Merchant Service Depot Review

July 19, 2022

Merchant Service Depot has been providing various payment processing options since 2002. Its years in the business helped many merchants. Their clients were able to lower their operating costs and streamline processes. There are unique demands in the domestic and international markets regarding payment options. Merchant Service Depot can provide the kind of product and service that standard- and high-risk industries need.

The company prides itself in establishing relationships with some of the largest domestic and international acquiring financial institutions all over the world. They trained staff to become problem-solvers, offering well-researched solutions with efficiency and expertise.

Aside from credit card processing, the company also provides check processing services, payment gateways, mobile processing, and chargeback management.



Merchant Service Depot Merchant Services

Domestic Payment Processing

Businesses will have a hard time expanding their markets without the inability to process credit card payments. Merchant Service Depot provides domestic payment processing services that accept all major debit and credit cards. It can be integrated into innovative point-of-sale (POS) systems and virtual terminals. The system can also work with mobile payment solutions and smartphone apps.

International Payment Processing

Merchant Service Depot is also a multi-currency payment processor that allows customers to pay using their own currencies either online or in-person. It accepts all major debit and credit cards and comes with chargeback management and fraud prevention features. The system can be integrated into mobile payment solutions and smartphone apps. It also works with most virtual terminals and remittance solutions.

Mobile Processing

Merchant Service Depot provides quick and easy mobile payment solutions for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards. You don’t need a complicated hardware device because everything happens in the comfort of your own device—a smartphone or tablet.

The mobile processing features of Merchant Service Depot create invoices that can be paid online and track transaction history. All card data entered into the system are encrypted for safety. This protects the merchants and clients.

Check Processing

Merchants can easily receive funds from the clients’ bank accounts with automated clearing houses (ACH) or check to process. This allows for the instant clearance of checks issued by clients. Many customers would still prefer to pay with their checking accounts than credit cards. Businesses need to have the ability to process such payments, or they risk losing clients.

image of check processing of merchant service depot


Chargeback Management

Merchants often suffer from chargebacks and lost funds without the means of getting them back. Merchant Service Depot comes with a chargeback management and detection feature to provide the documents needed to dispute unfair chargebacks. Merchants shouldn’t suffer if the acquiring bank disapproved of a payment. More, the feature can help you understand why the chargebacks are happening in the first place.


Merchant Service Depot Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

Merchant Service Depot does not publish its fees, rates, and pricing.

Additional Fees

There is no information about Merchant Service Depot’s additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There are also no reports that Merchant Service Depot has hidden charges.


Merchant Service Depot Complaints

There are no formal complaints against Merchant Service Depot.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about Merchant Service Depot.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about Merchant Service Depot.



Merchant Service Depot BBB Rating

image of merchant service depot bbb rating

Merchant Service Depot has a listing on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. However, it is not an accredited payment processor, which means it also has no rating. BBB rates companies, including payment processors, between A+ and F. Merchants and consumers, usually check BBB to know if a company is legitimate and make sure there’s a body they can complain to if something goes wrong.

BBB Reviews

There are no reviews about Merchant Service Depot on the BBB website.


Is Merchant Service Depot Legitimate?

Merchant Service Depot seemed to be a legitimate company based on its internet and social media presence. It also has profiles on professional business networking sites.

ScamAdviser gave it a rating of 100/100, which means it has an average to good trust score. It is, therefore, safe to browse the website. Merchants and consumers can also use the forms found on the site. The website, however, is flagged for having a low Alexa rank. On the other hand, the positive highlights include the following:

  • The website is very old.
  • The SSL certificate is valid.


It is unlikely that Merchant Service Depot’s website is a scam since it has a good trust rating. There is also no mention of it being a scam on review sites and online forums.


There is no information that Merchant Service Depot is facing any kind of class-action lawsuit.


Merchant Service Depot Customer Reviews

image of merchant service depot customer reviews

Merchant Service Depot does not publish client testimonials on the website. It doesn’t have customer reviews on Google, review sites, and online forums, too. There is no mention of the company on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.



It is difficult to recommend Merchant Service Depot to anyone because of the lack of customer reviews. Client testimonials are the basis of quality products/services and good customer service. Without them, how can clients know that they’re partnering with a legitimate and reputable company? If you still want to pursue this company, you might want to talk with an agent yourself to decide if the company’s services can meet your needs.

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