International Payments Processing (IPP) Review

August 17, 2022

International Payments Processing, or IPP, is a company offering payment solutions for high-risk businesses. It specializes in financial services for small businesses in the retail and e-commerce space. The company is capable of working with local and international businesses.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by International Payments Processing (IPP):

  • Merchant accounts
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Payment processing
  • Risk and chargeback minimization

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International Payments Processing (IPP) Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

IPP offers merchant accounts for companies considered high-risk. Most high-risk industries are subject to regulatory limitations and legal requirements. As a response, the company works to gain knowledge of state-by-state and federal affairs. In doing so, it can help merchants comply with legal and regulatory standards to run their business.

The company works with its extensive network of partner banks to guarantee fast and efficient approval. Once approved, high-risk merchants can immediately enjoy payment solutions to help grow their business.

Payment Gateway

IPP provides merchants with access to multiple payment gateways. This will allow merchants to accept various payment types like credit cards, e-wallets, and cashless ATM payments. The payment gateway is connected to a merchant portal. This web-based platform contains all the merchant account services customized for the business’s specific needs. With this platform, merchants can accept, process, and view all transactions in one place.

Payment Processing

International Payments Processing works with over 20 domestic and offshore banks to help merchants with their payment processing needs. These include:

  • Debit card payments
  • Credit card payments
  • ACH payments
  • eCheck payments

  • Mobile payments
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Retail POS payments and EMV readers

E-commerce Integrations

For e-commerce merchants, IPP will help them integrate the payment solutions into their existing websites. It supports major e-commerce platforms.

Chargeback Prevent and Fraud Protection

image of international payment processing fraud protection

IPP also offers merchants advanced technology that protects against suspicious transactions. It will help merchants reduce unnecessary expenses and enjoy higher profits. It provides the following safety features.

  • Fraud prevention
  • Regulatory tools
  • Chargeback management to prevent and resolve cases
  • The merchant alert service is an added layer of protection against chargebacks. Merchants will receive pre-chargeback alerts to help them prevent and resolve any requests.

In addition, International Payments Processing has launched iCan4Consumers to help merchants against chargebacks. It is focused on helping the consumer refund online purchases made through credit cards. Merchants will gain access to this platform for a seamless chargeback process with customers.


International Payments Processing (IPP) Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

IPP does not publish its rates on its website. Instead, it provides an application for businesses to submit online. It will directly contact the business and propose the most cost-effective payment solution. The form asks for the following information:

  • Name of business owner
  • Business name
  • Website

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Estimated monthly volume

Additional Fees

IPP does not disclose additional fees as well. It is unclear whether they charge monthly fees, early termination fees, and the like.

Hidden Charges


Likewise, the company does not mention anything about hidden fees. That said, interested merchants should discuss their pricing schemes with the company in detail.

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International Payments Processing (IPP) Complaints

Based on online research, International Payments Processing does not seem to have any complaints from merchants or customers.

 Rip Off Reports

The same goes with reports of rip-offs. We have not found any related accusations against the company.

Other Complaints

Similarly, we have not found other complaints about IPP.


International Payments Processing (IPP) BBB Rating

International Payments Processing is not an accredited company by the BBB.

BBB Reviews

It does not have any BBB reviews either.


Is International Payments Processing (IPP) Legitimate?

image of is international payment processing legitimate

International Payments Processing is a legitimate company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was established in 2012 by Jock West. His experience in the fintech industry spans decades. According to his Linkedin profile, he has worked in reputable companies like Comdata, CardSystems Solutions, Inc., CNP Worldwide Inc, and Premier Payments Online. This extensive knowledge carries over to IPP’s merchant services and payment solutions.

According to the company website, IPP is composed of over 60 staff members working in its IT facilities and call centers. IPP also has partnerships with acquiring banks and processors. Outside its website and social media pages, the company’s online presence is limited.


There are no reports of scams or fraud against International Payments Processing.


Likewise, there are no lawsuits or legal complaints involving the company.


Customer Reviews

image of international payment processing customer reviews

International Payments Processing has one Google review with a 5-star rating. However, it does not come with any testimonial or feedback about the merchant’s experience with the company. Apart from this, there are no available online reviews about IPP and its services.



IPP offers payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants. It specializes in new businesses, small companies, and e-commerce merchants. It makes use of its banking relationships and innovative services to help businesses establish an efficient payment system. However, interested merchants may struggle in finding customer reviews or merchant testimonials about the company. That said, you should contact IPP directly to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

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