Merchant Account France

August 24, 2022

Merchant Account France

In France, buyers find the most convenience when paying with a card. In fact, surveys revealed that over 50% of the population prefers cards over any other payment method, whether buying things online or physically in stores. So if you thought that businesses outside of the country benefit the most from setting up a merchant account France actually isn’t any different.

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to set up a French merchant account to accommodate the payment option that buyers prefer the most. Helping your business stay relevant and accessible, a merchant account might actually be the stepping stone towards international reach.

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More About Merchant Accounts in France

An international merchant account in France is basically a specialized bank account that’s designed specifically for businesses. Established with merchant acquiring banks, a French merchant account is funded strictly when electronic payments are fulfilled. So it’s not like a standard account that you can deposit funds into through online banking or over-the-counter transactions.

There are numerous reasons why you might want to consider setting up your merchant account in France, and here are three of the most significant:

  • Consumer preference – Buyers often feel strongly about their choices. So if they want to pay with a card, they will pay with the card — period. But what if your store doesn’t offer electronic payments as an option? Surveys have found that buyers will actually abandon their purchases if you can’t accommodate their payment choice. And because there are probably going to be other businesses out there that offer the same thing plus the option to pay with a card, they probably won’t see any reason to stick with your brand.
  • Reach new customers – Your merchant account will provide the method to collect payments from international buyers. Allowing card-not-present transactions conducted online, a multi-currency merchant account in Germany paves the way for global popularity. So if you were hoping to grow your audience, a German international merchant account might be a good first step.
  • Rapid order fulfillment – If you sell your goods online, then you know how important it is for your buyers to get their orders fast. But because some payment options don’t provide instant confirmation, you may have to delay shipping as you wait. With electronic payments though, both you and your buyer get instant confirmation so you can get started on fulfillment without a moment to lose.

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How Does a Merchant Account Work?

There are distinct processes that are made possible with a merchant account in Germany. Most of these steps happen with the help of your merchant acquiring bank that stands to communicate between you and the brand on your buyer’s card.

Here’s an idea of how the account works:

  • The buyer’s information is collected. This can happen in one of two ways. The first is that the buyer inputs their information online through a virtual form. If they’re buying in-store, they insert their physical card into a point-of-sale terminal that collects the information for the bank.
  • The merchant acquiring bank then takes this information to the card brand’s payment gateway. This facility protects its clients’ accounts from fraudulent transactions and unauthorized debits. Here, they assess the information to make sure everything is correct and to check if the buyer’s account has enough funds.
  • If nothing is amiss, then the payment gateway opens and the card issuer allows the acquirer to take the amount from the buyer’s account. This transaction cost is held in escrow until it’s time to disburse the amount into your French international merchant account.

The schedule of disbursal is different for everyone and depends on what you agree upon in your contract. Some banks are willing to disburse as soon as the amount is debited from the buyer. Others will funnel the funds into your account at the end of the day, along with all the other electronic payments collected for your merchant account in France.


Others hold on to the amount for a whole week to protect the bank against potential chargebacks. Again, this all depends on what you agree upon under your contract with your merchant acquiring bank.

This whole process takes no more than a few seconds, so both you and your buyer can get confirmation of the payment within moments after the process is complete.

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How Much Does a Merchant Account in France Cost?

Setting one up shouldn’t cost you a penny. But there are fees for using your French merchant account. Acquiring banks will charge you a fee for every electronic payment they process for your French merchant account. This can range between 0.5% to 5.0% of the total transaction cost.

It’s worth mentioning that the merchant is the one that shoulders this added cost. So your buyer isn’t going to see the processing fee in their order total breakdown. Instead, if you bill them a hundred bucks, they pay a hundred bucks and the acquirer deducts their fee from that payment.

That also means that you’d have to incur a slight deduction from your profit. But if the acquiring bank decides to max their fee to 5%, then the charge can be significant on your end. Especially if your customers spend several hundreds of dollars on each transaction.

To offset the deduction, some businesses impose an added processing fee for credit and debit card payments. This makes it so that the buyer shoulders the fee as opposed to having the charge subtracted from your profit.


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What is a High-Risk Merchant Account?

As you navigate the wonderful world of merchant accounts in France, you’ll find that there’s an unfortunate truth about risk. Banks are naturally conservative — that’s just the way things are. So they avoid partnering with clients that might put them at risk of losses or liability.

High-risk merchant accounts are those that are more likely to experience chargebacks, or simply put refunds. Banks don’t like having to reverse payments since this also places penalties on their business. So to make up for their losses, they can place a fee of up to US$100 for every chargeback that your business experiences.

That’s if they approve your French high-risk merchant account in the first place. The fact is, that banks will often give high-risk merchants a hard time during the application process. In the end, they’re more likely to turn down your application since it works in their favor to avoid high-risk clients altogether.

So what’s a high-risk merchant in France to do? Shark Processing should be able to lend a hand.

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Merchant Account Specialists in France

Shark Processing is a merchant account specialist that’s particularly invested in helping out high-risk merchants in France. We provide assistance throughout the application process and work to find you a partner bank that’s invested in your success.

We do this by cooperating with a long list of international banking partners that are open and willing to partner up with hard-to-place merchants. This levels the playing field for all businesses, giving every venture a chance to reach new audiences and to better cater to the one that’s right in front of them.

But we do much more than just find you a random bank. At Shark Processing, we carefully and meticulously assess all of the different aspects of your business. As we get to know each of our clients, we get the leverage to place you in partnership with a bank that’s handpicked just for you to guarantee success.

Low Rates and Flexible Contracts

That’s not where it ends. Shark Processing is invested in creating lasting relationships that keep your growth at the core. And because steep fees and exorbitant penalties might work against your business’s best interest, we negotiate on your behalf.

Our team works with banks that provide the lowest rates for high-risk merchant accounts in France, so you can enjoy your electronic payment facility without having to worry about the expensive charges that might come hand in hand with your new account.

Rapid Results, Guaranteed Approval

No more long waits and anxious anticipation only to be met with rejection. Shark Processing guarantees placement for all of our clients regardless of industry. Our services provide tailored solutions that match you with a banking institution that’s a perfect fit for your business.

We work round the clock to serve all of our clients. And because time is money, we provide rapid results and guaranteed approval. Our team touts a turnaround of just 24 hours, letting you enjoy your electronic payment facility in France after just a day’s wait.

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Contact Us Today

Don’t trust your high-risk merchant account in France with just anyone — Shark Processing has been tried, tested, and proven by dozens of other businesses before you.

Contact us today to learn more about our assistance services for French high-risk merchant accounts. Or go ahead to the first step of the process and fill out our pre-application form. Keep your lines open and wait for our call, so we can speed through the process and get your approval in 24 hours or less.

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