Merchant Connections Review

August 18, 2022

Merchant Connections Review

Merchant Connections takes pride in having a combined 30 years of experience in financial technology. It provides payment processing solutions to standard- and low-risk clients. It also specializes in high-risk industries, particularly CBD. It doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to payment processing. Instead, it works closely with clients to customize the payment solutions they need.

Aside from CBD payment processing, it has also worked with these industries:


The company also offers real-time reporting and accounting support to all clients. It’s an end-to-end process that’s cheaper than most of its rivals. Merchant Connections said that its services are more affordable because it keeps its team lean. The company passes that savings to its clients.

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Merchant Connections Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Merchant Connections can set up merchant accounts for businesses to start accepting credit card payments. Aside from the usual process, it can also process credit cards even without a phone line. It has a small and portable card reader so businesses can accept card payments wherever they may be. This works best for those that usually join outdoor sales activities.

High-risk Payment Processing

The company specializes in high-risk industries. It is also an expert in CBD payment processing. Often, these industries have a difficult time getting approved by traditional banks. Merchant Connections is an affiliate of different banks that allows it to process high-risk clients’ payments.

Third-party Processing

When a business cannot set up a merchant account, Merchant Connections can provide a third-party merchant account until they are ready to have their own. The third-party merchant accounts will accept the payments on the client’s behalf.


Online Reporting

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Merchant Connections doesn’t only offer payment processing solutions. It helps grow your business by providing accounting and inventory management services. It has an online reporting feature that will allow companies to check their transactions from anywhere in the world. There is no need to wait for a statement because this tool is real-time.

Payment Gateway

The company also has a payment gateway for processing online payments securely. This is an excellent support system for e-commerce businesses. The best thing about Merchant Connections’ payment gateway is its multi-currency support. Businesses can accept different currencies, allowing them to globalize their brands.

eCheck Payments

Check 21 is a federal law that processes checks faster and more efficiently. For Merchant Connections, this provides them the capacity to accept electronic checks. Merchants can then expand their payment options—from cash to card to checks. The checks will be digitized so the merchants and clients can still have their own copies.

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Merchant Connections Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

There is no information about Merchant Connections’ processing fees, rates, and pricing.

Additional Fees

There is no information if Merchant Connections has any additional fees.


Hidden Charges

It looks like Merchant Connections doesn’t have hidden charges.


Merchant Connections Complaints

There are no formal complaints filed against Merchant Connections.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about Merchant Connections.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about Merchant Connections.

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Merchant Connections BBB Rating

Merchant Connections is not accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) despite being based in the United States, which the bureau covers. The BBB gives ratings based on customer reviews and complaints. Many merchants feel they should check the BBB rating of a company before partnering with them. However, it should be noted that BBB is not the only source of information regarding a payment processor’s reputation and legitimacy.

BBB Reviews

Merchant Connections is not listed on the BBB website. As a result, there are no reviews or complaints about the company on the site.


Is Merchant Connections Legitimate?

The company has a legitimate website that talks about its clients, services, and affiliate programs. It has 30 years of combined experience, and it is an active member of the community. According to the website, Merchant Connections supports various causes such as education, hunger, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

The company has profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as on other professional networking sites. However, these have not been updated for some time.

ScamAdviser gave its website a trust score of average to good because the site was set up several years ago. It also has a valid SSL certificate. The website’s only negative review is its low Alexa ranking, and it’s not being optimized for search engines.

image of is merchant connections legitimate


There are no scam reports about Merchant Connections.


Merchant Connections is not facing any class-action lawsuits.


Merchant Connections Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews to be found about Merchant Connections. It doesn’t publish client testimonials on its website. No reviews can also be found in common online forums and professional networking sites. There are also no mentions of the company on review sites for payment processors.

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It is difficult to recommend Merchant Connections since there isn’t much information about it. There are no scam and rip-off reports about it. However, there are also no customer reviews about the company. It’s hard to determine if merchants had a good experience working with the team. If you still want to check out this payment processor service provider, you should proceed with caution.

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