High Risk Merchant Account Review

August 20, 2022

As its name suggests, High-Risk Merchant Account specializes in merchant accounts and payment processing for high-risk businesses. It caters to a wide range of industries. It also works with merchants with bad credit or a history of account rejections. The company’s merchant accounts include a high-risk payment gateway, fraud prevention tools, credit card, and check processing, and more.

Below is a comprehensive review of High-Risk Merchant Account’s services and rates.


Overview of High-Risk Merchant Accounts and High-Risk Credit Card Processing

High-Risk Merchant Account offers a full-featured merchant account solution. It includes a payment gateway and virtual terminal for online credit card processing. Retail merchants will also have access to EMV-ready credit card terminals. The company supports various payment channels like online, in-person, telephone, and mail transactions.


High-Risk Merchant Account guarantees fast approvals and account setup. You can also expect competitive rates and reliable customer support.

Interested merchants can request a free quote and consultation by submitting a form on the website. You can contact the company via hotline. The company will review your business and propose the best solutions and rates.

image of high risk credit card processing

High-Risk Merchant Account Services

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by High-Risk Merchant Account.

High-Risk Merchant Account

High-Risk Merchant Account provides businesses with a high-risk merchant account for credit card processing. The company will assist you throughout the application process. It guarantees the best possible rates for your industry and business type.

Once your account is approved, you can avail yourself of the company’s merchant services. These include credit card and check processing, gateways and terminals, and other payment features.


High-Risk Payment Gateway and EMV Terminals

image of high risk merchant account emv terminals

Along with a merchant account, a High-Risk Merchant Account provides payment gateways and credit card terminals. These systems enable payment processing for various business models like e-commerce, retail, and mobile.

The payment gateway features include recurring billing, a customer management portal, and advanced reporting.

For e-commerce merchants, the gateway is integrated into your website through multiple API options. It also has a QuickBooks integration.

For retail merchants, the gateway is connected to your credit card terminal. You can opt to use your existing equipment or avail yourself of the company’s EMV-ready terminal.

The payment gateway also comes with a PCI-compliant virtual terminal. It allows merchants to manage multiple merchant accounts, send invoices, and view transactions. It also includes integrations with mobile solutions and over 100 e-commerce shopping carts. The virtual terminal is perfect for businesses with mail and telephone orders.

High-Risk Credit Card and Check Processing

With a High-Risk Merchant Account, you can accept credit cards and check payments. This applies to all business settings, whether online, in-person, over the phone, or through the mail.


The company’s check solutions include e-check processing, check guarantee, Check21, check by phone, and check conversion.

Fraud Prevention

The company’s payment gateway includes fraud prevention tools like copyfraud. It helps you detect fraudulent transactions before they happen. Merchants can set up parameters to restrict and monitor transactions. These include IP addresses, country codes, transaction volumes, card thresholds, and more. You can also blacklist certain accounts.

image of fraud prevention

High-Risk Merchant Account Rates

High-Risk Merchant Account does not provide its rates and fees online. Like most merchant account providers, it customizes its pricing per merchant. It is typically based on several factors like industry type, risk profile, and processing volume among other things. The company provides a free quote upon consultation.


High-Risk Industries High-Risk Merchant Account Serves

Below is a list of high-risk industries that can avail yourself of a merchant account with High-Risk Merchant Accounts.

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Adult Dating and Novelty Stores
  • Continuity and Autoship
  • Firearms
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Multi-Level Marketing

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Online Alcohol
  • Telemarketing
  • Travel and Vacation
  • Vape and E-Cigarettes

High-Risk Merchant Account also calls on businesses included in the TMF/Match list. It is a database of businesses whose accounts have been terminated in the past five years.


Other Notable Features of High-Risk Merchant Accounts High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Customer Support

image of high risk merchant account customer support

Merchant accounts can expect quality support from the company.

Virtual Terminal Features

Merchants will also have access to enhanced payment features through the virtual terminal. These include a customer management portal to view customer details and transactions. Merchants can also issue invoices, generate detailed reports, access integration plug-ins, and more.


High-Risk Merchant Account Reputation and Reviews

High-Risk Merchant Account has over 19 years of experience with high-risk merchants. According to its website, it has received numerous awards from reputable review sites. It won the 2014 Best Processor award from It also claims to be a BBB-accredited business. Although the company doesn’t have a BBB profile page, it is likely due to its company name. ‘High-Risk Merchant Account’ is a generic term that is common among businesses in the merchant services industry.

The company’s website also includes a few testimonials from merchants. They praise its knowledgeable team and helpful agents. They also highlight its easy application process and good rates. Other than that, there are no other customer testimonials on Google, Trustpilot, and similar review sites.

image of customer reviews


High-Risk Merchant Account specifically caters to high-risk industries and their payment processing needs. Its services include merchant accounts, credit card and check processing, e-commerce and retail solutions, and fraud prevention. While customer reviews are limited, the company carries decades of experience and numerous accolades.

If you’re in doubt, consider requesting a free consultation and quote from the company. This will give you a chance to get to know the company more before making a decision.

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