L3 Payments Review

July 28, 2022

L3 Payments is a merchant account provider for high-risk industries and hard-to-place merchants. It caters to e-commerce and card-not-present business types. The company’s primary service is merchant account placement. While it does not act as a direct payment processor, it provides business consulting services to help set up your payment processing requirements.

To learn more about L3 Payments below is a comprehensive review of its services and other information.

Overview of High-Risk Merchant Accounts and High-Risk Credit Card Processing

L3 Payments specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. It handles the entire application process and provides a dedicated merchant account per business. Once approved, merchants can expect continuous support from the company. This includes maintaining a good account standing, managing risk, providing advice on gateway and fraud services, and more.


L3 Payments offers a free consultation for interested merchants. Apply through a form on the website or by contacting the company.

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L3 Payments Services

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by L3 Payments.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

L3 Payments provides credit card and ACH merchant accounts for high-risk industries. These cover merchants in the e-commerce and card-not-presence spaces. Upon consulting the company, it will assist you throughout the application process. While it cannot guarantee approval, it will work to the best of its abilities. The company will let you know the necessary requirements and take care of the rest.

Merchant accounts include personalized customer support and chargeback programs.

Payment Processing

With a merchant account from L3 Payments, merchants can start processing credit card and ACH payments. Keep in mind, though, that the company does not act as a payment processor. This means that it does not have its own gateway services and other processing technology. At the most, it provides advice on payment processing services.


Payment Consulting Services

The company’s payment consulting services include merchant account management, payment gateways, risk management, and anti-fraud tools. While the company does not have its own in-house services, it can provide advice and referrals to industry experts.

Merchants can also rely on L3 Payments to help correspond with banks and card companies. The same goes for legal referrals that specialize in high-risk industries.

Chargeback Prevention

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Merchant accounts from L3 Payments include chargeback management tools. These help you dispute cases and avoid chargeback fees.

The Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) tool allows merchants to stop chargebacks from Visa transactions. You will receive a real-time alert from the issuing bank, after which you can issue a refund or ask for more information.

Another service is chargeback representment. L3 Payments will work with you to collect transaction information and submit them to the issuing bank. It gives you a higher chance of recovering lost revenue. Moreover, it saves you the time and stress of dealing directly with the bank.

Business Intelligence Software

L3 Payments provides business intelligence software to help merchants improve their performance. It will allow you to manage your key performance indicators and make better decisions.



L3 Payments Rates

As is the case with most merchant account providers, L3 Payments does not disclose its rates and fees online. You can schedule a free consultation with the company for more details.

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High-Risk Industries L3 Payments Serves

Below is a list of high-risk industries mentioned on the L3 Payments website. For merchants who do not belong to any of these industries, the company encourages you to start with a consultation. It will discuss your requirements and decide your eligibility.

The company also mentions merchants who belong to the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) list. Similarly, they highlight high-risk merchants who have been declined by traditional financial institutions.


Other Notable Features of L3 Payments’ High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Merchant Support

Having a merchant account from L3 Payments entitles you to dedicated and proactive support. Merchants can expect same-day resolutions to 80% of issues. If it is not fixed within the same day, you can trust the company to work as fast as possible.

Call Center Services

L3 Payments has an outsourced group of call center agents to help merchants. They will help address your customer’s concerns.

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L3 Payments Reputation and Reviews

There is limited information about L3 Payments based on online resources. The company does not have any customer reviews, nor does it provide merchant testimonials on its website. However, it proves its credibility by sharing its history in merchant services.

It was established in 2005 by Kjell Petridis. He has over 20 years of experience in payment processing. He was also a founding director of Jettis Inc., a provider of credit card processing services.

Similarly, other executive members of L3 Payments have vast experience in the industry. They specialize in different areas of merchant services. These include payment gateways, account applications, bank correspondences, omnichannel payments, and more.

L3 Payments also appear in several PR articles. They talk about the company’s services and its expertise in high-risk merchants.

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L3 Payments provides merchant account placement for high-risk industries. Its expertise lies in merchant account application and management. This includes chargeback prevention tools to address disputes and protect overall cash flow.

While its payment processing capabilities are limited, the company makes up for it by providing top-notch consultation services. Merchants can seek advice on risk management, payment gateway services, legal regulations, and more.

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