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June 3, 2022


Maxpay is a merchant account provider that caters to businesses operating in global territories. It offers an international payment gateway that accepts over 130 currencies. Apart from payment processing, it also provides consultation about international regulations.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Maxpay:

  • International merchant accounts
  • International payment gateways
  • Multi-currency payment processing
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Chargeback protection
  • Fraud prevention


Maxpay Merchant Services

Merchant Accounts

Maxpay helps businesses open merchant accounts and bank accounts in international territories. According to its website, it works with over 30 global banks and covers over 50 jurisdictions. It can also open multiple merchant accounts, which businesses can manage on one platform. Its merchant accounts also come with chargeback and fraud protection. These are crucial features for high-risk industries.


Payment Gateway

Maxpay’s merchant accounts include payment gateway systems for efficient payment processing. This includes checkout pages and customizable payment forms. Merchants also have access to reports, chargeback tracking, security controls, and other features.

Payment Processing

With a merchant account, businesses can process credit card payments from international customers. MaxPay supports over 130 currencies.

E-commerce Integrations

Maxpay offers various integration options. This includes Payout API, Query-on-demand API, hosted payment pages, and host-to-host integrations. Merchants can customize their payment page, set up recurring billing, and more. You can view the API guidelines on the website.

Chargeback Prevent and Fraud Protection

Maxpay has a partnership with Covery, a top industry leader in fraud protection. Together, they developed an anti-fraud platform. It comes with full-featured tools to detect fraud and block transactions.

Maxpay also helps merchants manage chargebacks. Its Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) informs merchants of chargebacks for 14 euros per alert. Additionally, it uses Ethoca Alerts to inform merchants about fraud-related disputes. The company also offers Verifi’s Order Insight solution. This allows merchants to share transaction details with credit card issuers to prevent disputes.


Maxpay offers a full-package service for chargeback protection. It includes chargeback disputing, payment alerts, PCI-DSS compliance, business consultations, and a CRM integration.



Maxpay Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

Maxpay’s processing fees start at 2.9% plus 0.25 euro per transaction. Rates may be higher for merchants with lower processing volumes. For merchants with a monthly processing volume above $500,000, the company will send a customized quote upon request.

The company guarantees regular and timely revenue payouts based on a merchant’s chosen schedule.


Additional Fees

Apart from its rate range, Maxpay also mentions a 25-euro fee per chargeback and 14 euros per alert. Other than this, the company does not disclose other additional charges related to gateway services, monthly fees, early termination, and the like.

Hidden Charges

Maxpay does not seem to have a reputation for hidden fees. However, seeing that it provides limited information about its pricing, it is best to consult the company to prevent any hidden charges.


Maxpay Complaints

There is currently no negative feedback about Maxpay. It is possibly due to its limited customer reviews.

Rip Off Reports

Consequently, we have not found any reports about the company being a rip-off or a scam.


Other Complaints

This goes for all types of complaints as well.


Maxpay BBB Rating

Maxpay is not an accredited company by the BBB.

BBB Reviews

It does not have any BBB reviews either.


Is Maxpay Legitimate?

Maxpay is a legitimate company based in Malta. It was established in 2014 and has since offered its services to merchants around the world. While it does not have a strong online presence, its website shows impressive credentials. It has partnerships with 32 banks in the US, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, and Asia. Overall, it covers more than 50 jurisdictions.

Maxpay also appears in articles by reputable publications. This includes Bank Innovation, The Paypers, Medici, iGB, FinanceMonthly, EGR, and The company has been featured on independent review sites as well.

Furthermore, Maxpay has a ScamAdviser trust score of 100. Positive findings show a registered domain name and a valid SSL certificate. It is also trusted by Trend Micro, a popular anti-fraud tool.


There are currently no accusations of scam or fraud against Maxpay.



Similarly, there don’t seem to be any lawsuits involving the company.


Maxpay Customer Reviews

Maxpay does not have any customer reviews or merchant testimonials. However, it appears on a few independent review sites. They all gave the company high ratings between four to five stars. They highlight Maxpay’s easy integration and reliable customer support. They also praise the company for its ability to open multiple merchant accounts and reduce chargebacks.



Overall, Maxpay is worth considering especially for international merchants. The company specializes in international payment processing and has partnerships with global banks. It allows merchants to open multiple merchant accounts and process over 130 currencies. Additionally, it provides consultations for legal requirements and regulations. While customer reviews may be limited, reputable publications support its credibility.

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