Green.Money Review

June 28, 2022

Green.Money helps businesses with payment processing of credit cards, e-debits payments, and other alternative methods. It caters to all types of merchants, including those from high-risk industries. It guarantees multiple benefits from its payment solutions, like lower rates and fast deposits. The company is also referred to as Green Money, Green Payment Processing, and Green by Phone, Inc.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Green. Money:

  • High-risk merchant services
  • E-debit payment processing
  • Credit card payment processing
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Other features like recurring billing,


Green.Money Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Green. Money helps businesses apply for merchant accounts through its team of underwriters. It guarantees a 99.99% approval chance for companies operating in the United States or Canada. This applies to all types of businesses, including high-risk industries and startups.



The company highlights its E-Debit Merchant Account as its unique offering. Approval can be as fast as one business day. High-risk merchant accounts entail more complex underwriting and can take 2 to 4 weeks for approval. The same goes for Credit Card Merchant Accounts. Once approved, setup can happen within 24 hours.

Payment Processing

With a merchant account, businesses can process credit card payments. On top of this, Green. Money offers additional processing solutions that merchants can avail of. One is its e-debit processing, which the company highlights as its primary service.

Its Verde plan allows merchants to accept payments from customers directly from their bank accounts. Customers select their bank from the list, log in to their bank’s secure portal, and choose which account to debit. This service guarantees lower processing fees versus credit card payments. It also promises a one-minute transaction process and same-day funding for merchants.

The Verde technology also has a mobile version. Green. The money aims to address the growing consumer preference for transacting via mobile phones.

Apart from credit and debit payments, Green. Money can process check payments through its InstantCheck service. Merchants can take a picture of the check and send it to the company for processing.

Other payment solutions include email and text invoicing, recurring billing, remote deposit capture (RDC), and image cash letters (ICL). RDC enables quick deposits for companies that process $10 million per month or less. ICL is for larger companies. It allows merchants to process up to 15,000 transactions per batch.


E-commerce Integrations

Green Money helps merchants integrate their services with their existing e-commerce platforms. They support major shopping carts like Shopify, 3dCart, WooCommerce, WordPress, Limelight, Magento, PrestaShop, Konnektive, OpenCart, CS-Cart, Big Commerce, and more.

Other integration solutions include API and SDK. Green. Money’s development team is in the United States and has the skills needed to help you with the API if necessary, including in your time zone and language.

Lastly, Green. Money offers integrations through payment buttons. Merchants can add them to their websites. It prevents the need to use a shopping cart or rely on a web developer.


Chargeback and Fraud Prevention

Green. Money’s technology comes with security features and tools to prevent chargeback and fraud. For one, it is PCI compliant and has an SSL certificate. Another feature is its signature capture. Merchants can opt to include a customer’s signature upon payment. All live signatures are validated to ensure fast processing.

Green. Money also makes use of Quad-verify Verification Technology (QVT). It has four levels of verification, with your choice of standard or elevated verification. Merchants also get real-time bank verification and the ability to allow or block specific banks and customers. This helps fight against instances of chargeback.


Green.Money Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Green. Money offers several plans for merchants to choose from. Most are month-to-month contracts. As seen on its website, the plans and rates are as follows.

  • Gold Plan: Month-to-month with no cancellation fee. Comes with a $100 fee credit for new merchants to try for free. Recommended for startup companies.
  • Green Premium: Month-to-month with no cancellation fee. Recommended for merchants with stable processing volumes.
  • Green Pro: Month-to-month with no cancellation fee. Recommended for merchants with stable processing volumes.
  • Venture: Recommended for high-risk merchants.
  • Venture Pro: Recommended for high-risk merchants.

