LumiPay Review

June 4, 2022

LumiPay is a company offering payment processing solutions for online businesses in the UK and Ireland. As seen on its website, it mentions “low rates, high approvals, and fast payments” as its top benefits for businesses.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by LumiPay:

  • Payment gateway
  • Payment processing of online transactions
  • Easy integration with the merchant’s existing website

  • Fraud protection
  • Reports and management tools
  • A dedicated customer representative to aid in training, setup, and maintenance.


LumiPay Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

LumiPay can help all types of businesses secure a merchant account, including high-risk merchants. The company understands their difficulty in opening an account with traditional banks. As a solution, LumiPay has partnerships with acquiring banks, which helps them guarantee low processing rates.

Payment Gateway

At the core of LumiPay’s payment processing solutions is its payment gateway, LumiView. Merchants will gain access to the easy-to-use system and its various features, including payment processing, real-time payment transactions, comprehensive reports, and more. This system is limited to EU and UK businesses, which they can access anytime.

Payment Processing

With its LumiView payment gateway, LumiPay makes sure the entire payment process is as seamless and as timely as possible. Merchants can accept online and phone payments.

For online payments, merchants can accept close to 200 traditional and alternative payment methods. The company guarantees low rates for credit card and debit card payments. Alternative methods include Apple Pay and many more. For phone payments, merchants can accept bills, orders, and other transactions. The company provides a fully automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to guide customers through the payment process. Transaction details are then processed through the company’s payment gateway.

E-commerce Integrations

LumiPay’s team of developers works with merchants to set up the payment system on their websites. It is compatible with various website platforms and shopping carts like WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Magneto, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla, and Javascript. Merchants can enjoy same-day integration and begin to process payments immediately.


For custom websites, LumiPay provides merchants with resources to apply the integrations using different native languages and programs.

Chargeback Prevent and Fraud Protection

LumiPay’s payment gateway uses technology that protects against fraud and dubious transactions. It works 24/7 to detect possible instances and provide safety measures. That way, merchants are also protected against the hassles of chargeback. Additionally, the payment gateway has a PCI-DSS Level 1 Security certification, which protects customers and their card details during payment.


LumiPay Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

According to its website, LumiPay promises low rates for merchants. Below is an overview of its processing rates for merchants with transactions over €50,000.

  • For European cards/banks: As low as 1.1% per transaction
  • For Non-European cards/banks: As low as 2.25%

However, another website claims that the company has process fees that go as low as 0.4%. That said, it is still best to negotiate with the company directly. LumiPay allows businesses to request a personal quote through its website. It will provide you with several quotes from its partner banks.

Additional Fees

It is unclear whether LumiPay charges additional fees for other products and services.

Hidden Charges

Similarly, LumiPay does not seem to have a reputation for charging hidden fees. It is also good to note that the company does not subject merchants to a rolling reserve, which is often the case with payment providers like PayPal.



LumiPay Complaints

We have not found any merchant reviews about LumiPay. In that regard, there seem to be no complaints about the company.

Rip Off Reports

There don’t appear to be public rip-off reports about LumiPay.

Other Complaints

The same goes for any other type of complaint.


LumiPay BBB Rating

LumiPay is not an accredited company by the BBB.

BBB Reviews

The company does not have any BBB reviews, nor does it have a BBB profile page.


Is LumiPay Legitimate?

LumiPay is a legitimate company based on its online presence. For one, its website contains detailed information about services, office addresses, contact details, and such. It currently has two offices based in London and Ireland.

Additionally, LumiPay is widely featured on PR articles and blog sites. They talk about the company’s low rates and its benefits over popular payment providers like PayPal and Stripe. They also highlight the advantage of tailor-made services for different merchants. LumiPay also appears in several articles about its CBD merchant services.


There appear to be no reports of scams involving LumiPay.


Likewise, there are no official lawsuits against the company.


LumiPay Customer Reviews

While the company is frequently featured in PR articles, there are no actual reviews or testimonials from merchants. It also does not showcase any merchant feedback on its website or social media pages.



Overall, LumiPay seems to have an impressive roster of payment solutions for online and high-risk businesses. It aims to give merchants an easy and seamless experience in processing payments and growing their business. However, there is an unfortunate lack of merchant testimonials and reviews to support these claims.

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