JLN Payment Processing Review

July 6, 2022

According to its website, JLN Payment Processing provides credit card payment processing solutions to regular and high-risk businesses. Nowadays, businesses cannot survive without being able to accept card and non-card payments. However, traditional card processors do not take risks on merchants in certain industries. JLN Payment Processing provides services even for high-risk businesses.

The company can also set up offshore merchant accounts and provide a high-risk payment gateway. It also has a mail-order/telephone order feature, as well as tools to help expand e-commerce businesses.

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JLN Payment Processing works with high-risk industries such as:

  • Car dealership
  • Airline booking
  • MO insurance
  • Firearms
  • Travel


JLN Payment Processing Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

It is impossible to run a business these days without accepting credit card payments. JLN Payment Processing does not only work with high-risk businesses, it also accepts major debit and credit cards. Merchants that sign up with JLN Payment Processing can start processing Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Bank Transfer, among others.

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Payment Gateway

A payment gateway refers to two things: the physical terminal found in stores and the payment processing portals in e-commerce. JLN Payment Processing can provide the portal for your online store. The payment gateway will authorize credit cards and direct payment processing for online retailers. Customers can pay for their purchases online safely.

High-risk Merchants

JLN Payment Processing prides itself on providing payment solutions for a range of high-risk merchants. It works with airline ticketing offices, travel agencies, and firearms dealerships, among others. These are businesses that cannot be approved by traditional payment processing service providers.

Offshore Merchant Accounts

Businesses can start accepting international clients with international payment methods through JLN Payment Processing’s offshore merchant account. The company has partnered with international banks to process payments from around the world. Merchants that sign up with JLN Payment Processing can expand their services worldwide.


Surcharging and Cash Discount Programs

Some customers want to just pay in cash. JLN Payment Processing can integrate cash discount programs into the merchant’s account. This way, even the merchants can save on fees.

Mail Order/Telephone Order

JLN Payment Processing can also provide mail order/telephone order capacity to merchants. Customers who don’t want to process payments online or cannot go to physical stores can place their orders via mail or phone. Merchants can then process their payments through portals and terminals provided by a payment processing provider.

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JLN Payment Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

There is no information about the processing fees of JLN Payment Processing. It also did not publish its table of fees. Potential clients are requested to inquire with the company directly, so they can be given a quotation for the services they need.

Additional Fees

There is no information about any additional fees that JLN Payment Processing charges its merchants.

Hidden Charges

There is also no information on whether JLN Payment Processing has hidden charges.


JLN Payment Processing Complaints

A thorough online search reveals no current complaints against JLN Payment Processing.


Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports found about JLN Payment Processing.

Other Complaints

There are also no other complaints that can be found about JLN Payment Processing.


JLN Payment Processing BBB Rating

Customers usually visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for information about a company’s reputation in the marketplace. Though it is not the sole source of information about a company, it helps customers decide. The BBB website currently has no information on its website about JLN Payment Processing. The company is not accredited by BBB nor rated by BBB.

BBB Reviews

There are also no customer complaints and reviews about the company on the BBB website.


Is JLN Payment Processing Legitimate?

When there is not much information about a company, it is hard to tell if it’s legitimate or not. JLN Payment Processing has a website that looks legitimate enough. It also has a business address that customers living nearby can visit. However, it does not have a social media presence, not even a Facebook page. No one is talking about the company in forums and review sites as well.


No information can be found on whether JLN Payment Processing has been involved in any kind of scam.


There are no lawsuits filed against JLN Payment Processing.


JLN Payment Processing Customer Reviews

Unlike other payment processing providers that publish customer reviews on their websites, JLN Payment Processing does not. Instead, its website is filled with information about its services. There are also no customer reviews written about it on social media, online forums, and review sites. No customer has mentioned JLN Payment Processing on Facebook or Twitter.

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It is always a cause for concern when you don’t know much about a company you’re partnered with. Sometimes, it is better to hear about others’ negative perceptions about a business rather than not hear anything at all. JLN Payment Processing exists only through its website. While businesses may try to reach out to it, this must be done with extreme caution. If you feel that something’s not right, it’s better not to proceed with any agreement.

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