High Risk Pay Review

October 19, 2021

As the name implies, High-Risk Pay specializes in offering payment processing to high-risk companies. With high-risk merchant accounts from this processor, you can accept payments using all of the major credit card companies.


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The high-risk merchant accounts from High-Risk Pay are available to companies with bad credit or in industries considered high risk.


You can open an account whether you are a small or medium business, enterprise, B2C, B2B, or e-commerce.

There are also accounts for bad credit, large transaction volumes, large transactions, and offshore merchant accounts.

High Risk Pay Services

Look at the already mentioned services and a few others in more detail.

Credit Card Processing

The most popular service from High Risk Pay is high-risk credit card processing. As mentioned, this service lets you accept all of the major credit card brands.

ACH Processing

ACH processing lets you process electronic checks and electronic fund transfers. This expands your potential customer base. As a bonus, electronic checks have a quick processing time, typically within 24 to 48 hours with High Risk Pay. Another bonus is that ACH transactions only have a 60-day window for disputes, compared to the 180-day window for credit cards. They also have a lower risk of fraud.

Chargeback Prevention and Contestation 

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High Risk Pay offers chargeback prevention as part of its services. Not only does this save you money on potential chargebacks, but it also improves your chargeback ratio. The chargeback prevention comes via alerts that let you learn about a chargeback before it is processed. This gives you time to reach out to the customer with another solution.

When you do get chargebacks, High Risk Pay can help you contest them and win. High Risk Pay prides itself on having twice the industry average win rate.

Fraud Protection

The company also offers protection against fraud. Some of this is by identifying fraud-prone accounts and their affiliates.

Recover Lost Recurring Sales

There tends to be a high loss rate for recurring orders, despite 33% of orders that merchants decline being good. High Risk Pay helps with this by noting these situations and letting you know. That lets you recover the sale (and future ones).

Payment Gateways

If you do not already have a payment gateway that you prefer to use, High Risk Pay can provide you with one of these. As a refresher, your payment gateway connects you as the merchant with the payment network. The gateways from High Risk Pay accept a range of payment methods.

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Recurring Billing

You can set up recurring billing with your payment processing with ease. This is especially helpful for subscriptions.


Payment Analytics and Reports

The payment gateways from High Risk Pay also provide you with analytics on detailed reports. You can use this to learn about your customers’ preferences, such as the most popular payment method.


High-risk credit card in-person processing requires at least the ability to swipe a card. From systems for card swiping to more complex terminals, High Risk Pay offers various solutions.


High Risk Pay lets you accept payments using your mobile device.


In addition to the general high-risk credit card processing services, High Risk Pay offers some specific services for e-commerce clients.

To start, e-commerce merchants can accept payments directly on their website with High-Risk Pay. E-commerce merchants can also use online gateways to accept credit cards.

There is also support for high-risk credit card processing over the phone, on mobile, and in-store.

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For companies that want to keep their payment processing costs low, High Risk Pay offers surcharging.

High Risk Pay Rates

High Risk Pay is one of the rare payment processors that lists its rates on its website. For high-risk merchants, for example, the rate can be as low as 2.95% with a transaction fee of just $0.25 and a monthly fee of just $0.25. Those transaction and monthly fees apply for most other categories as well, although adult merchants and international have transaction fees of $0.50.

No Application Fee

Unlike some competitors, there is no fee to apply for a merchant account with High Risk Pay.

No Setup Fee

You also will not have to pay anything to set up your account, helping keep your initial costs low.

High-risk Industries High Risk Pay Serves

High Risk Pay gladly offers high-risk merchant accounts to companies with bad credit as well as those in high-risk industries. Just some of the industries that are eligible for high-risk credit card processing include:

  • Credit repair
  • Collection agencies
  • Travel
  • MLMs
  • Business opportunities
  • Continuity and subscriptions
  • Weight loss programs (continuity)
  • Adult
  • Ticket sales
  • Online gambling
  • Fantasy sports
  • Medications
  • Online pharmacies
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Dating
  • Firearms
  • Startups
  • CBD
  • E-cigarettes
  • Vape
  • Tobacco and cigarettes
  • Offshore

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High Risk Pay also supports high-volume merchants as well as those with large transactions.

Other Notable Features on High Risk Pay High-risk Merchant Accounts

Explore some of the other notable features high-risk merchant accounts get access to with High Risk Pay.

99% Approval Rate

You are incredibly likely to be approved for high-risk credit card processing with High Risk Pay thanks to the company’s 99% approval rating.

24-Hour Approval

While many high-risk credit card processing companies claim to offer fast approval, few do it as quickly as High Risk Pay. With approval within as little as 24 hours, you start accepting payments almost right away. Approval can take up to 48 hours, which is still one of the quickest times in the industry.

No Contract

High Risk Pay does not require contracts for its high-risk merchant accounts. This means that you are not stuck in a long-term agreement, nor do you have to worry about hefty cancelation fees.

Next Day Funding

Accepting payments with High Risk Pay also gives next-day funding. This helps you stay on top of your business accounting and prevents issues with cash flow.

Security and Compliance

High Risk Pay is Level One PCI compliant, so you don’t need to worry about security or compliance. One example of the company’s security measures is its use of SSL encryption for e-commerce transactions.

Customer Support

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The customer support team from High Risk Pay will assist you with any questions or issues that arise.

High Risk Pay Reputation and Reviews

High Risk Pay has a strong reputation. It is BBB accredited and has an A+ rating from the organization. There are no complaints registered with the BBB for the company within the last three years, either.


High Risk Pay is a strong option for companies in search of high-risk credit card processing. The company has a good reputation and transparent pricing listed right on its website. They also have a very high approval rate, so you are unlikely to be wasting your time with an application.

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