounts, as well as those in need of hands-on monitoring.

To request a quote, you can submit a form online or contact the company directly.


High-risk Industries Served by Global Merchant Advisors

Based on the website, below is a list of high-risk industries serviced by Global Merchant Advisors:

  • Adult industry
  • Continuity
  • Daily deals
  • Ecommerce
  • Free trials
  • Health and beauty
  • Multi-level marketing

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Online dating
  • Retail merchant accounts
  • Terminated merchants
  • Travel
  • Trial offers
  • Web hosting


Reputation and Reviews of Global Merchant Advisors

The only source of customer reviews available online is the Global Merchant Advisors website. You will see positive testimonials from clients in different industries. They praise the company’s expert advice on growing their businesses, lessening chargebacks, and improving transaction speed. They also mention an efficient web platform and monitoring tools.



Global Merchant Advisors offers a wide variety of payment solutions for all types of businesses. Whether you are a retail seller, an online store, or a high-risk business, it can customize its services for you. Clients will benefit from the company’s connections to third-party technology suppliers and partner payment processors. Its system will give you easy access to features, past transactions, and detailed reports. These will aid you in growing your business and focusing on profitability.

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