HighRisk Gateways Review

August 13, 2022

HighRisk Gateways Review

HighRisk Gateways has a proven formula for helping standard- and high-risk merchants grow their revenues. It is one of India’s better-known payment solution providers because of its years of experience in the financial technology industry. The company promises to deliver high-quality results based on the customizable features of its products and services.

It boasts of its cutting-edge technology that can process transactions in real-time. Moreover, it can accept all types of credit and debit cards and offer check processing. And for businesses that transact with international customers, HighRisk Gateways has just the right product for you.


HighRisk Gateways Merchant Services

Credit Card Payment Processing

All businesses need credit card processing services. Without card payments, companies will isolate some clients. HighRisk Gateways provide the payment gateways to make these payments possible. Businesses can start accepting card payments in-person, virtually, and even over the phone.


eCheck Payment Processing

Another service by HighRisk Gateways is eCheck payment processing. Since some customers still want to pay with checks, businesses must still be able to process check payments with an automated clearing house (ACH) system.

image of high risk gateways e check payment processing

International Merchant Account

HighRisk Gateways can also provide an international merchant account for companies that transact with international customers. This will enable these companies to accept payments in different currencies and process those transactions with a non-domestic merchant account.


HighRisk Gateways Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

HighRisk Gateways does not disclose its fees publicly. There is no information about its pricing on the website or other review sites.

Additional Fees

There is also no information if the company has additional fees.

Hidden Charges

image of no hidden fees


There is no word if HighRisk Gateways has hidden charges.


HighRisk Gateways Complaints

It doesn’t look like there are formal complaints against HighRisk Gateways.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about HighRisk Gateways.

Other Complaints

Other complaints about HighRisk Gateways include having lousy customer service and failing to process some transactions.

image of no complaints

HighRisk Gateways BBB Rating

HighRisk Gateways is not listed or accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because it is located in India. BBB only gives a rating between A+ and F to businesses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

BBB Reviews

Since HighRisk Gateways has no listing on the BBB website, there are no customer reviews about the company.



Is HighRisk Gateways Legitimate?

HighRisk Gateways is one of the most popular payment service providers in India. It has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. On Facebook, it has more than 8,000 followers. It is a trusted high-risk payment solutions provider in the country with years of experience under its belt.

However, ScamAdviser gave it a low trust score of just 35/100. Consumers have to be careful when accessing the website since sensitive data might be stolen. It also means the website could be a scam. ScamAdviser flagged HighRisk Gateways’ website because the identity of the site’s owner is being hidden, and it has a low Alexa rank.

On the other hand, it has some positive values as well. Among these are:

  • The website seems to be very old.
  • The SSL certificate is valid.
  • The website received mixed reviews.

image of is high risk gateways legitimate


There don’t seem to be formal scam reports against HighRisk Gateways. There is only one customer review on Trustpilot that called it a scam. The merchant said that the company failed to process his payments even after three weeks. ScamAdviser also advised against accessing the website because it is a possible scam.


There are no lawsuits filed against HighRisk Gateways.


HighRisk Gateways Customer Reviews

HighRisk Gateways has client testimonials on the website, as well as on Google and Trustpilot. On Google, the company has a four-star review based on 61 reviews. Most of the merchants are satisfied with the company’s products and services. They were all praised for the company’s team and how helpful they were in finding the most suitable payment solutions for them.

The company was also commended for customizing its offers. Since many of their merchants came from high-risk industries, they talked about having challenges in the past in finding the right company to provide the payment methods and merchant accounts.

On Trustpilot, HighRisk Gateways has a fairly high rating of 3.5 stars based on 18 reviews. It received an excellent score from 72% of those reviews. Not only did the merchants commend HighRisk Gateways for the detailed information on the website and the fast communication, but they also praised the company for having a supportive staff. One merchant said that it took only two hours for HighRisk Gateways to set up its account.

Of course, there are negative reviews, too. One merchant criticized the company for failing to settle their accounts. Another called it a scam and warned merchants against the company.

image of high risk gateways customer reviews


HighRisk Gateways has been in the business of financial technology for years. It is one of India’s most popular and reliable high-risk payment service providers. It has clients from all over the world. More, it also tailor-fits the solutions to the merchants’ needs. Based on the numerous reviews from past clients, HighRisk Gateways is a company that can be trusted.

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