Processing Fees

  • Gold Plan: 2.90% plus $0.25 per transaction
  • Green Premium: 2.40% plus $0.20 per transaction
  • Green Pro: 2.10% plus $0.15 per transaction
  • Venture: 4.95% plus $0.50 per transaction
  • Venture Pro: 3.95% plus $0.50 per transaction

Additional Fees

Depending on the plan you choose, Green. Money may charge additional fees for app setup and monthly maintenance. Note that plans do not come with Green. Money’s Verde service. Merchants can request to include this service subject to additional requirements and fees.

Below is a breakdown as seen on its website.

Gold Plan

  • Fee upon signup: Free
  • Startup/app fee: Free
  • Monthly fee: $9.99
  • Refundable deposit: Free

Green Premium

  • Fee upon signup: $299
  • Startup / app fee: $149
  • Monthly fee: $19.99
  • Refundable deposit: $150

Green Pro

  • Fee upon signup: $799.95
  • Startup / app fee: $150
  • Annual fee: $499.95
  • Refundable deposit: $150


  • Fee upon signup: $199
  • Startup / app fee: $49
  • Monthly fee: $30
  • Refundable deposit: $150

Venture Pro

  • Fee upon signup: $400
  • Startup / app fee: $250
  • Monthly fee: $19.99
  • Refundable deposit: $150

Hidden Charges

Seeing as Green. Money is transparent with its plans and fees, it’s highly likely that it does not charge any hidden fees. Keep in mind though that the prices above do not include its Verde service. Interested merchants can directly contact the company for a

Green.Money Complaints

We have found several complaints about Green. Money. These come from reviews on its BBB profile page, Google, Trustpilot, PissedConsumer, and SiteJabber. Below is a summary of the issues encountered.

Rip Off Reports

The majority of the complaints are about Green. Money is related to fraudulent checks. Merchants claim that the company does not verify checks so merchants were unable to receive funds.

Other rip-off complaints are from merchants who were continuously charged for unknown reasons. Some complained about denied merchant accounts or undelivered services but were still being charged fees. Others complained about the company canceling their accounts and then withholding money from their customers.

In many of these cases, merchants called the company a scam or a fraud. Green. Money responded to most complaints. It did not admit to any wrongdoing or scam and clarified the faults on the merchant’s end.

Other Complaints

In addition to the complaints above, merchants expressed unprofessionalism and unreliable customer service from Green. Money. Some also complained about its Verde service.


Green.Money BBB Rating

Green. Money has been an accredited company by the BBB since 2018. It currently holds an A+ rating.

BBB Reviews

Green. Money has a 3.59-star rating based on 17 BBB reviews. It has polarized ratings with customers giving it either 1-star or 5-stars.


Is Green.Money Legitimate?

Green. Money is a legitimate company based in Georgia. It was established in 2008 by Lonnie Pass off. Information about the company’s management team is available on its website. It also includes testimonials from some merchants. According to online sources, the company has over 100 clients.

Outside its website, Green. Money has a relatively strong online presence. It has several customer reviews and appears in a few independent articles.


Green. Money has several complaints that call the company a scam or fraud. Additionally, it has a low trust score rating from ScamAdviser. However, it is unclear whether they were filed as official reports or complaints.


Likewise, there don’t seem to be any public lawsuits involving Green. Money.


Green.Money Customer Reviews

Green. Money has mixed reviews from customers. As mentioned, it has a 3.59-star rating from BBB reviews. In TrustPilot, it has a 3.2-star rating from one review. Based on Google, PissedConsumer, and SiteJabber reviews, it holds close to a 1-star rating.


Apart from the complaints above, some merchants shared positive experiences with the company. They praise the company’s quick process, fast funding, and reliable services. These include merchants who have been working with Green. Money between a few months to several years.



Overall, Green. Money’s advantage is its e-debit processing. It offers an alternative way to process payments without the high processing fees. Its Verde plan is worth considering for merchants who want to explore this payment method.

While its e-check service may be a beneficial option as well, several customers have had bad experiences related to this service. That said, interested merchants should discuss these complaints with the company before signing any contract.

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