Is CCBill on OnlyFans Legitimate?

November 19, 2022

According to their about us page, CCBill is a global financial technology company that offers a range of payment processing and billing solutions. They work with various high-risk industries to level the playing field and give all businesses a shot at streamlining payments — as long as they’re legal.

If you’ve ever taken the time to read reviews for CCBill online, you might have found that there’s quite a mix of sentiments about the company throughout the web. With overwhelming reviews detailing bad experiences contrasting with a substantial number of neutral and even positive responses, it’s hard to weigh the truth. So what’s the real deal with CCBill?

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CCBill’s Available Services

First things first — what exactly does CCBill offer? Well, they pretty much cover most, if not all, of the bases when it comes to digital payments. They offer the following services for merchants both big and small:

  • Merchant account services – These merchant accounts allow businesses to process and accept payments online. CCBill also offers omnichannel services that allow electronic payments both online and in-store.
  • Billing solutions – Ideal for businesses with subscription-based services or products, the billing solutions service allows CCBill to help businesses manage automated payment collections on a routine schedule for each of their clients that sign up for a subscription.
  • Membership management – For businesses that allow customers to set up membership accounts, CCBill provides a service that helps streamline the management of each individual member account. They take care of any payments, rewards, and tiers that might be involved in the business’s unique membership structure.
  • Smart checkout – This feature lets repeat buyers auto-fill their payment forms with card data that was stored from previous transactions. Smart checkout aims to streamline the payment process while protecting the buyers’ sensitive payment information.
  • Marketing and traffic tools – This system provides clients an opportunity to communicate directly with customers through a streamlined platform. It also provides access to incentive and retention tools that can help relieve disgruntled consumers and give happy consumers a reason to keep coming back.
  • Lifecycle support – CCBill provides this service as an extension of the other solutions they provide. Their lifecycle support feature is focused on providing clients and their consumers with the necessary information to troubleshoot payments and resolve any issues concerning previous or future transactions.

Essentially, the company provides a range of services that help businesses streamline and automate payment, billing, membership, and support activities related to the different transactions and activities that happen under their online storefront.

Presently, CCBill works with a range of well-established businesses including high-risk merchants that might struggle to find placement with other providers due to their potential to become a liability. CCBill is perhaps best known for its partnership with the adult website, OnlyFans.

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Is CCBill Legit?

For the record and as far as evidence suggests, yes, CCBill is a legitimate service. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 2014, CCBill has been around since 1998. This makes them one of the oldest merchant account service providers existing today.

Another thing worth mentioning is that among the many different high-risk merchant account service providers out there, CCBill is one of the few that actually discloses its rates upfront. This allows merchants and potential clients to measure up the cost of setting up an account with CCBill before they make the leap.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that CCBill has yet to encounter any legal battles that question the authenticity of its services. Of course, they did have a run-in with Perfect 10 over ““ issues circling the images used on the CCBill website. But you’re not likely to find any legal records that focused on the actual service that CCBill provides.


Negative Reviews About CCBill

As with any other service that handles payments, there are loads of negative reviews about CCBill all over the web. On TrustPilot, CCBill has received an average rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars, giving them an overall bad review status on the site.

But as you read through the reviews, you’ll find that most of them come from buyers and customers having issues with payments. Many of them complain about being charged an amount that they didn’t authenticate or struggling to get a refund for a transaction they decided to dispute.

And while harshly negative reviews can definitely affect your perception of the CCBill brand, it’s important to point out that none of the reviews provide enough information to make a sound decision on whether or not the allegations actually point to CCBill as the problem or not.

Unfortunately, there are layers to online electronic payments, and CCBill is never the only party involved in the process. While that doesn’t eliminate them as the potential cause of these payment hiccups, there’s no way to confirm if the root of the problem was actually them.

Finally, there are also a few reviews out there that come from merchants. However, what you’ll notice is that the feedback is often left behind by merchants who were never onboarded by CCBill and instead experienced issues with application rejection. To date, there are no reports of merchant clients having issues with CCBill.

CCBill Legitimacy Issues

One former CCBill employee pointed out that many of the disgruntled clients that ask for refunds and initiate chargebacks do so because they claim not to remember having authenticated a transaction under CCBill.

This commonly happens when cards are shared between individuals in a family, and certain members of the group might not believe that there are family members who would subscribe to or pay for the same adult services and merchants that CCBill works with.


Whatever the case, there’s very little authentic evidence that suggests that CCBill is anything but a legitimate payment processing and billing solutions provider.

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CCBill Rates

Again, CCBill is one of the few high-risk merchant account service providers that actually keep their fees and rates open and accessible for everyone to see. This makes it easier for potential clients to map out the expense of working with CCBill, and whether their services will suit their specific budget.

As of writing, CCBill offers five standard flat-rate plans that are tailored to meet the needs of distinct business models. Depending on your business structure, you may be able to choose from their existing plans or a customized fee plan.

Plan TypeRates and Fees per TransactionDescription
Low-Risk Plan3.9% + $0.55; 2% recurring transaction surcharge for subscriptionsIntended for merchants operating in low risk industries
High-Risk Plan5.9% + $0.55Specifically developed for high risk merchants, excluding those operating in the adult industry
Adult Plan10.8% to 14.5% (volume discounts available); 1.5% surcharge for UK and EU based merchants; one-time high risk registration fee ($1,000 in the US or Canada, $500 in UK and EU)Includes all adult businesses such as live cams
Donate Plan3.9% + $0.55Ideal for qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and corporations
Direct Plan5.9% + $0.55Only accepts debit card transactions, but waives the high risk registration fee and surcharge

Other fees and service specifics that CCBill imposes include:

  • 5% rolling fee for 26 weeks
  • The minimum transaction cost of $2.95 depending on your plan
  • $25 chargeback penalty except for adult plans (which don’t impose a chargeback fee)

They don’t impose a weekly or monthly minimum, and they also don’t charge a gateway fee. While they might impose a PCI fee, they don’t disclose the amount so you’re going to have to go through the application process to find out how much these other charges might affect what you pay.

It’s easy to see that some of their rates might be pretty steep, but that shouldn’t disqualify them as a choice. For the most part, their services seem legitimate despite their relatively high charges. It’s also worth mentioning that high rates like these are inevitable if you’re running a high-risk business.

But if you’re in the low-risk segment, then it’s important to point out that CCBill’s rates are anything but competitive. Try to shop around for a better deal if you’re not operating a high-risk outfit since you’re likely to find way lower rates if you try to scout your options.

Are CC Bill Only Fans Legit?

It’s only right that you perform your fair share of due diligence before you engage in a partnership with a payment solutions service. And while there might be a lot of controversy surrounding CC Bill, a little extra digging will show you that they’re anything but illegitimate.

Although negative reviews from a handful of disgruntled buyers might sway you from taking on that partnership with CC Bill, there’s no solid evidence that suggests they’re anything but legitimate.

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