iCheckGateway Review

August 11, 2022

icheckgateway review

iCheckGateway (ICG) was founded in 2008 and is based in the United States. The company prides itself on using innovative technology and offering a suite of solutions.

iCheckGateway offers high-risk credit card processing and ACH processing. The company supports a long list of industries, including those considered high-risk. ICG prides itself on its omnichannel approach that integrates credit card and ACH processing.

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The solutions from iCheckGateway are designed for businesses of any size and in a range of industries. They are also designed to be future-proof.


Address: 13099 S Cleveland Ave, Suite 510

Fort Myers, FL 33907

Phone: 888.746.5741




iCheckGateway Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

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High-risk credit card processing is one of the primary services of iCheckGateway. This service lets you accept all of the major credit cards and take advantage of low interchange rates.

You can use ICG Pay to accept payments on the go.

High Risk Payment Processing

The company offers businesses the use of an IVR (interactive voice response) system. This system lets you accept payments over the phone by letting your customers input the crucial data using their phone’s keypad or via voice recognition. You can use this service for both credit cards and ACH payments.

There is also support for payments via SMS and email, as well as hosted payments.

The following are some of the high-risk industries that iCheckGateway supports.

  • Insurance
  • Government agencies
  • Utilities
  • TV broadcasting
  • Medical billing
  • Payroll payment

  • Nonprofits
  • Consumer financing
  • Banks
  • Leases and rent
  • Accepting donations and tithes

High-Risk Payment Gateway

As the name implies, iCheckGateway is primarily a gateway that gives businesses the ability to accept a range of payment types. The gateway supports:

  • ACH and credit card payments
  • IVR payments
  • SMS payments
  • Mobile payments
  • Email invoicing
  • Recurring payments

  • Check verification
  • Hosted payment portals
  • Plugins and tools for developers

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ACH Processing

This service lets high-risk merchant accounts accept direct transfers (ACH) and eChecks. It also allows for remote deposit capture.

ACH processing improves efficiency, reduces delays, and reduces the costs associated with processing. iCheckGateway lets you process ACH payments, RDC (Check 21), and debit and credit cards all through a single platform.

Chargeback Mitigation

The long list of security features included in the ICG platform help dramatically reduce the risk of fraud. It is Level 1 PCI-DSS certified. It also has various security functions and features like tokenization, BIN filtering, iFrame implementation, velocity filters, and transparent redirecting.

Other measures include tokenization, end-to-end encryption, payment method restriction, and anti-bot measures. Check verification service improves the speed at which you can authorize ACH payments. It also helps prevent fraud.

Cash Discount Program

The Cash Discount Program lets you eliminate your own processing fees, or at least minimize them, bypassing them onto your customers. This is the legally compliant way of offering lower prices for cash payments.

This program can let you keep 100% of the revenue by eliminating processing fees. It lets you incentivize ACH and cash payments and gives you next-day funding.

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iCheckGateway Fees, Rates & Pricing

Like most other high-risk credit card processing services, iCheckGateway customizes its rates for each client based on your needs, risk level, and other factors. As such, you have to contact them to get a quote.

To minimize your fees, consider the cash discount program.


iCheckGateway Complaints

Impressively, there are no obvious complaints about iCheckGateway online. This includes a lack of complaints on the BBB website.


iCheckGateway BBB Rating

iCheckGateway has a BBB rating of A+.

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BBB Reviews

There are no customer reviews listed on the BBB for iCheckGateway.


Is iCheckGateway Legitimate?

The A+ BBB rating should give you more confidence in iCheckGateway, and so should its history of being in business since 2008. The company claims to have processed more than $10 billion since its founding.

There are no implications of iCheckGateway being a scam online. The fact that it has BBB accreditation with an A+ rating should provide confidence that it is legitimate.

Additionally, iCheckGateway is a NACHA preferred partner for ACH. This should provide customers with peace of mind when dealing with the company. On top of that, the company is listed on the Inc. 5000, ranking at the 2,425th spot for 2021. This listing includes a note that it experienced 174% growth over the last three years.

The only caveat to keep in mind is that there are no customer reviews of the company to be found online. As such, you must rely on expert reviews and the company’s accreditations.


iCheckGateway Customer Reviews

iCheckGateway is not mentioned very frequently online. Interestingly, the company does not even offer any customer testimonials on its website.

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iCheckGateway (ICG) offers high-risk credit card processing and ACH payments on a single platform. You get the expected features, such as a virtual terminal, reporting, and integrations.

The company has well over a decade of experience and a strong BBB rating, making it worthy of consideration. Though many companies offer credit card and ACH processing, few offer the ability to accept IVR payments in addition to invoicing and payment links over email and SMS.

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